The Reid syndrome

Featured image Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid seems to me to personify one of the four categories of libel per se with respect to which certain proof otherwise required to make out a claim of libel is presumed. One of the four categories is a statement imputing a loathsome disease to another. When I hear the name of Harry Reid, I think loathsome disease. He embodies the slimy ethos of today’s »

About that “typo”

Featured image Last week the New York Times published a long story by three of their top reporters on the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC and Podesta emails. In a good summary of one thread of the article, Ed Rogers notes the “Keystone Cops-worthy episode” when the FBI sought to alert the DNC: [I]t turns out the FBI repeatedly called the DNC beginning in September 2015 to warn them about hacking »

Freakout On the Left

Featured image The Democratic Party has been making a fool of itself ever since Election Day. (Before that too, probably, but that’s a different post.) An utter lack of self-awareness apparently disables Democrats from understanding that 1) they lost the presidential election because they nominated the worst candidate of modern times, 2) they have been losing ground across the large majority of America for a decade or longer, and now are at »

Congratulations, President-Elect Trump

Featured image The Electoral College voted today in state capitols across the country. In the weeks leading up to the vote, a great many Democrats exposed their contempt for democracy and the Constitution by attempting to steal the election that Donald Trump won on November 8. Happily, the effort to bribe or threaten electors into subverting the will of their voters came to nothing. As of the latest count, only two Trump »

Democrats Threaten, Harass Electors: Where Is the Outrage?

Featured image The Democrats’ ongoing campaign of harassment against Republican members of the Electoral College is a scandal. It shows a complete lack of regard for our democracy. Politico describes how bad the situation has gotten: In the aftermath of a uniquely polarizing presidential contest, the once-anonymous electors are squarely in the spotlight, targeted by death threats, harassing phone calls and reams of hate mail. One Texas Republican elector said he’s been »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll gets in the spirit of the (political) season in MANY HACKS A-HACKING: And a Partridge In a Pear Tree! She writes: If you live long enough, you will see everything again. The last “hack alert” I recall most vividly came from Hillary’s galpal’s husband-like substance, the estimable Mr. Carlos Danger. When his enchanting photographic art (The Pecs and Crotch Period) came to light, he first Tweeted that he »

What happened in Minnesota: A coda

Featured image Donald Trump narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in the contest at the top of the ticket in Minnesota this year, but in other respects Republicans had an astoundingly good year. They amplified their majority in the Minnesota House to an unprecedented number in a presidential election cycle, when the turnout advantage usually accrues to Democrats, and took the majority in the Minnesota Senate. Republicans haven’t held a majority in the »

Why Did Hillary Lose? Her Campaign Was Too Smart!

Featured image Democrats are still trying to process their crushing defeat last month. Truthfully, it isn’t that hard to figure out. They nominated the worst candidate in modern American history, and the last eight years under Barack Obama have been below average, with Hillary promising more of the same. Obviously a recipe for defeat, as I predicted on this site last fall. Unwilling to face that cold reality, Democrats are obsessing on »

Delusional Democrats Dream of Stopping Trump

Featured image With their recount fantasy now put to rest, Democrats are reduced to scheming to upset the will of the voters in the Electoral College. The College meets, in the various states, a week from today. Byron York reports: Trump won 306 electoral votes. There are 306 electors, actual people, who are expected to vote for him next Monday in Electoral College meetings in state capitals across the country. Trump’s total »

Democrats’ Recount Effort Is Over

Featured image Jill Stein’s doomed effort to overturn the result of this year’s presidential election via recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania has fizzled out. The only state where a recount has actually taken place is Wisconsin, where the recount, now complete, added 162 votes to Trump’s victory total. In Michigan, the Supreme Court voted 3-2 to kill Stein’s attempt to compel a recount. The Supreme Court agreed with a lower appellate »

With Ellison inside the Nation of Islam

Featured image Working from public documents and my own interviews in 2006, I constructed a picture of Keith Ellison as a serious long-time advocate of the Nation of Islam. This is the picture I drew of Ellison in “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and in the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies” just before his election to Congress in 2006. Ellison’s past and his continuing deceptions about it have emerged anew »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll seeks to inspire someone or other to start CLEANING OUT THE PANTRY. She writes: After more than two and a half years of writing this column, I believe I know my readers and commenters pretty well. This will not be a cute soliloquy on my kitchen which would cause the menfolk to cease reading by now; there’s a metaphorical point in here, fellas, I promise, so stay with »

Full of Schiff

Featured image I think Tucker Carlson got the better of the incredibly smug Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff on Tucker’s FOX News show last night. The subject under discussion was Russian cyber hacking in connection with our just concluded election. Schiff should know what he is talking about; he is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. Carlson questioned the factuality and basis of Schiff’s assertion. Among other highlights, Schiff accused Carlson »

Ellison seeks full-time work

Featured image Speaking at a gathering of Democrats in Denver last week, Keith Ellison argued that he could both represent Minnesota’s Fifth District in the House and lead the Democratic National Committee if elected its chairman. “All there is to do is to vote ‘no,’” Ellison explained, vowing that he would spend “every other moment” working for the party. No comment was sought from Ellison’s Democratic colleagues in the Minnesota congressional delegation. »

On Ellison, pass the popcorn

Featured image Alan Dershowitz thinks that Keith Ellison is just the man to lead the Democratic Party — if you want to bury the Democrats. On that point, he agrees with many Power Line readers on Ellison’s candidacy to to chair the DNC. In the video below, Professor Dershowitz expounds on what he sees as Ellison’s — what’s the word? — “weaknesses” as a prospective party leader. Professor Dershowitz argued his case »

Ellison remembers to forget (again)

Featured image As Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison seeks to take on the leadership of the Democratic National Committee, the Washington Post has published Ellison’s column whitewashing his past in the Nation of Islam as part of its Acts of Faith series bearing on religion. There is a certain logic in this. To enjoy Ellison’s column, you must suspend your disbelief and ignore the evidence that starkly contradicts it. You must »

Ellisonian gleanings

Featured image Keith Ellison is trying to plug the leaks that have sprung in his nascent campaign to head the Democratic National Committee. Ellison seeks to plug the leaks with lies and he’s lying as fast as he can talk. Let’s tune on him in action. Last week the Investigative Project on Terrorism released audio of Ellison speaking during a 2010 political fundraiser, criticizing what he saw as the inappropriate and disproportionate »