On This Morning’s Obamacare Stories, Better Late Than Never

Featured image The internet news cycle is short enough that if you are eight hours late in commenting on a story, it feels like a week. Early this morning there were two Obamacare-related stories that were burning up Twitter, both mini-scandals in their own right, but I haven’t had a chance to write about them until now. So, in hopes that they will still be news to some of our readers, here »

Richie Incognito, honorary black man?

Featured image The National Football League has a new scandal on its hands. This one involves the harassment of Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin by line mate Richie Incognito. The full nature and scope of this harassment isn’t clear, but apparently there is no dispute that, at a minimum, Incognito left Martin a voice mail calling him a “half ni____ piece of sh__” and threatening to inflict physical harm on the player »

The spying on Europeans farce

Featured image I love this headline on the front page of today’s Washington Post (print edition): “Officials: Obama unaware U.S. spied on allied leaders.” The locution is, I think, the Post’s way of signaling that it doesn’t really believe what the “officials” are saying. Nor should we. As John Yoo argues, spying on European leaders is something the U.S. has long done and should do, and this is common knowledge: Of course »

Finally, something I like about Barack Obama

Featured image Tevi Troy’s excellent new book What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted is full of revealing stories about presidential consumption of books, movies, and television. His discussion of Barack Obama’s consumption of culture, both as president and before, is particularly revealing. Obama, it seems, is not the most cultured guy ever to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He’s not even the most cultured among recent residents. But Obama has »


Featured image Do you know who Snooki is? I didn’t until I encountered Tevi Troy’s excellent new book What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted. Snooki, it turns out, is a “petite starlet” who appears on a TV show called “Jersey Shore.” It was a reference to Snooki by President Obama that inspired Tevi to write his insightful book about the interplay between American culture and American presidents. I’m indebted to »

If Jerry Bruckheimer Took Over Monty Python

Featured image You’d get a film trailer like the one below (full story here).  Or perhaps we should say, “And now for something completely different.” »

200 years of pop culture in the White House

Featured image Tevi Troy — public intellectual, former White House aide, and (full disclosure) friend of Power Line — is the author of the just published What Jefferson Read, Eisenhower Watched, and Obama Tweeted– 200 years of popular culture in the White House. The book is, among other things, an exploration of the intersection of culture and politics at the highest level. We have added Tevi’s book to the Power Line bookshelf. »

Cole on the case: Thanks to McConnell

Featured image How could I have missed this? An aide to Senator McConnell writes to correct me ever so gently: Just noticed your post on Bruce Cole and wanted to let you know, if you didn’t already, that under the statute, Obama appoints whomever McConnell picks for the Republican slots on these bipartisan boards and commissions. So we have McConnell to thank for this, not Obama. Here is Daniel Foster’s National Review »

Cole on the case [updated]

Featured image We have tried to keep up with news regarding Frank Gehry’s planned Eisehnower Memorial design; we have opposed it. The latest news is good and, to my surprise, we have President Obama to thank for it. The AP reports: President Barack Obama is appointing a known critic of the planned Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial design to serve on the federal commission that oversees the project. The White House announced Obama’s »

Strange New Worlds Indeed

Featured image Until someone provides us with the inevitable “Hitler Learns About the Miley Cyrus MTV Stunt” video, this mashup of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will have to do: »

A Day at the Fair

Featured image Today was the final day of the Minnesota State Fair. With today’s temperature in the 60s, following a heat wave that depressed attendance during the Fair’s first week, Minnesotans were out in force: This was the least political State Fair I can remember. Last year, orange “Vote No” signs and stickers were everywhere, foreshadowing the victory for gay marriage that followed in November. Even for an off year, 2013 was »

Teasing racism out of Miley Cyrus’ tease

Featured image A professor called Pepper Schwartz, in a “special to CNN,” advises that “Miley Cyrus is sexual — get over it.” I have. It wasn’t difficult. I knew nothing about Miley Cyrus until her lewd performance caused a fuss. And I’ve know about our debauched culture for a long time. But not so fast, says this black feminist. It turns out that Cyrus’ performance was a racist “commodification of black female »

My Favorite Model…

Featured image …has long been Bar Rafaeli, for reasons that require no explanation. When a woman looks like Bar you can forgive anything, even dating Leonardo DiCaprio. But Rafaeli has not been terribly popular in her native Israel, mostly because she dodged service in the IDF and later explained, in a moment of ill-advised candor: I don’t regret not enlisting, because it paid off big time. That’s just the way it is; »

The Underloved Reginald Heber

Featured image Reginald Heber was from 1823 to 1826, when he died prematurely at age 42, the Anglican Church’s Bishop of Calcutta. He was also a more or less superb lyricist. Although he wrote the “Holy, Holy, Holy” still used on certain days in the Anglican rite, most of his poetic output has been–I don’t want to say lost to the ages, because nothing has been lost. What has happened is that »

Wuthering Weiners

Featured image I thought that Anthony Weiner was a repulsive human being when he only appeared to be an ambitious congressman on the make and a seemingly permanent fixture on MSNBC. Yet the latest revelations of his post-scandal exhibitionism place him in a category beyond repulsive. In addition to his other vices, he is a little lacking in self-perception. A college professor of mine once speculated that monarchy might be a more »

Reporting From the Land of the Free [UPDATED With Firearms and Fireworks, and a Video Highlight]

Featured image Power Line has a 4th of July tradition: Scott writes moving and profound meditations on the Declaration and the Founding, while I go to South Dakota and blow things up. Today finds me, once again, in my home town. This year we have firearms as well as fireworks on the agenda, so we will enjoy gunpowder in its manifold forms. I will update this post, or add new ones, over »

The NFL’s June problem solved

Featured image The National Football League is flying high as the unrivaled leader on the American sport scene. But it does have a problem. No, I’m not referring to the violent nature of the sport, which is producing lawsuits by former players who suffer from injuries like brain damage and which makes some of us feel guilty for watching it. I’m referring to the fact that the NFL has failed to come »