David Petraeus

Who says Clinton accomplished nothing in the Senate?

Featured image Dianne Feinstein came up empty when asked by the San Francisco Chronicle what Hillary Clinton accomplished during her time in the Senate. Feinstein couldn’t recall any “bills [Clinton] authored.” However, she noted that “there are things outside of bills that you can do.” There are, indeed. A reader directs my attention to three such things Clinton did in the Senate. First, she voted to authorize invasion of Iraq. Later, she »

Prosecute Petreaus?

Featured image The New York Times reports that FBI and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against Gen. David Petraeus. He would be charged with providing classified information to Paula Broadwell, an author and an officer in the reserves, with whom he was having an affair. Eric Holder reportedly is trying to make up his mind on whether to prosecute. Petraeus denies that he gave classified information to Broadwell. However, »

Gen. Petraeus’ affair was with his biographer

Featured image It has been reported that General Petraeus’ affair was with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. Apparently, it began in Afghanistan where she was embedded. If so, then it seems that the affair started before Petraeus became the director of the CIA. The background check on Petraeus when he was being considered for the CIA job must have been incredibly thorough. And, since an affair with an embedded reporter would probably have »