She can’t explain

Featured image What is the difference between the tenets of the Democratic Party and the socialism of Bernie Sanders? Having previously stumped Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz with that brain teaser, Chris Matthews ran it by Madam Hillary very, very gently (video below…warning: plot spoiler) with comparable results, of course. She can’t explain. Via Progressives Today. »

O’Malley declines to answer

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports for us on the appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa as the Iowa caucuses approach. Yesterday afternoon Dave attended the appearance of Democrat Martin O’Malley in Council Bluffs. Omaha’s KETV 7’s report is here. Dave’s report is below, with Dave’s newsworthy question at the top. Today’s New York Post carries a brief editorial bearing on the question that O’Malley declines »

George Soros Regrets Backing Obama

Featured image One of the State Department’s newly-released Hillary Clinton emails comes from Neera Tanden, President of the far-left Center for American Progress. In May 2012, near the end of President Obama’s first term, Tanden told Hillary about a conversation with George Soros: The Democracy Alliance is the left-wing billionaires and millionaires club that we wrote about here and elsewhere. It is interesting that Soros, along with Tom Steyer the Left’s principal »

Analyze this

Featured image Democrats have sought to incorporate American Muslims into their coalition of interest groups. They share some common interests, and maybe the common interests predominate, but there are at least a few tensions if not internal contradictions among them. Minnesota Fifth District Rep Keith Ellison is of course the first Muslim elected to Congress and Somali Muslims form a key part of his constituency. Ellison embodies the alliance between American Muslims »

The Big Snort

Featured image Scott rightly scores The Big Short for its, um, shortcomings. John Goodman lays out ten lessons that ought to be understood about the whole story, including these two key lessons completely omitted from the film: Lesson 5: It is also a movie about a massive failure of government. As the movie makes clear, government regulators had no interest prosecuting fraud, even when the protagonists put the evidence right in front »

Star Wars: The Liberal Menace

Featured image The merry pranksters at the Washington Free Beacon clearly have too much time on their hands (and by the way, shouldn’t there be a scandal sheet called the Washington Free Bacon, detailing pork barrel spending abuse?), but they deserve kudos for assembling this three-minute “highlight” reel of Democrats in action this year, adapted to the obvious theme of the moment. Enjoy: »

ISIS’s best recruiting tool

Featured image The Democrats held their presidential candidates’ be-in on ABC this past Saturday night. Time has posted a transcript. I have posted the video below. The be-in made for difficult viewing, but reading the transcript isn’t much easier. It’s painful. Hillary will of course be the Democratic nominee. She seems to me an increasingly absurd figure. I find it hard to take her seriously, but she’s as serious as cancer. When »

First Truth, Now Chappaquiddick

Featured image Some time ago–several decades, actually–a group of us at my law firm formed a Chappaquiddick Book Club. We read three or four books on the fatal car accident that should have ended Ted Kennedy’s public career. The facts are much worse than most people realize: Kennedy presumably was drunk, but that is the least of it. After his car plunged into Poucha Pond, Kennedy saved himself but left Mary Jo »

Democrats Know How to Ruin a Holiday

Featured image I hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as mine. We had our immediate family for dinner (minus one daughter who is living in Australia), so there was no potential for political disagreement, as we are all conservatives. Of course, I can’t imagine any family spending Thanksgiving arguing about politics in any event. But the Democrats can. In fact, they encourage it. The Democratic Party has developed its own Thanksgiving tradition: »

Democrats Unveil New Strategy: Take Unpopular Positions

Featured image In recent days, Democrats have blasted Republicans on a number of issues, staking out positions that have one thing in common: they are unpopular with voters. The DNC put out an ad attacking Republicans for talking about “radical Islamic terrorism,” which the Democrats said was “inciting fear.” Just one problem: 60% of voters say we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism. Then there are the Syrian refugees. President Obama »

Deep thoughts by the DNC

Featured image The ad posted by the Democratic National Committee (video below) has a Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey feel to it. Like Handey’s deep thoughts, it is laughably stupid. In this case, however, the laughter evoked is unintentional. The stupidity reflects the current line of Madam Hillary and the Democratic Party. Condemnation of “radical Islam” is equated with condemnation of “Islam” and bigotry is imputed to those who identify “radical Islam” »

Civil War on the Left, Part 23

Featured image Right now President Obama and the usual liberal hive are agitating mightily against the supposed racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia of Republicans (and at least one Democratic governor) who are opposed to accepting more Syrian refugees. But a few liberals are breaking from the party line, starting with Kevin Drum at Mother Jones: Liberals Should Knock Off the Mockery Over Calls to Limit Syrian Refugees Here’s the thing: to the average »

CRB: San Francisco values

Featured image With its Fall 2015 number, the Claremont Review of Books celebrates its fifteenth anniversary. It has rolled out a new site. It has sent its characteristically excellent new issue off to the printer. And it has let me dip in to the issue to select a few pieces to bring to the attention of Power Line readers. (Subscription services are accessible via the CRB home page linked above — a »

After last night

Featured image Watching the Democratic presidential candidates’ event on CBS last night, I thought we had entered the Twilight Zone. You know, “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension…” John Dickerson played Rod Serling. Herewith my impression of the highlights. Bernie Sanders explained that the phenomenon formerly known as global warming (PFKAGW) was the cause of the Paris massacres. Sanders is no outlier. He represents »

The world according to the Democratic establishment

Featured image This weekend, a reader from here in the Washington D.C. area found himself seated next to a Democratic fundraiser and operative. This Democrat offered the following opinions. They reflect, I think, how well-connected Democrats read the current political situation: 1. Hillary Clinton is a “gem” who will win 70% of the women’s vote and likely the election because electing the first woman president is “a really big deal.” 2. Democrats »

The Morning After: Democratic Party Meltdown?

Featured image Democrats were clobbered in the off year election yesterday, but the annihilation was near total in Kentucky. Great catch by Mollie Hemingway over at The Federalist of the Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo stumbling through some incoherent and downright bizarre remarks about how to think about the Democrats’ wipeout. Below is the entire six-minutes of this meltdown, but the highlights include Stumbo trying to decide whether Jesus was a Democrat, »

Decoding the Democrats’ Debate

Featured image We’ve been spending our time on the latest Republican debate, but let’s not forget the Democrats! Fortunately, the good people at Bad Lip Reading haven’t, and they’ve produced this “revised” version of the recent Democratic debate, and it is a definite improvement on the real thing: »