Who You Callin’ “Extreme”? (Part 2)

Featured image Further to my post a few days ago that it’s the Democratic Party that has become more extreme, this today from the sensible liberal Bill Galston in the Wall Street Journal: The Democratic contenders for 2016 are dealing with a party that has shifted left in the 14 years since the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency. In 2000, according to an October report from the Pew Research Center, 43% of Democrats »

Scenes from a miscarriage

Featured image Madam Hillary prevailed in last night’s CNN event featuring the Democratic presidential candidates in Las Vegas. The event was billed as a debate, but Hillary’s opponents refused to make a case against her. Bernie Sanders threw her a lifeline. I don’t know what his calculation was there, but it was representative. The men are afraid of committing an offense against majesty. To say that Madam Hillary succeeded in impersonating a »

Whose lives matter to Democrats?

Featured image Anderson Cooper asked some good questions during tonight’s Democratic presidential debate. But the best question, I thought, came from a young black man, via Facebook. He wanted to know whether “Black lives matter or all lives matter.” Sanders had the first shot. He answered unequivocally, “Black lives matter.” Martin O’Malley was up next. He once landed in trouble for stating the audacious proposition that all lives matter. He wasn’t going »

Who won tonight’s debate?

Featured image I really shouldn’t be picking a winner of tonight’s debate inasmuch as (1) I didn’t watch all the way to the bitter end and (2) I don’t understand Democrats very well anymore. However, it seemed to me that Hillary Clinton was the winner. The only serious competition on the stage was Bernie Sanders. However, he took a beating early on over his lack of willingness to support extremist anti-gun legislation. »

What I learned from tonight’s debate

Featured image You can learn a lot from watching a Democratic presidential debate, or even two-thirds of one, which was all I could tolerate. For example, I learned that Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Did you know that? Sanders was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war. I knew that. But tonight he said that he doesn’t oppose war in general, and took conscientious objector status because of his opposition »

Midweek in Pictures: Dem Debate Edition

Featured image This is painful to watch, except for Jim Webb’s departures from Democratic orthodoxy, which none of the other candidates want to pick up on. Wonder if he might get a small poll bump? Complaining about lack of time is not serving him well.  Looks like a whiny boy at the wrong birthday party. »

Who You Callin’ “Extreme”?

Featured image The conventional wisdom of Certified Smart People, and their media sycophants, is that the trouble with Washington is that Republicans have become extreme. I always like to say, “As if!,” and say the trouble is that they are not extreme enough (though extremity of opinion is not the same thing as political prudence or cleverness over how to win political fights—this is what seems in especially short supply at the »

Poll: Clinton’s support among Dems drops 10 points in less than a week

Featured image According to polling by Reuters/Ipsos, Hillary Clinton’s support among Democratic voters fell from 51 percent to 41 percent from October 4 to October 9. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders’ share rose from 24 to 28 percent and Joe Biden’s from 16 to 20 percent. This particular poll has been pretty volatile. I suspect that Clinton’s actual loss of support in such a short period isn’t as dramatic as Reuters/Ispos found. The loss »

So Hillary’s a Liar? What’s Your Point?

Featured image Hillary Clinton has done a 180 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but few seem to mind. Greg Mankiw suggests that Hillary’s dishonesty is “a feature, not a bug.” A few weeks ago, a poll asked people what were the first words that they thought of when they heard the names of the various presidential candidates. For Hillary Clinton, “liar” and “untrustworthy” ranked high. Many commentators saw this result as a problem »

Democrats: Party of the Rich Revisited

Featured image I’ve written before that Democrats have become the party of the rich, and how this would scandalize an earlier generation of liberals from Franklin Roosevelt to Hubert Humphrey. A few days ago Thomas Edsall wondered about this in the New York Times in “How Did Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?” Democrats now depend as much on affluent voters as on low-income voters. Democrats represent a majority of the richest »

Fake Indian takes real scalp

Featured image Senator Elizabeth Warren is a blatantly fake Indian, but late last month she took a real (if metaphorical) scalp. Warren prompted the Brookings Institution to force the resignation of the Brookings-affiliated scholar Robert Litan. Litan had been affiliated with Brookings off and on for some 40 years. Once Warren complained about him to Brookings President Strobe Talbott, however, Brookings snapped to attention. Litan promptly resigned his unpaid position with Brookings. »

Barry Diller: I’ll Leave the Country If Trump Wins!

Featured image An election must be in the offing, as liberals are threatening to leave the country. As we used to say as kids: is that a threat, or a promise? This time it is Hollywood’s Barry Diller. Diller says: If Donald Trump doesn’t fall, I’ll either move out of the country or join the resistance. A Democratic Party resistance movement? They’d better hold off on confiscating those guns. These threats are »

Iowa Can’t Stand Hillary

Featured image This NBC/Wall St. Journal/Marist poll of Iowa residents came out today. There are a number of interesting numbers, but what jumps out at the reader is that Iowans can’t stand Hillary Clinton. These are the numbers for registered voters: Favorable: 35% Unfavorable: 59% Not sure: 5% That’s brutal. It is noteworthy that President Obama is just about as unpopular in Iowa, at 38%/55%/8%. Who are the 8% that can’t make »

Democrats face potential crack-up over crime; Republicans shouldn’t bail them out

Featured image Yesterday, I discussed the possibility that the Democratic party may experience a crack-up as a result of slavish adherence to the demands of environmentalists, backed by the party’s upscale, elitist wing. The hard-left environmentalist agenda is likely to alienate members of the working class, a traditional Democratic constituency. We may be seeing the beginning of this process with the dispute over the Keystone XLpipeline. The modern Democratic party depends not »

Are Democrats partially responsible for America’s heroin epidemic?

Featured image Hector Garza, president of the Laredo, Texas chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, contends that illegal immigrants crossing the border are bringing heroin into this country as a matter of routine. Every illegal alien who crosses the border between the U.S. and Mexico does so for a fee, and often the price is carrying a backpack full of heroin, Garza says. Department of Homeland Security officials take basically the »

Kunstler’s Howl

Featured image To say I dislike James Howard Kunstler, who is a condescending scold of suburbia and purveyor of “peak oil” nonsense among other things, would be an understatement. I reviewed a couple of his dreadful books back in the late 1990s in Reason magazine, but can’t seem to find any links. But in the “stopped-clock-right-twice-a-day” department, on his website today Kunstler lets out a primal scream about the decadence of the »

Who’s the Stupid Party? [With comment by Paul]

Featured image Some conservatives still like to call the Republicans the Stupid Party, but I say: not while the Democrats are around. Michael Ramirez speaks for me; click to enlarge: Hillary Clinton: if she isn’t the most overrated American in history, who is? The woman has been exposed as a dope. What did she do that made people think she had talent? No one can remember. One aspect of her emails that »