Not Funny and Die Anyway

Featured image How can you tell the climatistas are getting desperate? When they enlist the “Funny or Die” folks to do this pathetic attempt at reverse psychology entitled “Old people don’t care about climate change”: You know what people really don’t care about? Ed Asner’s opinion about anything. Funny or Die used to be funny. Too bad this had to happen to them. (Actually I didn’t know Cloris Leachman was still alive. »

Mark Steyn Versus the Climatistas

Featured image The New Criterion and Change Up Media have produced a series of videos featuring Mark Steyn discussing climate change and especially Michael Mann’s ludicrous libel suit against Mark. You can watch the entire 27 minute interview conducted by Benjamin Weingarten here, but here’s a 5 minute excerpt on how the climate extremists resemble Islamic extremists: Also this two-minute clip on the Godfathers of climate extremism: »

A Taxonomy of Climate Camps

Featured image Physicist Richard Muller of UC Berkeley offers up a remarkably unbiased classification of climate change thinkers in the unlikely venue of the Puffington Host. I think it isn’t half bad: In my book, “Energy for Future Presidents” (pg 74) I give the following categories: Alarmists. They pay little attention to the details of the science. They are “unconvincibles.” They say the danger is imminent, so scare tactics are both necessary »

Climate Egg on Their Face

Here’s another sign of the bankruptcy of both the climatistas and the liberals who fawn over “democracy” until the people don’t do exactly what they want. Science authorities in Britain put the naming of a new Arctic research ship to an online vote of the public. And the public chose—by a landslide margin—”Boaty McBoatface.” Which I suppose is better than “Big McLargehuge,” for you MST3K fans out there. Anyway, Her »

Unhinged Leftist of the Week

Featured image Outgoing California Senator Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer deserves a Power Line Green Weenie Lifetime Achievement Award for her performance this week in a hearing about energy and climate policy that featured Alex Epstein, author of the cheeky book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, and Father Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute. Here’s a five-minute highlight reel of Boxer losing ground to Epstein and Sirico: And as a special »

A conspiracy so intense

Featured image Democratic officeholders seem to be operating a conspiracy to stifle free speech and suppress heterodox thought. They’re on C.P. time, alright: Communist Party time. Glenn Reynolds names names in his USA Today column “Dear attorneys general, conspiring against free speech is a crime.” Glenn identifies U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as co-conspirators. Glenn lays out the »

Climate Change Hits the Snooze Button

Featured image One reason I’ve been writing much less about the climatistas here lately is that the subject has become such a crashing bore. Don’t take my word for it—just ask the lefty Media Mutters for America, the site David Brock curates to whine on Hillary’s behalf. Media Mutters has a new study out bemoaning that the major TV network news broadcasts are losing interest in climate change, despite the UN Paris »

McKibben Gets One Right!

Featured image Multiple Power Line Green Weenie Award winner Bill McKibben, who puts the “fan” in “fanatic,” is out with a new article attacking the Obama Administration for tolerating fracking. But it’s the cover note from his publicist that is giving me a smile this morning, which reveals the real culprit in this story: Bill looks at the latest studies on methane coming out of Harvard and concludes that greenhouse gas emissions »

The Upside of Trump-Sanders

Featured image This morning finds me styling at the California Club in downtown Los Angeles, after a splendid evening last night conducting a structured conversation with Paul Wolfowitz at the annual dinner of the Friends of Ronald Reagan. One of the things about having breakfast at the California Club morningafterwise is that you can read the New York Times in hard copy. So it was with mounting incredulity that I kept going »

The Obama Administration’s Idea of a Crime…

Featured image …is not, apparently, violating federal laws and regulations and State Department procedures in a manner that exposes thousands of classified documents to our enemies. No, that isn’t the sort of conduct that is likely to draw an indictment from Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice. Obama’s DOJ is more interested in trying to jail scientists who point out the rather obvious flaws in the government’s desperate effort to convince Americans that »

The Great Free Speech Issue of Our Time

Featured image Government-funded climate activists have devised fraudulent models that exist for the sole purpose of stirring up alarm about “climate change.” They have blatantly misrepresented the relationship between “climate change” and extreme weather events, which have become less common in recent years. They have deliberately propagated data they know to be wrong or misleading in order to serve their government paymaster’s political cause. When weather data have disproved their models, they »

And the Award for the Biggest Green Weenie Goes To. . .

Featured image It goes without saying that Leo Di Caprio wins the coveted Power Line Green Weenie Award for his climate change screech that accompanied his Oscar win for best actor Sunday night. I guess Marlon Brando’s sidekick, Whatshername Littlefeather or something, wasn’t available. The Guardian, of all places, offers some nice details about Leo’s interest in saving the planet: Leonardo DiCaprio was a climate champion long before the actor wrapped himself in »

Is Global Warming Making It Snow?

Featured image In the early days of global warming hysteria, the alarmists understandably warned that warmer temperatures would cause, among other things, less snow. Jim Steele reminds us: [Kevin] Trenberth’s 1999 paper framing the effects of global warming on extreme precipitation declared, “With higher average temperatures in winter expected, more precipitation is likely to fall in the form of rain rather than snow, which will increase both soil moisture and run off, »

Mann-Splaining the Pause?

Featured image When it comes to climate change, I feel like Michael Corleone in Godfather III: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I already noted here earlier my latest rumble with some climatistas in Boulder on Monday, and today I see the news that the temperature “pause” is back on again. Last fall, conveniently just before the Paris climate summit, the government announced to great fanfare »

Thanks to Boulder Power Line Readers

Featured image So it was a fun but quick one-day visit back to Boulder, Colorado, yesterday, for a panel discussion on “Climate Change After Paris.” (Short answer: Same as before Paris.) It was a typical academic panel: five people with more or less conventional views on climate change, and—me. That’s what’s known in academia as “balanced panel.” Actually, I felt like it was barely a fair fight. For them. I won’t repeat »

A false messiah, part DII

Featured image The rise of sea levels is an important article in the creed formerly known as global warming. You may recall that our lord and master Barack Obama promised that we would remember his own rise, not as the harbinger of constitutional destruction and one-man rule, but rather as “as the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal.” Thus he spake in »

How Not to Measure Temperature

Featured image Global warming alarmists purport to compute the average annual temperature over the entire surface of the Earth (most of which, of course, is ocean) to within one one-hundredth of a degree. That is, on its face, an unbelievable claim, but it becomes even more preposterous when you look at how temperatures are actually measured. A case in point comes from Anthony Watts. Watts got a communication from Dr. Mark Albright, »