What Part Of “You Lost” Don’t Liberals Understand?

Featured image The behavior of many liberals since Donald Trump’s election has been appalling–not to mention, in some cases, criminal. It is also, in some respects, puzzling. A case in point was a town meeting conducted last night by Congressman Tom McClintock in Roseville, California. Liberal activists attended the meeting and behaved so boorishly and so threateningly that the Congressman had to be escorted from the hall by armed policemen. Another disgusting »

The Nation is with you

Featured image Power Line readers who mischievously pull for Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison to emerge victorious in his bid for the chairmanship of the DNC are not alone. We have noted that former Obama administration green jobs commissar and Mao man Van Jones is with you. We have noted that Vox’s Matthew Yglesias has joined you. We have also noted that 300 Jewish leaders are with you. Now the editors »

What, Really, Is the Democratic Party?

Featured image I read this rather brilliant short essay by Kevin Williamson in National Review while I was on vacation last week, and am now getting around to writing about it. Williamson takes off from the observation that the Democrats are not making any serious effort to block such Trump nominees as Satan Jeff Sessions, but instead have trained their guns on the seemingly-innocuous Betsy DeVos. His argument is that a familiar »

Robert Reich is on the case

Featured image At Mediaite, Alex Griswold reports that former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich is on the case of the Berkeley riots that prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus this past Wednesday evening. Reich actually holds down an honored position at Berkeley as Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy. He was an eyewitness in part to the events. His pronouncements on campus events therefore carry some weight. Reich asserted on CNN »


Featured image Senate Democratic Chuck Schumer’s fake tears over President Trump’s puported “travel ban” is a moment that signifies and resonates. Good grief! Is that the best you can do, man? As political theater, that was pathetic. Schumer can’t fake sincerity. He’s not a touch feely kind of guy. What a phony. If he’s a genuine article of any kind, it would be the thug kind. He didn’t rise in New York »

AP: Republicans “Rammed” Nominees Through Committee With “Brute Political Muscle”

Featured image The Democrats are doing everything they can to impede President Trump from assembling his administration. In a particularly pathetic display, all of the Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee boycotted the meeting where the nominations of Rep. Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services and of Steve Mnuchin as Treasury secretary were to be voted on. Under normal rules, the committee can’t conduct business unless at least one »

Civil War on the Left, Part 37: Is Ellison Too Right-Wing for the DNC?

Featured image The race for the DNC chairpersonship just got mildly more interesting with the news that one of the candidates has somehow been disqualified for criticizing Keith Ellison’s Muslim faith. Is this a case of rank “Islamophobia” from a closet rightist inside the Democratic tent? Quite the contrary, as it emerges when you read down into the story a little bit: DNC boots candidate from chairmanship race for criticizing Ellison’s Islamic faith »

Can Insanity Succeed?

Featured image I have been on vacation in Italy for the last ten days, and so have observed the Democratic Party’s crack-up from afar. This is perhaps a good perspective from which to view recent tumultuous events. Byron York thinks the Democrats are pursuing a strategy, not just venting: From Washington State to Washington DC, Democrats across the country are stepping up what some call “The Resistance” to President Trump, moving across »

Bad moon rising

Featured image You may have missed the Dems’ big rally at the Supreme Court last night against President Trump’s “travel ban” (as CNN calls it). Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer somehow expressed his opposition to Trump’s executive order without crying even though he did call out the order as “evil.” Really. The rally was full of symbolic moments. The amplification malfunctioned with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at the microphone seeking »

What’s next?

Featured image You have to wonder what comes next after the hysteria manifested by the Democrat/Media Axis in the first 10 days of the Trump administration. They have turned up the “resistance” to 11, Spinal Tap style. Democrats vow to filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, whoever he is. The vow should detract from whatever Democrats have to say on the merits of the nomination, but they aren’t exactly held to the same »

It’s Tough When Your Base Is Crazy

Featured image Sometimes you wonder why Democratic politicians are so crazed. But then you see stories like this that make it clear: Protesters shouted down Rhode Island Democratic U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse during a community event as they protested his vote in favor of President Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA director and pushed him to vote against other nominees. A video of Sunday’s event posted by the group Resist Hate RI shows »

Civil War on the Left, Part 35: Brock’s Bridge to Nowhere

Featured image Heck, the pixels are barely set on my Meltdown item last night that Democrats think David Brock is the person to help them talk to “real people,” and lo and behold today the Daily Beast offers up a feast of Democrats running terror from this Freddy Krueger figure of their party: Dems to David Brock: Stop Helping, You Are Killing Us By Asawin Suebsaeng As David Brock attempts to position himself as »

The Meltdown Notes, part deux

Featured image The candidates campaigning for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee recently made their pitches at two forums on campus at George Washington University in Washington. Their pitches deserve a place among “The Meltdown Notes” to be included in Steve Hayward’s new Power Line series. Hosted by Democracy in Color in MiTu at GW this past Monday, the second of the two forums was moderated by MSNBC’s very own Joy »

The Meltdown Notes

Featured image Looks like we’re just going to have to inaugurate a new regular feature here on Power Line, which I’ll call “The Meltdown Notes.” We’ll have to exert some discipline to keep it from becoming an hourly update. It may also have to be cross-referenced at times with our “Civil War on the Left” series, since the left’s Trump Meltdown is causing the rifts on the left to expand even wider. »

Competition for Keith Ellison?

Featured image Keith Ellison should watch out! It looks like he has real competition for most self-destructive DNC chair: Sally Boynton Brown, who in the speech below at a DNC candidate forum goes full Black Lives Matter and says that her job is to tell white people to shut up when they’ve interrupting. Heck, if you can’t have Ashley Judd for DNC chair, Sally Brown ought to do nicely (about 4 minutes): »

Are Democrats In the Wilderness? Of Course! But Why?

Featured image The liberal press is finally acknowledging what the rest of us have been saying for a long time: the Democratic Party is in a steep decline. Politico, a D.C. insider, left-leaning outlet, headlines: “Democrats In the Wilderness.” Politico is honest about the facts: since Barack Obama took office, the Democratic Party has lost 63 seats in the House, 11 Senate seats, and, most important, 13 governorships and a remarkable 947 »

California Democrats Advocate Criminal Resistance to Trump

Featured image The New York Times reports on bold talk among California Democrats about resisting the Trump administration, via criminal activity if necessary: The state lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom, who is running for governor, said California could use its stringent environmental protection law to block Mr. Trump from building a wall along the Mexican border. Apparently the Lieutenant Governor is unfamiliar with the Supremacy Clause. In Sacramento, Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers »