41 at 90

Featured image In his daily roundup for RealClearPolitics, Carl Cannon pays tribute to George H.W. Bush as he turns 90 today: George Herbert Walker Bush, the second son of Prescott and Dorothy Bush, was born on this day in 1924, which means that the spring he turned 18, his nation was at war. Poppy Bush, as he was called, had just earned his high school diploma at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass, »

The Sissification of America Continues Apace

Featured image There is plenty of serious news today, but what is burning up Twitter? This: Retailers are starting to push a new trend in menswear: the short suit. The ensemble looks like a regular suit from the waist up, with a sport coat over a button-down shirt and sometimes a tie or bowtie. Instead of trousers, however, the suit’s bottoms are cropped at the knee. … “It’s definitely having a moment, »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Referring to my post a few weeks ago about my adventures in low carbohydrate eating, our friend Ammo Grrrll chronicles her own struggle to reduce to fighting trim. She writes: I read with great interest both Scott’s recent post on weight loss paradigms and the many sincere and helpful comments readers shared. For those success stories, mazel tov, and may you all go from strength to strength! Not to pull »

Not “Rosebud”

Featured image The rap artist Tupac Shakur was murdered in a drive-by shooting on the Las Vegas Strip in 1996, following a brawl in which he had participated in the lobby of the MGM Grand. Shakur’s final words have only now come to light, courtesy of the police officer who was first on the scene. In an interview with Sean DeFrank of the weekly magazine Vegas Seven, the officer says now that »

The Best Years of Our Lives

Featured image When I walked into Spaulding Auditorium to see The Best Years of Our Lives as an undergrad, I had never even heard of the film. When I walked out three hours later, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of it. It is a great film with a lot of truth and a big heart in it. Tonight TCM is carrying the film as part of its Memorial Day lineup. »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Our old friend Ammo Grrrll writes in a celebratory mood about her move to Arizona in a piece she calls I GOT PLENTY OF NUTHIN’ AND NOTHIN’S PLENTY FOR ME. She writes: When we first moved to our Dusty Little Village (DLV) in Arizona, occasionally people from one or another Big City would come to visit. They would notice that to get to our new home from the airport, they »

To the class of 2014

Featured image In a commencement speech at the University of Texas, Admiral William McRaven drew on his basic SEAL training to derive “10 lessons to help change the world” (video below). In this season of “repressive tolerance” on campus, the University of Texas has distinguished itself for its sobriety in calling on Admiral McRaven to do the honors at commencement. Admiral McRaven’s speech raises the question whether one can learn the lessons »

Michael Sam to star in reality show for Oprah’s Network

Featured image That didn’t take long. Michael Sam, the openly gay NFL draftee, is getting his own reality television show with the Oprah Winfrey Network. According to a report from ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell, Sam’s representatives have been negotiating the deal for two months. Think of Sam’s big kiss, for which Oprah’s crew was present, as the pilot (“Previously, on ‘As Michael Sam’s World Turns’. . .”) ESPN’s Nick Wagoner »

Dictatorship of virtue

Featured image In his weekly Wall Street Journal column Daniel Henninger chronicles the commencement speakers who have become collateral damage to the tyranny of the lunatic left on campus. As the distance between the left and the lunatic left grows ever closer, attention must be paid. Henninger performs a real service in going in compiling the body count, with respect to which all but the great Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Brandeis was »

Gay NFL draftee becomes sacred cow [With Comments By John]

Featured image I wrote here about the selection by the St. Louis Rams of Michael Sam, an openly gay football player. The selection brought widespread praise including, predictably enough, from President Obama. But at least one football player, Don Jones of the Miami Dolphins, reacted negatively — probably not to the selection itself, but rather to the exuberant kisses on the lips that Sam exchanged with his boyfriend while the cameras were »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Our old friend Ammo Grrrl has forwarded these Mother’s Day thoughts under the heading of “Movin’ On Up…” She writes: You hear the word “poverty” tossed around a lot. There’s been a “war” on it for some 50 years, and I am hardly the first person to notice that either poverty is a tough opponent, or the goalposts keep moving on what constitutes “poverty.” Or both. As they say, the »

The big fat surprise

Featured image In his capacity as a full service operation, Glenn Reynolds has occasionally cited science writer Why We Get Fat. Taubes recommends a low-carb/no-carb diet, as some of the popular diet books do, both for reasons of weight control and overall health. Inspired by Taubes, I’ve been following a low carb diet for 18 months. It has worked for me, but I’m not sure how long I can stick with it. »

A salute to Terry Teachout

Featured image The folks who administer the Bradley Prizes have announced this year’s first winner: the great Terry Teachout of the Wall Street Journal (drama critic), Commentary (critic-at-large) and his own site, About Last Night. Terry doesn’t just criticize; he is also the author of biographies, libretti and the play Satchmo at the Waldorf (which I saw in New York with my family earlier this month and raved about in “A tour »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Our friend Ammo Grrrll forwards a special edition of her thoughts occasioned by our series on the war on standards. She titles her column “The War on Standardz.” Here it is: Yeah, I know, “standards” is the so-called “correct” spelling. But, I just felt like spelling it that way, and if that’s, like, you know, my experiential way of interacting with the world, then, that should be good enough for »

The War On Standards Comes to College Debate [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Paul has been writing about the war on standards in various aspects of our society, generally as a means of advancing the interests of minorities (or purporting to advance them, anyway). Now it appears that the decline of standards–indeed, the abolition of any standards at all–has come to the world of college debate. The Atlantic reports: These days, an increasingly diverse group of participants has transformed debate competitions, mounting challenges »

TCM at 20

Featured image The TCM (Turner Classic Movies) cable channel celebrated its twentieth anniversary yesterday. It did so in grand style, rebroadcasting movies from its first day on the air (Gone With the Wind and It Happened One Night). After GWTW, TCM broadcast an interesting interview with host-for-life Robert Osborne conducted by Alec Baldwin. I have been a high volume consumer of TCF roughly since day one. I am a little vague on »

Get Your Munch With Your Crunch

Featured image When Colorado and Washington state moved to legalize consumer use of marijuana, it seemed obvious to me that setting up snack food carts (and Girl Scout cookie stands) outside of pot dispensaries was the obvious growth industry.  Well behold–the nation’s first pot vending machine, coming soon to Avon, Colorado.  So now you will be able to get your munchies next to your crunchies. But wait! Like ATM’s, won’t pot vending »