The Settled Science of Polar Bears

Featured image Leftists decided that their global warming scam needed a poster child, and polar bears were selected for that honor. For some years now we have been exposed to mournful photographs of polar bears floating away on ice floes, or otherwise appearing endangered: The theory on which polar bears are supposed to be endangered because their environment is becoming more benign has never been entirely clear, nor has there been data »

Global Warming Caused Godzilla

Featured image Of course global warming caused Godzilla, because, as we know, global warming causes everything.  Just check The Warmlist again. Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel sent his “Lie Witness News” crew out on the street to ask people about whether it was insensitive of Hollywood to profit from a dramatization of the “real” Godzilla attack on Tokyo back in the 1950s, and at about the 2:30 mark you’ll see that global warming is »

Worried About Floods Due to Rising Sea Level? Forget It: Not Happening

Featured image The global warming hysterics’ favorite fantasy these days is that Antarctic ice will melt due to hypothetical warming, leading to catastrophic flooding as the level of the oceans rises. It is commonly asserted that sea level will rise at least three feet by the end of the century. Put aside whether the Earth actually will warm and whether a three-foot rise would really be catastrophic. Put aside, too, any doubts »

Deceptions of the Climatistas

Featured image The New York Times is doing its job as an echo chamber for the Climatistas with a piece earlier this week on arctic and Antarctic ice melt, featuring this pairing of photographs of the Muir glacier in southwestern Alaska in 1941 and 2004.  I’ve used these same two photos myself in presentations about the observable climate changes in the world.  But is this proof that it is human-caused, in whole »

The Ideal Climate Citizen? North Korea

Featured image I’m having a hard time telling whether The Guardian is trying to turn itself into The Onion, because they have a climate change piece up today that looks like a deadpan satire: “North Korea: An Unlikely Champion in the Fight Against Climate Change.”  Seriously? Apparently.  Well, there’s North Korea’s enviable carbon footprint to point to I suppose.  When you use no energy, the UN bureaucrats will love you.  When I »

Breaking: The “97 Percent Climate Consensus” Canard

Featured image TV watchers will recall the familiar advertising trope of yesteryear in which we were told “4 out of 5 dentists [or doctors] recommend” using fluoride toothpaste, aspirin for headaches, or some such.  We were always left to wonder whether that fifth doctor was a moron or something, never pausing to consider that the fifth doctor might well recommend the same thing, but emphasize something else first (like flossing perhaps, or »

Why Global Warming Alarmism Isn’t Science

Featured image Science is not a set of dogmas, and it is not a pronouncement by a committee. It is a method. Richard Feynman, perhaps the world’s most eminent physicist, put it this way: In general, we look for a new law by the following process: First we guess it; then we compute the consequences of the guess to see what would be implied if this law that we guessed is right; »

The Next Climate Scandal?

Featured image The lead story in The Times of London today declares “Scientists in Cover Up of ‘Damaging’ Climate View.”  The Times thinks the story, concerning peer reviewers suppressing a scientific paper purely for political reasons, may amount to the next “Climategate,” on par with the scandal of the leaked emails back in 2009.  This may be media hype, but at the very least it is another clear signal of the kind »

Breaking: The Climate Mafia Strikes

Featured image I’ve been referring to the climate campaigners here as the “Climatistas” to chide their cult-like resemblance to the romantic Sandinista sympathizers of the 1980s, but it should not be forgotten that the real Sandinistas were a pack of nasty thugs.  Likewise, the climate establishment behaves more like the Mafia today, telling any scientist or academic who might consider any departure from orthodoxy: “Nice little scientific career you have here; shame »

Michael Mann Is A Liar and a Cheat. Here’s Why.

Featured image Michael Mann is one of the most partisan advocates for the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory. He is controversial for several reasons: he invented the “hockey stick” graph, which was intended to show that recent warming trends were unprecedented, and has since been exposed as a hoax that misrepresents historic temperatures. He has fought bitterly to prevent his own emails from being discovered in litigation, even though he is a »

Unrequired (Climate) Reading

Featured image The new climate change report just out is 841 pages long.  No one is going to read the whole thing.  I doubt even the authors read the whole thing, and much of it appears to be a cut and paste job.  Even the highlights (what we used to call “executive summary”) is 148 pages long.  As Churchill once said in returning a long memo to a subordinate, “The report, by »

Toxic Emissions? Yes, From the White House

Featured image I don’t envy Steve having to read today’s dose of global warming hysteria. It is utterly predictable: assume the most extreme warming hypothesized by rigged computer models that we know for a fact are wrong, and then spin out the most dramatic horrors they can imagine, without ever acknowledging that historically, relatively warm eras have been best for human beings (and for most animals, too). And the punch line never »

Houston, We Have No Idea What We’re Talking About

Featured image The Washington Post reports on the Obama administration’s latest effort to sow global warming panic: The satellite images viewed by President Barack Obama before a meeting with eight Western governors were stark, showing how snowpack in California’s mountains had shrunk by 86 percent in a single year. “It was a ‘Houston, we have a problem’ moment,” recalled White House counselor John Podesta, one of two aides who briefed the president »

Cow Farts: The Next Alternative Fuel?

Featured image Surely you’d think this story is from The Onion, but no–some people really think we need to equip cows with gas-collecting backpacks, which we’d use in turn to power cars and such: Researchers put plastic backpacks on cows, then inserted tubes into their rumens (their biggest digestive tract). They extracted the methane–about 300 liters a day. That’s enough to run a car, or a fridge for 24 hours. »

The Climate Change Rap–In German!

Featured image I’m not sure what’s most remarkable this this five-minute video–that it exists at all; that climate change can be disputed in the cadences of the dubious musical art form known as “rap”; or that there are, in fact, Austrian rappers.  “Hockeyschlager” indeed!  So here it is, complete with English subtitles–you’ll never thing of “Angst” the same again: »

Good Arguments and Bad Arguments About Climate Change

Featured image Roy Spencer, who was a senior scientist for climate studies at NASA for many years, author of The Great Global Warming Blunder, and one of the inventors of the satellites that now track global temperature data, has two very useful posts up at his website on bad and good arguments about climate change.  Being a scrupulous scientist, he is concerned when he hears critics with the right inclinations push bad »

Conservatives and Climate Policy

Featured image Not long ago the journal Issues in Science and Technology (a consortium publication of the National Academy of Sciences, Arizona State, and three other institutions) challenged me to write a piece about “Conservatism and Climate Science,” and the long piece is just now available online.  But it’s really not about climate science, but rather climate policy, and the heart of the article is a lengthy consideration of the problem of »