Dissident Chen leaves U.S. Embassy; China promises to be nice to him — Part Two

Featured image The story of Ghuangchek Chen, the blind activist who took refuge in the U.S. embassy, seems to have taken another turn. This morning, the story, as reported by the MSM, was that Chen had left the Embassy after he and the U.S. received assurances that, as I put, China would be nice to Chen. Specifically, Chen would relocate to another part of China, enter law school, and be treated like »

Dissident Chen leaves U.S. embassy; China promises to be nice to him

Featured image Blind activist Chen Guangcheng, who fled de facto house arrest last month and sought refuge at the U.S. Embassy, has left the Embassy compound after receiving assurances from the Chinese government that he will treated humanely. According to U.S. officials, the Chinese government agreed that Chen will be reunited with his family, relocated to a safe place in a different part of China, and allowed to enroll in a university »