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Sports Illustrated Swimsuits Versus Lyndon Johnson

Featured image Okay, so this may be the weirdest Power Line headline ever.  You’ll have to bear with me here, though maybe I should say “bare” with me.  Because I was briefly inclined to post an embedded video of “Secrets of a Sports Illustrated Body Paint Model” (because this is clearly an important topic, even though I’m crazy busy this week), but then after reviewing the video several times (quality control you »

What Sports Can Do for You and Humanity

Featured image So last summer we noted here our enthusiasm for Australian high hurdler Michelle Jenneke, whose pre-race dance seemed extremely promising.  Well, we weren’t the only ones.  Turns out the good people who assemble the all-important Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition thought so too, and decided Michelle deserved inclusion in this year’s photo spread.  Here she talks about her fondness for the hurdles between fitting fine bathing attire: »

Miss USA Wins the Crown

Featured image Say what you will about Donald Trump, he runs a pretty good pageant. I didn’t live-blog tonight’s Miss Universe show, but I kept notes as it went along, and so what follows are my impressions as the event unfolded. With a lot of stuff left out, like how mediocre the music was, and who in the world are the judges, anyway? So here goes: There are always some contestants who »

Miss Universe: The Betting Odds

Featured image The finale of the Miss Universe pageant is Wednesday evening. The preliminary round took place on Thursday; it wasn’t televised but was streamed live on the internet. You can watch it here if so inclined. The pageant’s National Costume event was last night; some consider it a rather odd feature of the Miss Universe pageant, but you can watch that, too, on the Miss Universe site. With the finale only »

Miss Universe Gets Hot

Featured image The finale of the Miss Universe contest at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas is only ten days away. And yet, betting has not yet gotten underway, so it is hard to say who are the favorites. I wrote about some of my personal favorites here and here, noting the representatives from Australia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Finland, Montenegro, Russia, the Netherlands, Singapore and Cyprus. Wow–that is quite a »

Miss Universe 2012, Part 2: Another Digression [UPDATED With the Thales Joke]

Featured image Honestly, I haven’t gotten over the election yet, and scanning the news produces a numb sense of impending doom. Moreover, being a resident of Minnesota, I can’t seek comfort in sports, unlike some people we know. So what’s left? Let’s focus on the Miss Universe pageant, set to climax in Las Vegas on December 19. The pageant is in a preliminary stage. The Miss Universe web site is up, and »

Miss Universe: A Digression

Featured image Last August, I was doing a radio show with Brian Ward and watching a news feed on my iPad as we were broadcasting. I was stunned to see, coming over the wire, the news that the Miss World contest had just finished up in Inner Mongolia, and Miss China had won. The result was considered a dubious, home town decision. But what astonished me was that the pageant had gotten »

Early Favorite for 2016 Olympics?

Featured image I thought we’d found our favorite athlete to root for in the London Olympics: Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke, whose pre-hurdle routine at the IAAF Finals recently in Barcelona has become a sensation for more than the obvious reason (I mean, when was the last time you saw an athlete anticipating the pure joy of competition this much?).  But it turns out the 19-year old Jenneke isn’t going to the London »

By Popular Demand, Miss USA

Featured image No, that doesn’t mean she is appearing here on PL–although, come to think of it, we could try to line up a guest appearance at Power Line Live where she would chat with our readers; I will see what I can do–only that, in response to requests from Steve and others, I’m going to comment on the Miss USA pageant, which concluded Sunday night. The pageant was won, of course, »

What? Hooters Girls Not for Hicks?

Featured image Looks like my favorite science and climate policy blogger Roger Pielke Jr. has been inspired by John’s beauty pageant coverage here on Power Line, because he’s got up on his fine blog a well-illustrated piece about the economic irrationality of Hooter’s: “Hooter’s Girls Are Not Hicks Neutral.”  Wait a minute—I thought hicks were the prime clientele for Hooter’s girls? Turns out I’ve got the wrong hicks in mind.  Roger means »

My Idea of a Good Draft Choice

Featured image It’s been a long time since I got very interested in an NFL draft, which some fans regard as the most exciting event on the sports calendar. When the home team goes 3-13, the amount of attention you pay to football, including but not limited to the draft, tends to decline drastically. So I was one of the last to know that the Miami Dolphins drafted Texas A&M quarterback Ryan »

When It Comes to Swimsuits, Buy American?

Featured image Leave it to Barron’s “Up & Down Wall Street” columnist Alan Abelson to point out the economic significance of the selection of Kate Upton as the cover model for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  (Power Line is determined to keep on top of this important story, needless to say.)  Abelson’s column requires a subscription to read online, but here’s the relevant part.  It turns out that the stock market does significantly »

Finally Figured It Out

Featured image John is extra busy with his day job this week, so I’m filling in a bit on his cheesecake beat,  but it fits with my energy-environment beat.  How so?  Stay tuned.  I’m sure you won’t have any trouble given the photos here. For a long time conservatives have wondered how Michigan Republican Rep. Fred Upton, otherwise a fairly orthodox conservative, could ever have sponsored that stupid ban on incandescent light »

It’s Miss Venezuela!

Featured image Miss Venezuela, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colimenares, was crowned Miss World 2011 today. Miss Venezuela was the favorite at 6-1 in Ladbrokes’ book, so this time the bettors knew what they were doing. Here is Miss Venezuela during today’s show: Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais, was the runner-up, in a mild upset. Here she is: Miss Ruais is something of a public policy geek; she participated in the Model United Nations Assembly, »

Final Miss World 2011 Preview

Featured image The Miss World pageant is tomorrow at 5 p.m. GMT–which is slightly unfortunate, as that will be something like 10:00 in the morning, Central Time. It will be televised on the E! network. Miss World is a frustrating pageant in several respects. I’ve already complained about the pageant web site’s awful photography, but that isn’t the only problem. The site hasn’t been updated adequately, and, while some of the contestant »

Debating Miss World, With Illustrations

Featured image Beauty pageants and debating are two of my favorite things. My youth was misspent–not, unfortunately, due to too many beautiful girls, but rather because I devoted an inordinate amount of time to competitive debate. These two interests collided Friday night, as 122 Miss World contestants descended on Cambridge University, and in particular the Cambridge Union Society, which bills itself as the world’s oldest debating society. The topic of discussion was »

Correction!! Correction!!

Featured image We work fast, and every once in a while we make mistakes. Usually they are minor, but if we become aware of an error, we try to correct it promptly. Still, now and then–very rarely–we make a really serious mistake. Something that goes to the heart of a post, and could endanger our credibility with readers. On those extraordinary occasions–I can think of two–we do the equivalent of Drudge’s rotating »