Elizabeth Warren

Is Elizabeth Warren running for president? It looks that way

Featured image I hear through sources within Elizabeth Warren’s circles that the Massachusetts Senator intends to run for president. Warren’s behavior is entirely consistent with this view. She is pounding her core message — “the system is rigged” — as relentlessly as John Edwards pounded his “two Americas” theme when he ran twice for president. And she is distancing herself from President Obama — and, by extension, Hillary Clinton — by insisting »

Will 2016 resemble 1968 for Democrats?

Featured image I’ve been dismissive of Jim Webb’s prospects for winning the Democratic presidential nomination. But Jacob Heilbrunn’s column on Webb, and Steve’s commentary on that column, made me take another look. On second look, I still don’t see Webb getting very far. Will female Democrats favor Webb — currently in his third marriage and the author of what some might consider a sexist novel — over Hillary Clinton? Not likely. Will »

Attacks on Banks, Paid For By Banks?

Featured image If you look at photos of anti-Wall Street, Occupy-type protests, it seems clear that the people doing the demonstrating have not had lots of dealings with banks–like most Americans, actually. So they are acting on hearsay, or on a theory: they have been told that “big banks” are somehow responsible for the sorry state of our economy, in particular the fact that most young people can’t find good jobs. Elizabeth »

Elizabeth Warren: It’s “Fair” to Compare Israel to Nazis

Featured image Elizabeth Warren is a heroine to many liberals, who hope she will challenge Hillary Clinton from the left. Even apart from the concept of anyone being to Hillary’s left, this seems bizarre to me. Warren parlayed the false claim that she is an Indian into academic success as an alleged bankruptcy expert. (I am sure that I have several partners who know more about bankruptcy law than Warren does.) Now, »

Ringo Starr, Eric Holder, Elizabeth Warren and Admiral Farragut

Featured image Today I saved links to several news stories that I thought I might want to write about. I didn’t have a lot to say about any of them, so I decided to combine them in a single post. Make of it what you will. Eric Holder announced today that his heavily politicized Department of Justice is launching a “wide-ranging investigation into the practices of the Ferguson, Mo., police.” This is »

Is Pat Roberts the trouble with Kansas?

Featured image Democrat Chad Taylor is withdrawing from the race against incumbent GOP Senator Pat Robertson in Kansas. Sounds like good news for Roberts, but au contraire, Taylor appears to be dropping out in deference to independent candidate Greg Orman, a Kansas City-area businessman who has been polling ahead of Roberts in a head-to-head matchup. Moreover, 70 Republican state legislators endorsed Orman over Roberts on Wednesday, before Taylor announced he was dropping »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Our friend Ammo Grrrll provides an explication of the text served up recently by United States Senator Elizabeth Warren commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case. She asks: LIAR OR IDIOT? – YOU BE THE JUDGE: After the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, Indian Princess Elizabeth Warren peered over her high cheekbones and tweeted the following 25 words: “Can’t believe we live in a world where »

Previews of the Democrats’ Coming Meltdown

Featured image Seems like only yesterday we were being treated to earnest worries among the pundit class about the dead end facing the Republican Party.  But what’s this?  As noted here Wednesday, the elements of a civil war inside the frustrated Democratic Party are rapidly taking shape.  It’s starting to remind me of a remark from January 1968 by John Bailey, the then-chairman of the Democratic National Committee: “We know who our »

Fight, Fight on the Left!

Featured image I neglected yesterday to bring our readership’s attention to the Wall Street Journal op-ed from Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler of Third Way, which, as its name would suggest, is one of those center-hugging, trans-partisan groups associated with the Clinton-Blair style muted liberalism of the 1990s.  That might sound like damning with faint praise, and to be sure there are lots of reasons to look skeptically and scornfully on “centrism” »

My Opinion of Elizabeth Warren as a Presidential Candidate

Featured image As Paul noted this morning, liberal journalists are floating the idea the Elizabeth Warren could be a serious competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. The idea is that Warren could raise the “progressive” banner and challenge Hillary Clinton from the left. In my opinion, the idea that after eight years of the Obama administration, voters–even Democratic voters–will conclude the problem is that the federal government hasn’t been liberal »

Has Elizabeth Warren Been Practicing Law Without A License?

Featured image Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign is, I think, going rapidly down the drain. On top of her affirmative action fiasco comes another scandal: it appears that she has been practicing law in Massachusetts without a license for some years. Credit William Jacobson, who, like Warren, is a law professor, for the discovery. Jacobson has been one of the most effective members of the blogosphere over the last couple of years, and »

Scott Brown won last night’s debate, voters say

Featured image According to a poll by Kimball Political Consulting, Massachusetts voters believe that Scott Brown won his debate last night with Elizabeth Warren. 50 percent of likely voters who watched the debate said that Brown won, compared to 40 percent for Warren. Six percent thought the debate was a tie and 4 percent were undecided. The poll also found that 55 percent of likely voters watched the debate. Kimball, it should »

Conflicting polling as Brown and Warren head into tonight’s debate

Featured image Following the Democratic Convention, intial polling suggested that Elizabeth Warren had taken the lead over Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. More recently, a poll by WBUR/MassINC put Warren ahead by 5 points, 47-42. But now comes a poll by UMass Lowell/Boston Herald, taken during basically the same period as the WBUR poll, that puts Brown ahead by 50-44. The poll also shows, however, that Brown’s lead (assuming the »

Is Elizabeth Warren Martha Coakley with a fake ethnicity?

“Elizabeth Warren was supposed to be the Great Liberal Hope, the one Democrat tough enough to evict Scott Brown from Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Then she started campaigning.” So begins a devastating critique of Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy that appeared in Boston Magazine. Shockingly, as the reader who alerted me to this article put it, the Harvard prof who lives in Cambridge isn’t connecting in the suburbs with middle class and »

Dreams From His Fauxcahontas

Featured image I wrote about President Obama’s campaign speech in Roanoke here, taking issue with it and noting its derivative nature in the rhetoric of Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. I took another look at the speech here. The video below mashes up Obama’s speech with Warren’s and adds a nice musical soundtrack to suggest that Warren’s rant is itself a derivative product. Originality is not necessarily a virtue in politics. The »

Extra Credit

Featured image So Obama thinks that everyone but the entrepreneur is responsible for his success, with his comment the other day that “If you got [sic] a business—you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”  Good to know that the corollary must be true, namely, that if your business fails (as many small businesses do), it must be somebody else’s fault, too.  Can we blame Obama and the government for that, »

From full-blooded Netroots Nation

Featured image William Jacobson is the proprietor of the excellent Legal Insurrection. He writes concerning some videos he thought we might be interested in: One of my co-bloggers, Anne Sorock, attended Netroots Nation in Providence this week. She asked a question at a panel about whether the progressive Indian movement would demand an apology from Elizabeth Warren for claiming she is Cherokee when she is not (video here). Anne then was followed, »