A Primer on the “Government Shutdown”

Featured image It seems Senate Democrats are determined to have a government shutdown probably because of the default requirement of the Democratic base of “total resistance” to Trump. They are attaching the demand that DACA be “fixed” as a condition to funding the federal government (as OMB director Nick Mulvaney pointed out this morning, Democrats do not oppose any of the funding specifics of the continuing resolution), because they know that if »

Cory Booker hurts

Featured image John noted the performances of certain Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats using DHS Secretary Nielsen as their foil at the committee hearing today, Shithole Day 5. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is a fabulist of the first order. Dick Durbin has nothing on him. He previously fabricated his imaginary friend T-Bone. On Day 5 of Shithole he testified to his tears of rage along while demanding that Nielsen feel his pain. »

Kirstjen Nielsen Faces the Democrats

Featured image Secretary of Homeland Defense Kirstjen Nielsen is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It seems that just about the only thing the Democrats want to talk about is the meeting with President Trump last week that gave rise to the “s***hole” controversy. Secretary Nielsen is at least the second person to say that Trump did not use that term, yet “s***hole” has been reported more or less universally as fact. »

S***hole Or No S***hole? [Updated]

Featured image Today on ABC’s This Week, Senator David Perdue, who was present, flatly denied that President Trump referred to any countries as “s***holes” during a meeting with a small group of legislators: Republican Sen. David Perdue (Ga.) on Sunday said President Trump did not use the word “shithole” to refer to African nations, Haiti and El Salvador during a White House meeting with lawmakers. *** “I’m telling you he did not »

Deborah Jordahl: Wisconsin’s Comey-over

Featured image We have followed recent events in Wisconsin’s scandalous John Doe investigation of Governor Walker’s allies and supporters here (also citing background on the scandal) and here. State senator Tom Tiffany then updated us on the scandal’s aftermath. Now Senator Tiffany has directed our attention to Matt Kittle’s current MacIver Institute report “In John Doe’s shadow: Showdown looms in bitter battle over bureaucrats’ jobs.” Senator Tiffany has also forwarded Deborah Hawley »

Is the Washington Post Part of the Far Left?

Featured image We may have been the first to expose the Democracy Alliance, back in 2014. The Democracy Alliance is a shadowy group of far-left money men who organize their efforts to try to radically transform American society through left-wing organizations of various kinds. The Democracy Alliance rates such groups and encourages its far-left donors to support those who rate the highest, and it attempts to coordinate the efforts to transform America »

Bonus Bonus Bonus!

Featured image [I see John is after this story also, just below.] Is it still Christmas? Or is Nancy Pelosi just determined to be the gift that keeps on giving all year round? Today, in answer to a reporter’s question about the growing number of companies giving bonuses to their workforce because of the tax bill, said that the bonuses were “insignificant crumbs.” I’ll bet a lot of the people receiving the »

Who’s Senile?

Featured image The Democrats are hysterically shrieking that President Trump lacks the mental capacity to be president, a claim that no one who saw his bravura performance a few days ago with Congressional leaders on immigration could possibly credit. But the Democrats have their own problem: their leaders are elderly, and seem to be fast losing their grip. Exhibit A is Nancy Pelosi. Videos of Pelosi freezing and talking incoherently in public »

Lying For Money and Power

Featured image The Democrats are doing the same thing to Donald Trump that they did to Ronald Reagan–questioning his sanity, claiming he is senile and unstable, denying his fitness for office. There are two differences: the Democratic Party controls the press more monolithically today than it did durning the 1980s, and the Democrats hate Trump even more than they hated Reagan–something I never expected to see. In this crazed historical moment, Ambassador »

Understanding Keith Ellison

Featured image Keith Ellison is Minnesota’s Fifth District Congressman and the Democratic Party’s deputy chairman. We’ve followed his rise since he won the DFL nomination to run for the Fifth District seat in 2006 in “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” (October 9, 2006), in the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies,” and in “The Ellison elision” (February 3, 2014). Most recently, I revisited this history in the context of Ellison’s national »

California Dreamin’

Featured image California has proclaimed itself a sanctuary state, in which public employees, including law enforcement, are directed to defy the nation’s immigration laws. At American Greatness, Michael Walsh writes that California Democrats have fired on Fort Sumter: Now California Democrats—as radical a group of anti-Americans as you will find in this country, whether legal or “undocumented”—have again fired on Fort Sumter. And once again (don’t kid yourselves), the goal is de »

Feel Good Stories of the Day

Featured image From the Wall Street Journal this morning: Democrats Struggle to Convert Voter Enthusiasm Into Cash Contributions Party approaches 2018 midterms with large fundraising disadvantage over Republican National Committee The Democratic National Committee had $6.3 million in the bank on Dec. 1, while the Republican National Committee had six times as much, at $40 million, according to documents the parties filed with the Federal Election Commission. In November, the DNC posted »

Behind the Left’s Tax Cut Freakout

Featured image Pity the poor liberal Democrats. Once upon a time leading Democrats understood the need for tax reform. It’s not necessary to go back to John F. Kennedy or even the bipartisan tax reform of 1986 to see this. If you paid close attention to Hillary Clinton ten years ago when she was still in the Senate, she noted publicly that our corporate income tax system needed reform, and even Obama »

What if Americans end up really liking the tax cuts?

Featured image As the Senate was about to pass the tax reform bill earlier this week, protesters interrupted the proceedings with chants like “Kill the bill, don’t kill us.” The protests were so loud that Vice President Pence had to stop the process a few times. Protesters singled out Sen. Jeff Flake, whom they hoped would vote “no.” A protester yelled: “Have you no decency, have you no shame?” This was probably »

Normalizing impeachment

Featured image Paul Kane, who writes about Congress for the Washington Post, advises us to “forget what they say — Democrats are readying for impeachment.” Kane notes that Congressional Democrats aren’t talking up the idea of impeaching Trump; indeed, leaders are hesitant to use the “i” word. But their actions demonstrate to Kane that impeachment of President Trump is what Dems have in mind if they win control of the House next »

The Deep Racism of the Left

Featured image Very revealing little dustup on Wednesday after the White House celebration of the tax cut bill. Andy Ostroy of the Puffington Host tweeted out that South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott, who spoke prominently at the Rose Garden rally, was a Republican “prop,” because Scott is black. For the racist identity politics left, your skin color is supposed to determine your ideology; hence any black Republican has to be a »

Hezbollah, narco-terrorism, and the Awans

Featured image Yesterday, Scott called attention to the blockbuster story in Politico about how President Obama derailed a law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah. Obama did so because he was desperate to secure a nuclear deal with Iran. I agree with Scott that the Politico story is well worth reading in full, despite its length. The report is, as Scott says, “incredibly rich.” I want to »