Climate Panic: Where Do Humans Live?

Featured image The climatistas have their panties in a wad about this chart, which I posted a couple months ago and which John reposted the other day: Deception! Methodologically incorrect! It’s a five-alarm climate change fire! Call out the fact checkers! I’m reminded of a line from one of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia stories (The Magician’s Nephew), which runs: “Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is »

Save the Planet: Eat Bacon

Featured image Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat tips us to an important new study on the greenhouse gas emissions impact of switching to a vegetarian-leaning diet. The study appears in the latest issue of Environmental Systems and Decisions, one of the many journals that thinks “systems analysis” is the key to understanding and saving the world. (Where is Robert McNamara when you really need him?) The complete study is  unfortunately behind a paywall, though »

The Unbearable Lightness of Being John Kerry

Featured image NBC’s Chuck Todd asked our sainted secretary of state, the French-looking John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, as James Taranto reminds us) how we’re going to enforce a global climate “agreement” that has no legally binding provisions beyond a schedule for more meetings to party on. His answer: “Public shaming.” Cue the snorts of hypocrisy. Here, according to Google, are photos of Kerry’s five homes: Now you’d think with the »

The White House Misleads on Climate

Featured image The White House web site includes a section on global warming titled “Why We Have to Act on Climate Now–In One Chart.” Here is the one chart: Looks pretty persuasive, doesn’t it? The casual observer would think that we are looking at record levels of CO2–which is not a pollutant, but rather makes like on Earth possible–and record high temperatures. How can anyone dispute the causal connection? The White House »

Kellogg-Briand Climate Pact Signed in Paris!

Featured image The climate is saved! As expected, the UN climate summit today delivered a triumph—a climate agreement (not a treaty) that every nation has agreed to sign! The agreement commits no one to doing anything they don’t end up wanting to do, and the notional wealth transfers will remain exactly that—notional, to be taken up again next year at COP-22. It is sure to be just as effective at stopping greenhouse »

The Unseriousness of the Climatistas (2)

Featured image One of our faithful commenters insists on demanding ritual conformity to the Climate Catechism, as though that will somehow make phony and unserious UN climate agreements suddenly realistic or plausible. The irony of this ritual conformism is precisely this: to the extent that climate catastrophe is in our future, liberals are the last people who can solve the problem. Which is why they deserve endless scorn and ridicule. Exhibit number »

On Global Warming, Follow the Money (UPDATED)

Featured image Yesterday in Paris, Secretary of State John Kerry inadvertently said something true, admitting that the policies the Obama administration has pursued with the ostensible object of fending off global warming are worthless: The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, used only solar panels to power their homes, if we each planted a dozen trees, if we somehow eliminated all of our domestic »

The Unseriousness of the Paris Climate Talks

Featured image Current word out of Paris is that a new draft of a climate agreement won’t be ready until tomorrow (Saturday) morning, even though the climate summit is supposed to adjourn today. It is following the predictable script. There’s going to be a humdinger of an all-nighter in Paris tonight. The usual sticking points (who pays how much to whom) are all up in the air. Meanwhile, just as a number »

Climate: “Trust, But Not Verify”

Featured image The Paris climate summit is following the predictable script, with reports today of a “deadlock” between developed and developing nations. Obama and John Kerry are said to be leaning heavily on India to relent in its opposition to monitoring emissions targets. Meanwhile, if you have a spare half hour, Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation sat down with Reason’s Ron Bailey, who is attending his 12th UN climate »

Today’s Climate Follies

Featured image There’s just so much happening on the climate change front these days—quite aside from the Paris summit—that it is almost impossible to keep up. And how I would like to have been in Washington, DC yesterday to take in the climate change hearing Sen. Ted Cruz convened with a witness list that included Dr. Judith Curry (whom I have wrongly neglected reporting on here at Power Line chiefly because her »

Newest Climate Threat: Legal Pot!

Featured image Turns out cultivating marijuana in non-tropical or temperate climates is very energy intensive. From the Durango (CO) Herald: Cannabis Growers Pressure the Grid Utilities and grid operators worry about the impacts that energy-hogging marijuana will bring to their grids, and are excited about the profits they’ll bring to their bottom line. The issue is pressing enough that it got its own session – “The Straight Dope on Energy & the »

Paris Climate Week in Pictures

Featured image News out of Paris is that a draft climate agreement has been reached, but I haven’t had a chance to chase down the text yet. I’ll be watching for the fine print about whether the proposed climate aid fund, supposedly $100 billion a year in wealth transfers starting in 2020, actually takes shape in a semi-serious way, and whether an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” gets traction in some form. »

Terrorism vs. Sea Level: For Our President, It’s No Contest

Featured image This morning, our anti-science president explained to CBS why global warming is a bigger threat than terrorism: What I mean by that is that we’re going to get ISIL. They will be defeated. There will be ongoing efforts to disrupt the world order from terrorists, from rogue states, from, you know, cyber attacks. There’s always some bad people out there trying to do bad things and we have to be »

Does Income Inequality Cause Climate Change—Or vice Versa?

Featured image We all know that climate change is responsible for the rise of ISIS and Islamic terrorism generally. So says Prince Charles, and he’s a prince after all. Also Bernie Sanders, who merely wants to be princely with your money. But wait—every lefty’s favorite economist, Thomas Piketty, has a different theory: Middle Eastern terrorism is caused by . . . wait for it now . . . income inequality! The new »

Save the planet…from Barack Obama

Featured image Watching Barack Obama in action at the Paris conference on the phenomenon formerly known as global warming, I have a thought about saving the planet. The planet must be saved from Barack Obama. The man has done enormous damage. We will be living with the consequences for a long time. Living, if we are lucky and if the next president undoes some of the damage he has done. The man »

The Walrus and the New York Times

Featured image As part of its cheerleading for the U.N. climate convention in Paris, the New York Times is running a series on What Climate Change Looks Like. First up are the walruses: This week, we’re featuring images that show how global warming has already impacted the world. Packed shoulder to shoulder, an estimated 35,000 Pacific walruses congregated on Alaska’s northwest coast near Point Lay last fall. Normally the mammals find ocean »

The Paris Climate Hoax: The World’s Worst Potluck Dinner

Featured image I don’t quite agree with John that man-made climate change is a hoax; I merely think it is vastly overestimated like every other environmental scare of the last 50 years, and that like all the others before it (the population bomb, resource scarcity, global cooling, the ozone layer, acid rain, the energy crisis, the Beepocalypse, Al Gore’s swelling waistline, etc., etc.), it is being used by the left for their »