Democrats’ convention

How to view Charlie Crist

Featured image Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn (a Democrat) on former Republican Charlie Crist’s speech at the Democratic Convention: “Charlie is an opportunist; if this were a vegetarian conference, then Charlie would be a vegetarian.” »

Hoping for change

Featured image Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night was a bit lacking. What a mess of pottage. What a crashing bore. Let’s talk about more of the same leftist claptrap and call it “change.” Let’s talk about me and call it you. Let’s not talk about jobs or growth. Let’s not talk about protracted long-term unemployment. Let’s not talk about Obamacare. Let’s throw in a gratuitous claim of “unwavering »

One Verdict On Obama’s Speech

Featured image Everyone who watched Barack Obama last night will have an opinion on his speech, and we will probably read dozens of them over the course of the day. I found this one somewhat notable because it comes from Politico, mostly a Democratic Party organ: THE BUZZ IN CHARLOTTE: Reporters think President Obama’s speech was lame – meandering, and sounding like a State of the Union address. People at the after-parties »

That’s It??

Featured image I take back every criticism I made of Romney’s speech last week.  Next to Obama, Romney was Demosthenes.  I’m not the first to say tonight of Obama’s speech: That’s it?? I’m reminded of the story George Will likes to tell about Orioles manager Earl Weaver, who once said to an umpire after a blown call, “Are you going to get any better, or is this it?”  That now applies to »

The Dean Scream Revisited

Featured image I’ve been watching the Democratic convention with the sound turned off, following Paul’s live blog and participating in Power Line Live. And drinking wine. What a great way to endure four hours of Democratic Party propaganda! Meanwhile, emails have been coming in, and one of them had a link to this video of Jennifer Granholm, set to the “music” of Howard Dean, 2004. It sums up the dimwitted hysteria that »

One more trip to the salt mine — live blogging the DNC

Featured image 11:48. So what’s the bottom line on this Convention? I’ve probably been too deep in the trees to see the forest, but here goes. First, and most importantly, Mitt Romney took a huge amount of fire this week. He’s going to have his work cut out in trying keep the gains in his image that I think he accrued through the Republican Convention. Second, the Dems tried gamely to defend »

How Crazy Are the Democrats?

Featured image Tonight, delegates to the Democratic National Convention will cheer the prospect of another term for Barack Obama. You may wonder: who are these people? Who could possibly approve of Obama’s almost unbroken record of failure? Well, to begin with, many of them are not very bright. Many more have financial skin in the game. But a considerable number are even worse than that. Radio host Peter Schiff went to Charlotte, »

Power Line, Your One-Stop Shop for Tonight’s DNC Finale

Featured image However you plan to enjoy the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention tonight, you can stop by Power Line to enhance the experience. Paul will be live-blogging the event as he did on Tuesday and Wednesday. So you can follow his pungent and entertaining commentary as you watch. Or if, like me, you can’t bear to sit through the DNC, or all four hours of the DNC, you can follow »

The Stark Backdrop to the Democrats’ God Fiasco

Featured image The Democrats’ serial bungling of the “God” and “Jerusalem” issues is being universally derided as an unforced error. And, of course it was. But it was not an error that occurred in a vacuum. On the contrary, these events–dropping any reference to God from the party’s platform, and refusing, in effect, to identify Jerusalem with Judeo-Christian history, followed by the spectacle of a majority of delegates voting against reinstating God »

Chronicles of Ineptitude, DNC Supplemental

Featured image This really is one of those Shatneresque “Captain’s log—supplemental” moments.  I had no idea when I was writing up my Chronicles of Ineptitude notice yesterday on the Fluke fluke that the DNC was exceeding even my lowest expectations in real time, with their ham-handed handling of the platform references to Jerusalem and God.  It was obvious from the voice vote that there was nowhere near a two-thirds majority in favor »

Bill Clinton puts Bill Clinton first

Featured image In theory, the highest and best use of Bill Clinton last night would have been a full-throated defense of President Obama’s first term, including an explanation of how this “yes we can” president turned the economy around and ushered in a new era of prosperity. But that speech was never an option. Even the most hack Democrat partisans aren’t going there. The next best speech would have been a ringing »

A house divided

Featured image The media report that Democrats amended their platform yesterday to restore mention of “God” and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (despite Obama administration policy to the contrary). But that’s not quite accurate. The delegates audibly voted against God and Jerusalem three times (video below). But why? You have to wonder. Was it something He said? UPDATE: Abe Greenwald takes a serious look at the boos. »

Clinton’s intemperate address

Featured image Bill Clinton’s stemwinder of a speech supporting President Obama at the DNC last night provided the unexpected twist or two that some pundits had led us to anticipate. But you had to know how to read it. It was a little like Abraham Lincoln’s Temperance Address of 1842 — a celebration of sobriety in drunken rhetoric that undermines the celebration. Clinton’s support had a satirical edge. In 2008 Obama nicely »

How Is Contraception a Political Issue?

Featured image Sandra Fluke, one of the weirder figures in public life, just spoke at the Democratic Convention. Her speech was mostly incoherent. She appears to be a person of limited intelligence, which is consistent with being 30 years old and still a student. Her signature issue is contraception: she wants you to pay for her birth control. Is she willing to pay for yours? Not clear. I can’t figure that out. »

News Flash: Obama Approved Democratic Platform

Featured image Earlier today, President Obama demanded that the Democratic Party’s platform be amended to include a reference to God and an acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. But moments ago, it came to light that Obama saw and approved the original version of the platform, which deleted all references to the Deity, eliminated the description of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and softened references to Hamas. Obama was fine with »

By the Way, What IS the Capital of Israel?

Featured image It has always struck me as bizarre that there should be a debate over what city is the capital of Israel. I think back to my own elementary school days, when we learned the capitals. South Dakota: Pierre. (Pronounced “pier,” not “Pierre,” like a Frenchman’s name.) New Hampshire: Concord. Oklahoma: Oklahoma City. How did we know that Pierre was the capital of South Dakota? This is not a trick question: »

Today’s dose of punishment — live blogging the Democratic convention

Featured image 11:38. Bill Clinton is widely considered to have been a successful president. I would argue that to the extent Clinton was successful, he owed that success in considerable part to his response to the smashing Republican victory in the 1994 congressional elections, a response very different from Obama’s response to 2010. Be that as it may, getting Clinton’s publicly and vehemently expressed “seal of approval” is helpful to Obama. Beyond »