Post “fact-checkers” swing and miss at Trump’s Paris accord speech

Featured image By now, most people understand that “fact-checkers” for organs like the Washington Post are just liberals trying to package their talking points under a byline they hope will bolster their waning credibility. That’s certainly the case with this Washington Post “fact check” (by Glenn Kessler and Michelle Ye Hee Lee) of President Trump’s explanation for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. This howler appears in the second paragraph: Trump also »

Let The Hysteria Begin!

Featured image I know what you’re thinking. How can the climatistas be any more hysterical than they already are? Is it even possible to turn it up past 11? In any case, here are a few early returns, which I’ll update as the day unfolds. (That was a great speech, by the way: “I was elected to represent Pittsburgh, not Paris.”) Hear, hear! For now, this first one is the winner (although »

Paris was yesterday

Featured image It’s official. President Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris agreement. Here’s the story in the Washington Post. You can almost see tears being shed by reporters Philip Rucker and Chris Mooney. The White House’s written statement to reporters says: The Paris Accord is a BAD deal for Americans, and the President’s action today is keeping his campaign promise to put American workers first. The Accord was negotiated »

Why the Paris Accord Doesn’t Matter—and Does

Featured image Word is that President Trump will announce his decision on whether the U.S. will remain in the Paris Climate Accord at 3 pm eastern time today. It is rumored that he will withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Accord, probably by invoking its own clause allowing for withdrawal on a four-year timeline, but that the U.S. will remain a full participant in the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, which »

Europe’s Climate Delusion

Featured image President Trump says he hasn’t made up his mind on withdrawing from the UN’s Paris climate agreement. Let’s hope he isn’t vacillating, as this should be one of his easiest decisions. Reports that Trump is planning on withdrawing have the Europeans in a tizzy: The European Commission president on Wednesday said that it was the “duty of Europe” to stand up to the U.S. if President Donald Trump decides to »

We won’t always have Paris

Featured image President Trump has decided to withdraw the United State from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Politico asserts that the move “is certain to infuriate America’s allies across the globe and could destabilize the 2015 accord.” America’s allies, however, won’t be as infuriated as America’s mainstream media, though withdrawal will undoubtedly constitute another count in the Democrats’ list of high crimes and misdemeanors supporting Trump’s impeachment. Politico helpfully explains: The »

This Week in Trump

Featured image Normally I don’t traffic in the typical media thumb-sucking about what’s immediately ahead for the President, or other unctuous, subjunctive commands about what the President “must do” if he is going to advance. But I make an exception now because I have a sense that Trump might make some big moves this week following on his highly successful and consequential first foreign trip. How do I know it was a »

Dilbert on Climate “Science”

Featured image Today’s Dilbert cartoon sums up contemporary climate “science” very well. Click to enlarge: Does the climate scientist in the cartoon remind you of anyone? Yeah. Here is a photo of the notorious Michael Mann: Maybe Mann will add Scott Adams to his long-running lawsuit against Mark Steyn et al. »

Sulzberger’s apology

Featured image At Politico, Hadas Gold reports that New York Times publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. is making a personal appeal to subscribers who canceled because Bret Stephens transgressed some tenet of the religion of “climate change” (f/k/a “global warming”) in his debut as a Times columnist. Say it ain’t so, Pinch! Sulzberger’s apology reiterates the adherence of the Times’s to every jot and tittle of the faith as well as the »

Is Global Warming a Myth?

Featured image For a long time, I have been skeptical of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory, which I think is utterly refuted by the evidence. But I have been willing to assume that in recent decades, the Earth has in fact gotten slightly warmer, consistent with the natural fluctuations that have been going on for millions of years. At Watts Up With That, Dr. Fred Singer suggests that this assumption may »

Barack Obama: Climate Denier

Featured image Further to my item here yesterday about how the term “climate denier” is extended to everyone who dissents even the slightest bit from narrow climatista orthodoxy, Barack Obama clearly didn’t get the memo, for yesterday in Italy he let fly with this: “Ninety-nine percent* of scientists who study climate change carefully . . . will tell you that it is indisputable that the planet is getting warmer and the only »

Peak Climatista?

Featured image It is hard to judge just which is the greatest blunder/offense of the climatistas. You might go with “carbon pollution,” which is exceedingly stupid as most everyone with a high school education knows that humans exhale carbon dioxide (about 800 pounds per year per capita) and further that carbon dioxide is plant food. It is one thing to point out that carbon dioxide is an atmospheric warming agent (though is »

What You Need to Know About Climate, In One Chart

Featured image From Andy May at Watts Up With That, a chart that contains an enormous amount of information relevant to the climate debate. It shows global temperature as inferred from proxies (tree rings and the like), carbon dioxide and methane concentrations, and temperatures as predicted by the alarmists’ models for the Holocene epoch, the time since the end of the last Ice Age. May comments: In the figure below (source Javier, »

Maybe We Won’t Always Have Paris? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Last night the Washington Post‘s on-again, off-again environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin reported that the balance of opinion inside the Trump White House is against remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement. (I describe Eilperin here as “on-again, off-again” because the Post had to remove her from the environmental beat while her husband was working for the Obama administration’s climate change policy at the State Department. Even the Post could see this »

Marches For Science vs. Actual Science

Featured image Over the weekend, various ill-informed leftists marched around the world in support, ostensibly, of the Earth’s climate. As usual, ignorance was plentiful while knowledge of anything relevant to climate science was invisible. If you want to learn something about climate science, as opposed to political propaganda, go here to read an important, just-released paper by Dr. James P. Wallace III, Dr. John R. Christy and Dr. Joseph S. D’Aleo, which »

The Fret Over Bret

Featured image Scott notes immediately below how the Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple has joined the braying mob about Bret Stephens’s mild departure from climate orthodoxy at the New York Times, but I just can’t get enough of watching liberals trash one of their most revered institutions. Somewhere I saw a tweet noting that liberals were saying how important it was during the Trump reign of terror to subscribe to the Times, but »

Erik Wemple rebukes the Times

Featured image Yesterday afternoon Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple rebuked the New York Times for publishing Bret Stephens’s debut op-ed column. In his debut column Stephens sought to crack open the door to a discussion of the “climate change” orthodoxy otherwise enforced by the Times. As Steve Hayward noted, Times readers promptly went out of their minds. Wemple, it turns out, is a representative specimen of Times readers. Wemple lamented that »