China Reverses Course: Malthus, Ehrlich, and McKibben Hardest Hit

Featured image China announced today that it is ending its coercive one-child policy, and will now allow couples to have two children. That’s mighty white of them. Don’t get your hopes up that this represents a turn toward more respect for fundamental human rights by China’s ruling Communist Party. The change is being made for simple demographic reasons: China is getting old very rapidly, and like other social democracies it needs a »

Don’t Look Now, But. . .

Featured image We’ve been periodically taking note of China’s wavering economy (here in July for instance), and speculated about how things would get interesting if they started dumping their large holdings of U.S. debt. Well: Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt Central banks around the world are selling U.S. government bonds at the fastest pace on record, the most dramatic shift in the $12.8 trillion Treasury market since »

Obama gives Pope Francis the finger

Featured image President Obama has decided that his invited guests for the arrival of Pope Francis next week will include transgender activists, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, and a nun who criticizes church policies on abortion and euthanasia. The Vatican has objected. It notes that photos taken with the pope might be used to suggest his endorsement of activities he does not approve. I’m no fan of this pope. Thus, I’m »

Russia and China Are Using Hacked Data to Identify and Neutralize U.S. Agents

Featured image This is one of the great scandals of the Obama administration–really, of the post-war era. But our Democratic Party media, fearful of what may be coming in next year’s presidential election, have consistently downplayed it. The Los Angeles Times reports: “Foreign spies use hacked data to identify U.S. intelligence agents.” Foreign spy services, especially in China and Russia, are aggressively aggregating and cross-indexing hacked U.S. computer databases — including security »

A hack hacked (and fired)

Featured image Twitchy captures a classic 2012 tweet of Obama OPM Director Katherine Archuleta, the nominal leader of an agency that has now been the victim of two Pearl Harbor-size hacks by President Obama’s Chinese friends. Archuleta’s tweet is the digital equivalent of an exploding cigar. Twitchy comments: Today’s a busy day for those pointing and laughing at the people who mocked presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his warnings about Chinese hackers »

Don’t Look Now But . . . China?

Featured image While everyone was getting on his Great American Barbecue yesterday for the July 4th holiday and awaiting the Greek referendum today, the Chinese stock market was crashing again. It’s down 12 percent over the last week, almost 30 percent in the last month. Tyler Cowen is on it, with a simple message: Greece is small; China is large. Uh oh. From behind the FT’s paywall: The Shanghai index is firmly »

Is the U.S. Lousy at Cyber Warfare?

Featured image A series of alarming data breaches over the last two years have cast doubt on our government’s competence with regard to cyber warfare. Glenn Reynolds writes about the most recent instance in USA Today: “Hackers linked to China have gained access to the sensitive background information submitted by intelligence and military personnel for security clearances, U.S. officials said Friday, describing a cyberbreach of federal records dramatically worse than first acknowledged.” »

Massive Government Data Breach Exposes Information on Four Million Americans

Featured image Chinese hackers have invaded computers at the federal Office of Personnel Management, accessing personal information relating to at least four million current and former government employees. The New York Times reports: The Obama administration on Thursday announced what appeared to be one of the largest breaches of federal employees’ data, involving at least four million current and former government workers in an intrusion that officials said apparently originated in China. »

The Nork nuke angle

Featured image Omri Ceren promises a report on House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Iran yesterday, with attention to the $50 billion signing bonus President Obama has in store for acquiring the signature of the Supreme Leader’s representatives on the arrangement in process with Iran. The $50 billion will come in handy as the Iranians finance their nuclear program and support their good works in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere in »

It’s Not Your Father’s Vietnam

Featured image I have a good friend who is a venture capitalist and travels frequently to Asia. We had lunch together a week or two ago, when he had just returned from a trip to Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. What he wanted to talk about was Vietnam. He is excited about its prospects: the population is remarkably young (unlike China’s and Japan’s) and the country is wide open to development, »

That certain something

Featured image Seen on the Twitter feed of (New York Times reporter) Chris Buckley, retweeted by (New York Times reporter) Peter Baker. I’m taking the liberty of passing it on without further comment. Mao's grandson has that certain something: — Chris Buckley 储百亮 (@ChuBailiang) March 10, 2014 »

Dear China: Please Don’t Embarrass Me

Featured image Beating up on the inanities of Tom Friedman is about as hard as falling out a first floor window, and there’s an entire catalogue of Power Line entries to prove it.  (Here’s his Green Weenie, for example.)  But like taking out the recycling, somebody’s got to do it. Today Friedman departs slightly from his favorite “China-Is-Awesome” theme to write critically of China for a change.  And what, pray tell, has »

Will China Save the Middle East? (With comment by Paul)

Featured image Through the post-war era, and especially after the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has been the guarantor of something approximating peace in the Middle East. The U.S. accepted that role largely because of its need for Middle Eastern oil imports. But times have changed: domestic energy development, especially fracking technology, unleashed on private lands beyond the reach of the Democratic Party’s Luddites, is rapidly turning the United »

China Joins the Climate Skeptics?

Featured image Let’s review the climate diplomacy story so far.  The elephant in the room at the UN negotiations has always been China, India, and other developing nations who have steadfastly refused to agree to future limits on their use of affordable hydrocarbon energy, which they rightly see as the path to becoming fully middle class nations as we and Europe did.  The Chinese told Al Gore in Kyoto in 1997 when »

China: Don’t Look Now But. . . (Update)

Featured image You may recall that back in the late 1980s, lots of certified smart people like James Fallows and Clyde Prestowitz were telling us that Japan was eating our lunch in terms of economic policy, because they had embraced the kind of government-led industrial policy that used to put a spring in Walter Mondale’s step.  It was confidently predicted that at the present rate, Japan might well overtake the United States »

A Mystery Is Solved

Featured image The New York Times announced today that its systems have been hacked by the Chinese over a period of months: For the last four months, Chinese hackers have persistently attacked The New York Times, infiltrating its computer systems… Here comes the key bit: and getting passwords for its reporters and other employees. So that explains Tom Friedman’s columns! We probably should apologize for believing Friedman was dumb enough to consider »

Communist Chinese Slated to Buy Taiwan’s Free Press

Featured image If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em. That may be the philosophy behind the proposed takeover of much of Taiwan’s free press by a mainland Chinese company that is conspicuous for its loyalty to the Communist Party: Americans everywhere should at least be aware of the disaster that’s about to happen to democratic Taiwan’s media market. Taiwan’s most popular and independent media organization, Next Media, is about to be sold »