Conspiracy theory

Maybe Flight 370 Was Brought Down by Chinese Solar Power?

Featured image Well not seriously, but just about every other theory, including aliens and the Koch brothers, have been floated.  Well, okay, I’m the only one (I think) to say the Koch brothers did it, and that was simply to bait MSNBC; is there any doubt that someone in the fever swamps of the Left—Dan Rather perhaps?—might believe it? The Chinese solar power idea is almost as loopy, except that pilots are »

This just in: Arafat wasn’t poisoned

Featured image Since Yasser Arafat died in 2004, I doubt there are many Power Line readers who have harbored the suspicion that he died of poisoning inflicted on him by Israel. I thought at the time that he had died of AIDS and the proposition goes beyond rumors, as indicated in this 2007 Israel National News round-up. Times of Israel editor David Horovitz nevertheless warns that “we’re going to hear for weeks »