Elizabeth Warren

A word from Tom Lipscomb on “Pow Wow Chow”

Featured image Over at Breitbart, Michael Patrick Leahy asks “Will Harvard Law School condemn Elizabeth Warren for Pow Wow Chow plagiarism?” Well, I can answer that question. More importantly, drawing on his background as publisher of Times Books, an optimistic Tom Lipscomb writes to comment on Leahy’s post: A fine piece. Pierre Franey was my author and did the best-selling cookbook THE 60 MINUTE GOURMET…he was Craig Claiborne’s partner. We published it »

Video: She’s an Indian too

Featured image Someone went to a lot of trouble to put together the entertaining video below, and it deserves more than the 936 views that YouTube shows for it. Take a look. »

Food for thought

Featured image Elizabeth Warren cannot document her claim to be part (a very small part) Cherokee Indian. But in 1984, identifying herself as a Cherokee, she contributed recipes to a cookbook edited by her cousin called “Pow Wow Chow.” If that helps. It may not. According to the Boston Herald, outraged members of the Cherokee tribe — including a Warren supporter — are demanding that the candidate release her employment records following »