Clinton emails

Colin Powell’s email to Hillary casts her in even worse light

Featured image Democrats are touting an e-mail exchange between Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton as some sort of a defense of Clinton’s use of private email to conduct State Department business. However, Shannen Coffin at NRO shows that what Powell told Clinton actually makes her conduct even harder to defend. Why? Because, as Coffin says, “the e-mail exchange confirms that Clinton was aware that her private server circumvented federal records laws from »

Delete this

Featured image Over the holiday weekend Byron York took a careful look at the file documents released this past Friday in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton and her private email server (the investigation formerly known as a li’l old “security review”). Byron carefully explored the documents released with a view to the question whether Team Clinton destroyed evidence under subpoena. Today the New York Times reports that the Department of Justice »

Comey’s defense

Featured image FBI Director James Comey has made himself a laughingstock with his disposition of the Clinton email investigation and his announced rationale for it. I therefore turned to his memo to FBI employees with interest. CNN obtained a copy of the memo and posted it here; Paul posted the text on Power Line and added his own comments here. This is what Comey had to say on the disposition of the »

Hillary’s header defense

Featured image At the so-called Commander-in-Chief Forum last night on MSNBC Madam Hillary yammered on about her treatment of classified information in response to questions posed by Matt Lauer. See Jack Heretik’s summary in the Free Beacon report (with video) “Lauer blitzes Clinton over email server.” For Lauer Clinton served up many of the lies and evasions that have become her stock in trade, including hiding behind respected colleagues of long tenure. »

Jim Comey’s strange memo to FBI employees

Featured image Bill and Hillary Clinton have ruined more than a few lives and reputations during their 40 year march to power, wealth, and (in Bill’s case) sexual gratification. Is James Comey their latest victim? It’s probably too early to tell. But after reading the memo Comey sent to FBI employees, I think it’s fair to say that he’s not loving life right now. I found the memo defensive, thin-skinned, and a »

Timeline suggests Team Clinton obstructed justice

Featured image Perhaps the most significant news from the FBI’s pre-Labor Day document release was the revelation that Team Clinton began wiping Hillary’s server shortly after the New York Times broke the story that she had one. As I noted here, the Times revealed in early March that Clinton used a private email server. The wiping occurred later that month. There’s more to the story, though. Almost immediately after the Times’ report »

Why did the DOJ back Cheryl Mills’ specious privilege claims?

Featured image Shannen Coffin sees Cheryl’s Mill’s participation in Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview as “Exhibit A for those who wonder whether [the] interview was all for show.” Count me among those wondering, all the more so after reading Coffin’s piece. Writing in the Weekly Standard, Coffin explains: Mills was hip-deep in the events at the heart of the FBI’s criminal investigation and was herself a material witness who had previously sat for »

From the crazy mixed-up FBI files of Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton

Featured image The FBI released a redacted set of documents including its Hillary 302 notes and related materials this past Friday before the holiday weekend. The documents are accessible in two sets posted in PDF format here. Releasing the documents as we roll into a holiday weekend represents classic scandal management practice. It raises the question whether the FBI was acting on Clinton’s behalf protecting her, or on its own behalf protecting »

Key Hillary claims to the FBI don’t pass the straight face test

Featured image Last month, after Hillary Clinton opened up a nice lead over Donald Trump, word was that she planned to win the election by “running out the clock.” Something like this seems also to have been her strategy during her interview with the FBI. Knowing that the investigation was drawing to a close, and quite possibly knowing via Loretta Lynch or other sources that she was going to skate, Clinton’s approach »

Hillary Clinton is a big fat liar

Featured image Leafing through the FBI’s 302 of its interview with Hillary Clinton, one might come away with the impression that she is a big fat idiot (to borrow the inelegant locution of Minnesota’s unfunniest former comedian). That impression would be justified based on the text of the interview notes, but it would be mistaken. Rather, Hillary Clinton is a big fat liar. Well, okay, we knew that. The seriousness and absurdity »

Hillary’s FBI File Released Today

Featured image The oldest play in the Washington DC playbook is being employed this afternoon—releasing bad news on the Friday before an end-of-summer holiday weekend, with many journalists and editors away on vacation. So naturally Hillary Clinton’s FBI report is being released right now. You can download it here (two PDF files). Just what you wanted for your Labor Day weekend reading! (This is a perfect job for . . . Paul! »

Clinton Foundation exec sought diplomatic passport from Clinton State Dept.

Featured image Judicial Watch today released 510 pages of new State Department documents. The documents include a request by Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band for diplomatic passports for himself and an associate. The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (22 CFR 51.3) limits the granting of diplomatic passports to members of the Foreign Service, their family members, or those working on U.S. government contracts. Clearly, Band and his associate were not entitled to »

FBI finds up to 30 deleted Benghazi emails Clinton did not turn over

Featured image I hadn’t intended to write two Hillary Clinton email posts tonight. However, news that FBI investigators recovered 30 Benghazi-related emails from Hillary Clinton’s wiped server is potentially too important not to comment on right away. Government lawyers told U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta today that some of the 30 recovered emails relating to Benghazi — they didn’t say now many — were not included in the 55,000 pages previously »

Judicial Watch submits questions for Hillary to answer under oath [Updated]

Featured image Earlier this month, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan granted Judicial Watch additional discovery on the Hillary Clinton email matter. As a result, Clinton was ordered to answer written questions from Judicial Watch “by no later than thirty days” after their submission. Under federal court rules, Judicial Watch is limited to twenty-five questions. Today, Judicial Watch announced that it has submitted the questions to Clinton. You can read the questions »

Trey Gowdy: FBI didn’t ask Hillary about her intent

Featured image FBI director James Comey says he didn’t recommend indicting Hillary Clinton over her use of a private server to send and receive classified information because she lacked intent to mishandle such information. The relevant statutes didn’t require intent, but Comey read the requirement into the law based on what he said is the past practice of federal prosecutors in these sorts of cases. Before letting Hillary off the hook, one »

The Clinton bribery standard

Featured image Charles Krauthammer devotes his weekly column to “The Clinton bribery standard.” Charles is disgusted by the evidence of corruption that is revealed in the latest tranches of Clinton emails. He accurately states the defense advance by Hillary Clinton and her retainers: “There was no quid pro quo.” Krauthammer comments: “What a long way we’ve come. This is the very last line of defense. Yes, it’s obvious that access and influence »

Hillary’s Emails and Clinton Cash: the Scandals Come Together

Featured image If you feel that you are hopelessly behind on the news regarding Hillary Clinton’s many breaches of security through her home-brew server as well as the Clinton Cash pay-to-play scandal, in which Hillary more or less auctioned off the State Department, Glenn Reynolds’ latest USA Today column is a good way to catch up. Back in July, Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “there is »