When Will They Ever Learn?

Featured image Socialism is, by a very wide margin, the worst disaster in the history of the human race. Nothing else comes close. It always fails, and it always brings death-dealing totalitarianism in its wake. Socialism is, in essence, rule by a criminal gang. It generally works for members of the gang, but it never works for anyone else. Given socialism’s history of universal and comprehensive failure, why does the idea still »

“To Save Venezuela, Sanction Iran and Starve the Castros”

Featured image That is Ted Cruz’s formula, as delivered on the Senate floor today. Cruz is, obviously, a controversial figure. He is unquestionably one of the most brilliant men in Washington, but at times his judgment has been subject to legitimate criticism. Still–speaking for myself–I like brilliance, especially in the Senate. In his speech today, Cruz pointed to the critical connections among Venezuela, Iran and Cuba. He acknowledged, and elaborated upon, Marco »

Hearken to Harkin

Featured image In “Useful idiots, PBS edition,” I wrote about Ray Suarez’s paean to the glories of the Cuban health care system three years ago on the PBS NewHour. My post was prompted by Mary Anastasia O’Grady’s Wall Street Journal column “A Cuban fairy tale from PBS.” I piled on Suarez together with O’Grady. Now comes five-term Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and his cookie-cutter rendition of the achievements of Communism in the »

Marco Rubio Tees Off on Cuba, Venezuela and Tom Harkin

Featured image Marco Rubio has been in the doghouse with lots of conservatives because of his endorsement of the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill. But he is solid on virtually every other issue, and is one of the most talented politicians on either side of the aisle. Yesterday he reminded us how great he can be, when he rose to respond to Tom Harkin’s paean to the wonders of socialist Cuba. For »

A handshake that seemed like a kiss

Featured image John wrote yesterday about President Obama’s handshake with Raul Castro. Many of us would have preferred that Obama snub the tyrant. However, Obama could reasonably have concluded that the Mandela funeral was not a proper occasion for antagonistic gestures. Thus, a simple handshake would not have bothered me. Unfortunately, Obama went beyond a simple handshake. Even if we assume that he didn’t bow to Castro, as he appeared to do, »

Lee Harvey Oswald: Epstein’s short course

Featured image Thirty years ago the Wall Street Journal published Edward Jay Epstein’s essay “Who was Lee Harvey Oswald” on the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Ed has sent along his draft of the essay with the question: “How much has changed?” If anything has changed, it is the ever increasing quantity of ignorance and stupidity abroad in the land on the subject of the Kennedy assassination. Here is Epstein’s 1983 short »

Raul Castro Asks: What’s Wrong With You Cubans?

Featured image Today Cuba’s president, Raul Castro, addressed a session of parliament. His speech was devoted largely to decrying the loss of bourgeois virtues in Cuba: Raul Castro spent the lion’s share of a prominent speech Sunday scolding his countrymen for all kinds of bad behavior, everything from corruption and theft to public urination and the odoriferous practice of raising pigs in cities. Speaking before legislators at one of parliament’s twice-annual sessions, »

Venezuela’s post-Chavez future — and Cuba’s

Featured image With Hugo Chavez nearing expiration, the New York Times presents a forum on the future of Venezuela. Richard Fernandez summarizes some of the more intelligent contributions to that forum and adds his throughts. The future of Venezuela isn’t bright. Moses Naim of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace writes: President Chávez has bequeathed the nation an economic crisis of historic proportions. The crisis includes a fiscal deficit approaching 20 percent of »

The Cuban Missile Crisis @50: A Reconsideration

Featured image Today is the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s nationally televised address informing the nation of the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba, and his intention to make sure they were removed.  The Kennedy glorification industry has pointed to this episode as Exhibit #1 of JFK’s coolness under pressure, etc, etc, and the outcome has always been regarded as a great triumph of American statecraft. To be sure, as »

CastroCare in the time of cholera

Featured image Abe Greenwald cites a report from the Miami Herald that “the first cholera outbreak in Cuba in a century has left at least 15 dead and sent hundreds to hospitals all but sealed off by security agents bent on keeping a lid on the news.” CastroCare is, Greenwald reminds us, Michael Moore’s model heathcare system. Cholera, which was supposed to have been wiped out in Cuba around 1900, is only »

Postcard from the Island of Individual Mandates

Featured image Readers may be aware that Pope Benedict made a visit to Cuba last week. It was the first pontifical visit to that island nation since 1998, when John Paul II visited and prompted Fidel Castro to relax his government’s imaginary grip on the faiths of its people. Since the Communist revolution in 1959, Cuba has been officially atheist. It’s just one example, in a place full of them, of an »