Feel Good Headline of the Day–And It’s Still Morning!

Featured image First Piers Morgan last night.  And now . . . (drum roll please) . . . John Dingell is retiring!  The Daily Caller notes that he is the “longest serving member of Congress,” though it is not clear whether this is meant as praise or criticism.  For his part, Dingell is offering his best ironic comic chops with his comment that “I find serving in the House to be obnoxious,” »

O’Keefe Catches Texas Democrats In Illegal Activity

Featured image Battleground Texas, the “new ACORN,” purports to be a voter registration organization, but in fact is an arm of the Wendy Davis campaign for governor. Project Veritas infiltrated Battleground Texas and caught the Democratic Party activists red-handed, violating Texas law by retaining telephone numbers of voters they register, so they can call them during the campaign to turn them out for Davis. The Democrats’ illegal conduct couldn’t be clearer in »

The unsettled science of the minimum wage

Featured image The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. In search of a talking point for Democrats to rally around in lieu of Obamacare, President Obama seeks to raise the minimum wage precisely to $10.10. He and his spokesmen say it will do no harm. They cite studies. RCP’s Alexis Simendinger even appears to take the spokesmen and the studies at face value. It used to be one of the few »

Chicagoland, Part One

Featured image “Swell” Mel Reynolds, a former Congressman who represented portions of Chicago, has been arrested in Zimbabwe on pornography charges. He is accused of bringing Zimbabwean models and other women to his hotel room and taking pornographic photos and videos of them. Reynolds reportedly filmed more than 100 videos and shot 2,000 nude pictures of at least 10 different women. In the process, he reportedly ran up a hotel bill of »

Strickland stricken

Featured image Karl Rove demolished former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland on Fox News Sunday this morning in the course of responding to Strickland’s critique of Governor Christie and Bridgegate. Rove concisely demonstrated Strickland to be a critically flawed messenger of the Democratic Party talking points on Christie. Though it’s rare to find a Democrat shamed into silence — they have so much margin for error provided by their media enablers — I »

The Cummings confusion

Featured image Elijah Cummings is a key player in covering up and disseminating disinformation regarding the criminal misconduct of the IRS. From his perch as the ranking minority member of the House Oversight Committee, Cummings does his best to sow confusion as the committee pursues its investigation of the IRS. My daughter Eliana took a look at a piece of the Cummings story this past June in “The IRS’s best friend in »

“Work is a beautiful thing”

Featured image The Democratic talking point of the week proclaims the liberation of citizens from work via Obamacare. The Democrats and their media adjunct parrot a dumbed down version of paradise according to Marx and Engels: “In communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one »

Not Your Father’s Democratic Party

Featured image Yesterday I got an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: From: Democrats 2014 Date: February 7, 2014 at 6:54:28 PM CST Subject: Sochi (SIGN ON) Reply-To: John — 

What should be a celebration of humanity is being marred by ugly discrimination.

 Today is the opening ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Olympics in Russia. The Olympics are all about inclusion, unity, pride, and the power of the human spirit. But »

Let’s call the whole thing off

Featured image Minnesota Democrats attended their local precinct caucuses last night. At the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis a fight broke out among Democrats in search of peace and love. Backers of newly elected school board member Mohammud Noor apparently sought to unseat 21-term incumbent state Rep. Phyllis Kahn. Noor also serves as the interim executive director of the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, “helping to connect new immigrants with social »

Breaking News: Fight Breaks Out at Democratic Party Caucus in Minneapolis [Updated]

Featured image Party caucuses are going on tonight in precincts across Minnesota. Caucuses are an old-fashioned civic tradition, more noted for boredom and long nights than anything else, but tonight there was some excitement at a DFL caucus in Minneapolis. A fight broke out: A very tense night at a caucus site in Minneapolis where DFLer Mohamud Noor is challenging longtime DFL state Rep. Phyllis Kahn. The heat in one Minneapolis location »

News To Celebrate!

Featured image The stock market tanked again today.  Argentina is in disarray.  (What–again? you say?)  Syria is dragging its feet in disarming.  (Another Gomer Pyle moment for the goobers running foreign policy.)  But there is some very happy news to celebrate as we head in to Super Bowl weekend: Henry Waxman is retiring!  Bonus: he’s blaming his exit on the Tea Party! “It’s been frustrating because of the extremism of Tea Party »

Will Democrats Give Up on the House?

Featured image Politico’s Morning Score speculated today that the Democrats may give up on the House of Representatives and focus their resources on trying to hold the Senate: THE BIG PICTURE-FORGET ABOUT THE HOUSE, SAVE THE SENATE: POLITICO’s Alex Isenstadt: “With only so much money to go around in an election year that is tilting the GOP’s way, Democrats need to concentrate resources on preserving the chamber they have now. Losing the »

How many schmucks does it take to defend DWS?

Featured image Debbie Wasserman Schultz is known more aptly to consumers of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network as Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz. Schultz has really come into her own as a blabbermouth in connection with her work as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but there is one subject on which the cat has got her tongue. That is her behind-the-scenes opposition to Iran sanctions in Washington despite the fact that she represents »

Statue of Bigotry

Featured image Andrew Cuomo’s imprudent proscription of conservatives continues to reverberate through the political world. Michael Ramirez envisions Cuomo as the Statue of Bigotry. Click to enlarge: »

Trash-Talking In Sports and Politics

Featured image As the world knows, Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman made a big play to clinch the NFC championship for Seattle, and almost immediately afterward was interviewed on television by Erin Andrews. Sherman went on an epic (albeit brief) rant in which he ripped San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree and proclaimed himself “the best corner in the game.” Many have claimed to be appalled by Sherman’s lack of sportsmanship, but »

The Democrats’ Parallel Universe, Abortion Edition

Featured image House Republicans are advancing legislation to prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions. H.R. 7 currently has at least 164 sponsors; you can read the text of the “No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act” here. As legislation goes, it isn’t particularly controversial, as polls consistently show that most Americans (in this CNN poll, 61%) oppose public funding of abortions. But that doesn’t stop the Democratic Party from twisting the act beyond recognition »

What were once vices are now Dem priority

Featured image Kimberly Strassel’s weekly Wall Street Journal column “IRS targeting and 2014″ is something of a bombshell. As Mark Tapscott explains, Strassel reports that keeping the IRS “muzzle in place” for 2014 was Obama’s top priority during negotiations with House Republicans on the just-passed omnibus spending bill. The vehicle for keeping the muzzle in place is the recently proposed IRS rule that proscribes all kinds of educational activities that 501(c)(4) non-profits »