Elizabeth Warren

Has Elizabeth Warren Been Practicing Law Without A License?

Featured image Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign is, I think, going rapidly down the drain. On top of her affirmative action fiasco comes another scandal: it appears that she has been practicing law in Massachusetts without a license for some years. Credit William Jacobson, who, like Warren, is a law professor, for the discovery. Jacobson has been one of the most effective members of the blogosphere over the last couple of years, and »

Scott Brown won last night’s debate, voters say

Featured image According to a poll by Kimball Political Consulting, Massachusetts voters believe that Scott Brown won his debate last night with Elizabeth Warren. 50 percent of likely voters who watched the debate said that Brown won, compared to 40 percent for Warren. Six percent thought the debate was a tie and 4 percent were undecided. The poll also found that 55 percent of likely voters watched the debate. Kimball, it should »

Conflicting polling as Brown and Warren head into tonight’s debate

Featured image Following the Democratic Convention, intial polling suggested that Elizabeth Warren had taken the lead over Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. More recently, a poll by WBUR/MassINC put Warren ahead by 5 points, 47-42. But now comes a poll by UMass Lowell/Boston Herald, taken during basically the same period as the WBUR poll, that puts Brown ahead by 50-44. The poll also shows, however, that Brown’s lead (assuming the »

Is Elizabeth Warren Martha Coakley with a fake ethnicity?

“Elizabeth Warren was supposed to be the Great Liberal Hope, the one Democrat tough enough to evict Scott Brown from Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Then she started campaigning.” So begins a devastating critique of Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy that appeared in Boston Magazine. Shockingly, as the reader who alerted me to this article put it, the Harvard prof who lives in Cambridge isn’t connecting in the suburbs with middle class and »

Dreams From His Fauxcahontas

Featured image I wrote about President Obama’s campaign speech in Roanoke here, taking issue with it and noting its derivative nature in the rhetoric of Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. I took another look at the speech here. The video below mashes up Obama’s speech with Warren’s and adds a nice musical soundtrack to suggest that Warren’s rant is itself a derivative product. Originality is not necessarily a virtue in politics. The »

Extra Credit

Featured image So Obama thinks that everyone but the entrepreneur is responsible for his success, with his comment the other day that “If you got [sic] a business—you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  Good to know that the corollary must be true, namely, that if your business fails (as many small businesses do), it must be somebody else’s fault, too.  Can we blame Obama and the government for that, »

From full-blooded Netroots Nation

Featured image William Jacobson is the proprietor of the excellent Legal Insurrection. He writes concerning some videos he thought we might be interested in: One of my co-bloggers, Anne Sorock, attended Netroots Nation in Providence this week. She asked a question at a panel about whether the progressive Indian movement would demand an apology from Elizabeth Warren for claiming she is Cherokee when she is not (video here). Anne then was followed, »

Warren’s trail of tears

Featured image Elizabeth Warren must think she’s in some kind of trouble, or maybe just at risk. Why else would she have consented to a one-on-one interview with Sharman Sacchetti of Fox 25 in Boston (video below). Sacchetti has been dogging Warren on her claim that she’s an Indian too. According to Warren in the interview, she’s been “fighting on behalf of working families” for the past 25 years — “every single »

Elizabeth Warren and the wages of race-based preferences

Featured image The Elizabeth Warren affair made the front page of today’s Washington Post. The story, by Chris Cillizza and David Fahrenthold, is cast in familiar Washington terms: What should have been a nothing story (a “bump”) has become a big deal (a “hurdle”) because Warren failed to deal competently with the matter when it arose. It’s “an iron law of politics,” the Post-men intone, “Bad denials make little things big.” But »

Mrs. Warren’s profession, cont’d

Featured image We want to update the saga of Native American/Senator wannabe Elizabeth Warren. On Monday Howie Carr contributed the New York Post column “Elizabeth Warren’s little lies.” Yesterday Carr added “Another taxing problem for Elizabeth Warren.” Warren lost Carr long ago, but the Boston Globe has done its best to hold the fort down for her. Yesterday’s Boston Globe nevertheless brought us Mary Carmichael’s “Filings add to questions on Warren’s ethnic »

Which Churchill is More Indian: Ward or Winston?

Featured image It turns out there is considerable doubt as to whether Winston Churchill actually had any Iroquois blood in his ancestry, as reported here the other day, though he liked to retail the idea himself.  The indispensible people at the Churchill Centre have the skinny: Long before the age of political correctness, some Churchills delighted in extolling the legend of their Native American blood, believed to have been introduced through Jennie »

A statement from Susan Vass

Featured image Our friend Susan Vass has released a statement: For immediate release…Susan Vass, Former Person of Pallor, having remembered that her sister has naturally curly hair and that she and her brother both have an excellent sense of rhythm, is pleased to announce her application to become the second Womyn of Color at Harvard Law. “My color is Fish-Belly White,” explained Mrs. Vass, “but my family lore has always included the »

Winston Churchill, Harvard Minority

Featured image I had somehow forgotten that Winston Churchill’s grandmother was one-quarter Iroquois indian, which makes Winston (if I’ve done my genealogical math correctly) one-sixteenth native American–twice as much as Elizabeth Warren supposedly is.  Let’s see the diversity-mongers explain this away. Roosevelt commented to Churchill during one of WSC’s wartime visits, “You know, Winston, my Dutch ancestors were among the very first settlers in what was then called Nieuw Amsterdam.” Churchill answered: “But, »

A word from Tom Lipscomb on “Pow Wow Chow”

Featured image Over at Breitbart, Michael Patrick Leahy asks “Will Harvard Law School condemn Elizabeth Warren for Pow Wow Chow plagiarism?” Well, I can answer that question. More importantly, drawing on his background as publisher of Times Books, an optimistic Tom Lipscomb writes to comment on Leahy’s post: A fine piece. Pierre Franey was my author and did the best-selling cookbook THE 60 MINUTE GOURMET…he was Craig Claiborne’s partner. We published it »

Video: She’s an Indian too

Featured image Someone went to a lot of trouble to put together the entertaining video below, and it deserves more than the 936 views that YouTube shows for it. Take a look. »

Food for thought

Featured image Elizabeth Warren cannot document her claim to be part (a very small part) Cherokee Indian. But in 1984, identifying herself as a Cherokee, she contributed recipes to a cookbook edited by her cousin called “Pow Wow Chow.” If that helps. It may not. According to the Boston Herald, outraged members of the Cherokee tribe — including a Warren supporter — are demanding that the candidate release her employment records following »