Sideshow Bob Predicted Virginia Democrats

Featured image Paul is all over the transparently cynical move of Virginia Governor Terry McAwful to grant voting rights (but not gun rights) to convicted felons, which may well tip the 2016 election if it is decided by the vote of one swing state. But The Simpson’s “Sideshow Bob,” ironically voiced by the rare Hollywood conservative Kelsey Grammer, predicted this in a show way back in the early 1990s. Just 15 seconds »

Why Do Democrats Hate Their Own Presidents?

Featured image It has been widely observed that Hillary Clinton is having to repudiate the policy legacy of her husband’s tenure in the White House in the 1990s, which is extremely telling about how far down in the deep end Democrats are today. After all, Bill Clinton’s tenure coincided with robust economic growth, a balanced budget, and expansion of free trade. It also saw two of the greatest social policy achievements of »

Remy Breaks Down the Democratic Debate

Featured image I wasn’t able to watch the Democratic debate last night, but it sounds like it was a shoutfest between granny and a “get-off-my-White-House-lawn” candidate. (Can you just imagine President Sanders presiding over the annual Easter Egg roll at the White House?) Anyway, Remy Munasifi breaks it down for us: »

Dem dust up in Maryland is a sign of things to come

Featured image Given what’s going on in the Republican presidential contest, I’m not going to pass any popcorn when it comes to Democratic infighting. I was amused, though, by this story from the Democrats’ Senate primary in Maryland. The race is between Rep. Chris Van Hollen, a close ally of Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. Donna Edwards, who is running to Van Hollen’s left. Van Hollen argues, in essence, that he’s as much »

A conspiracy so intense

Featured image Democratic officeholders seem to be operating a conspiracy to stifle free speech and suppress heterodox thought. They’re on C.P. time, alright: Communist Party time. Glenn Reynolds names names in his USA Today column “Dear attorneys general, conspiring against free speech is a crime.” Glenn identifies U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as co-conspirators. Glenn lays out the »

The Big Dog Backs Down

Featured image Steve wrote here and Paul here about Bill Clinton’s standing up to Black Lives Matters bullies who tried to disrupt his speech yesterday. It was classic Big Dog: Clinton effectively put the unschooled demonstrators in their place, and taught them a history lesson. Why were strict criminal penalties, e.g. for crack cocaine, enacted during his administration? Because drugs and crime were ravaging the black community, and African-American leaders properly demanded »

The big dog barks, but the caravan moves on [UPDATED]

Featured image If you’re a Democratic politician, you uncomplainingly take crap from militant African-Americans; it’s what you do. Unless you’re Bill Clinton. He’s a former U.S. president. He doesn’t take crap from anyone. Thus, as Steve Hayward notes, the Big Dog barked back today at Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted his speech. Clinton shouted over the protesters for more than ten minutes, rejecting their claim that Hillary’s use of the term »

Hillary feels the bern, but won’t in November

Featured image Bernie Sanders won two caucuses tonight, both resoundingly. In Washington State, he leads Hillary Clinton 72-28. In Alaska, it’s even more one-sided. Sanders is getting 81 percent of the vote up there. Hawaii is also holding its caucuses tonight. Sanders is expected to win that contest, as well. Washington will send 101 delegates to the Democratic convention. Hawaii and Alaska will send 25 and 16, respectively. As I understand it, »

Who Attacked Donald Trump?

Featured image A scary incident occurred yesterday at a Donald Trump event in Dayton, Ohio. A man rushed the stage, coming from behind Trump. His intent was unclear, but there was every reason to assume he intended to injure or kill Trump. He was quickly stopped and led away by Secret Service agents: The man was identified as Thomas (“Tommy”) DiMassimo. He is a leftist, of course. Early on, the Trump camp »

After last night

Featured image A few notes and queries after last night’s primary results, as always in the spirit of inquiry that has animated my occasional reflections on the morning after the debates and primaries of this campaign season. 1. Donald Trump won impressive victories in Michigan and Mississippi. In Michigan, however, Trump won 25 delegates while Ted Cruz and John Kasich split 34. In Mississippi, Trump approached 50 percent of the vote; he »

Death by Dems

Detroit is a case study in the wreck of liberal governance and the politics of racial grievance. Michael Barone is from Detroit originally and has occasionally written about its decline, as in his CRB review “The unheavenly city” (on Charles LeDuff’s Detroit: An American Autopsy). The review opens: “When people ask me why I moved from liberal to conservative, I have a one-word answer: Detroit.” In his current column, Barone »

At Nebraska caucuses, Sanders prevails

Featured image Attorney David Begley files this report on the Democratic caucuses in Nebraska yesterday: I observed one of the Democratic caucuses held in Nebraska yesterday. As I was leaving the caucus site my fellow Nebraskan remarked that her experience was “horrific” and she would not do it again. Quite right, as over 700 people were packed into the Ralston Middle School cafeteria which looked to be rated for about 300 children. »

Democrats In Decline

Featured image The great under-reported story of this year’s election cycle is the ongoing decline of the Democratic Party. We have written many times about the fact that at the state and local levels, the Republicans have become dominant. The GOP controls two-thirds of state legislative bodies and 60% of the nation’s governorships, not to mention both houses of Congress. To some extent, Republican ascendancy has been obscured by the fact that »

Put a little love in your heart

Featured image Hillary Clinton clobbered Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina Democratic primary yesterday, capturing 73 percent of the vote. Paul comments on the outcome here. Clinton’s death march to the Democratic nomination has resumed in earnest. I think it is worth noting that turnout in the primary was down over 2008, as it has been elsewhere in the Democratic contests to date. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross takes a look here. »

Clinton hangs on to win Nevada

Featured image It looks like Hillary Clinton will win a narrow victory over Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses. With more two-thirds of precincts reporting, Clinton held a four-point lead over Sanders. That was sufficient for AP to call the race for her. Clinton will take a win, any win, at this stage of the proceedings. However, the margin of victory is unimpressive. A month ago, her campaign was touting polls showing »

Trump and Sanders surge

Featured image The big political news this morning comes via Drudge in the new Quinnipiac poll that is posted here. Quinnipiac notes that it conducted its survey over the period February 10-15. Donald Trump’s outrageous performance at the South Carolina debate on the evening of February 13 is therefore not fully factored into this poll. As of the dates covered by this poll, Trump continues to surge. Quinnipiac provides this summary of »

Is Wasserman-Schultz a GOP Plant?

Featured image I’m starting to think I’ve got it all wrong. All this time I and others have been wondering whether Donald Trump is a Clinton/Democratic Party plant to disrupt the Republican Party. But I wonder whether DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz isn’t secretly a Republican double agent. On CNN yesterday, she defended Bernie Sanders not getting many “superdelegates” because, as she explained (and take this in slowly), the superdelegates exist “really to »