Greatest. Headline. Ever.

Featured image “Rare bird last seen in Britain 22 years ago reappears – only to be killed by wind turbine in front of a horrified crowd of birdwatchers.” A group of 40 enthusiasts dashed to the Hebrides to catch a glimpse of the brown, black and blue bird, which breeds in Asia and winters in Australasia. But instead of being treated to a wildlife spectacle they were left with a horror show »

Obama’s war on America, cont’d

Featured image The Wall Street Journal carries an interesting story by Kris Maher buried in its Marketplace section this morning. Maher reports that the coal industry is interested in surviving the onslaught of unfriendly regulation the Obama administration has in the works. If you believe that we need power supplied at affordable rates, this may even be of interest to you. Quotable quotes: “Mr. Crutchfield said Alpha and other coal producers will »

Eco-Remakes I’d Like to See

Featured image In getting ready to review Pascal Bruckner’s terrific new beatdown on environmentalism, The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse, I was pondering his discussion about, of all things, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and my favorite camp-classic, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and I got to wondering—why don’t we have some remakes of classic films within the horizons of today’s environmental correctness?  How would Psycho’s famous shower scene  go with a low-flow shower-head?  Probably »

About Those Non-Flatulent Cows . . .

Featured image I got to thinking a bit more about the item I posted Saturday on how “Scientists Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gases by Breeding Fartless Cows,” and it suddenly occurred to me—hey wait a minute: I thought environmentalists were against genetic engineering! As it happens, I’m currently reading the galleys for a fabulous book coming out at the end of this month, Pascal Bruckner’s The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse: Save the »

EPA a Job Killer? How About Just Killer, Period

Featured image From E & E news (subscription required, so I won’t post the link), a news item that requires no commentary: Emissions Device May Have Cut Power to Ambulance on Way to Hospital A U.S. EPA-mandated device meant to reduce diesel emissions may have shut down an ambulance carrying a suspect who had been shot by police in Washington, D.C. While medics yesterday were transporting the injured man, who was suspected »

Environmentalists for Nuclear Power

Featured image I’ve had occasion to write before about my enviro-dissident pals Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger of the Breakthrough Institute in Oakland (here, here, here, and here, and also in National Review), describing them on one occasion as “my existentially-challenged progressive pals.”  Well, now they’ve really done it: a piece in today’s Wall Street Journal on why environmentalists should support nuclear power. Along the way, they really deliver some well-deserved smack »

The Power Line 100: Jonathan Adler

Featured image It’s about time we start turning our attention to law professors who belong on the Power Line 100 list, and we’ve got a long list of them.  As with the rest of the field of finalists, there is no particular order, so we’ll start with Jonathan Adler, the well-known interior designer whose baubles you can find at Bed, Bath & Beyond—no, wait, not that Jonathan Adler!  We mean the Jonathan »

Whatever Happened To. . .

Featured image In what constitutes sort of a reverse-Green Weenie Award, we need to give credit to the New York Times when they get something right.  And they get something really right today with a feature and video that revisits the infamous Mobro Garbage Barge episode from the late 1980s: that was when  TV news viewers were treated to nightly images of the garbage barge trawling up and down the Atlantic seaboard looking »

The Latest Keystone Caper

Featured image In my Weekly Standard article out a few days ago (“The Climate Circus Leaves Town”), I predicted: What [Obama] may do is tentatively approve Keystone along with a major policy shift that will please environmentalists and subject Keystone to further and perhaps fatal delays. There is talk that the administration may expand the scope of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to require that proposed projects like Keystone document their »

Happy Earth Day!

Featured image Hey everybody—it’s Earth Day!  I know, you can hardly contain your excitement.  I’m planning to observe it as I do most sunny days on the coast: by lighting up my carbon-intensive barbecue and roasting some green weenies. I’m behind on a lot of things these days, one of them being the update of my Almanac of Environmental Trends.  I have managed to complete an update of the air quality section, »

The end of liberal education — Part One, the Vassar experience

Featured image Have left-liberals killed liberal education? I’ve come to think so, and recent developments at Vassar and Bowdoin help confirm my fear. The indispensable Stanley Kurtz is on top of both stories. At Vassar, the subject of this post, he reports on attempts to block a speech by Alex Epstein, a proponent and defender of America’s conventional energy industries. Epstein was invited to speak by Vassar’s Moderate, Independent, Conservative Alliance (MICA). »

Why Are the Alarmists’ Computer Models Wrong?

Featured image The case for global warming hysteria rests entirely on certain computer models that committed warmist partisans have been paid tens of billions of dollars by greedy governments to develop. It is hardly a shock, then, that these programs crank out one alarming scenario after another. They predict endless cataclysms resulting from an always-warming Earth, even as the actual Earth, not the computer-generated one, stubbornly refuses to heat up, year after »

Frackwater and Greenpeace Updated

Featured image Haven’t seen a lot of notice for a recent study of water pollution from natural gas fracking in Pennsylvania, produced by Resources for the Future and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  So far it seems only Michael Levi of the Council on Foreign Relations has shown it much love: The team’s conclusions are fairly straightforward. They find enhanced chlorine concentrations downstream of waste water treatment »

Is the Left Cracking Up?

Featured image Sure, that’s an optimistic question to ask. But following the election, fissures have appeared in the Left’s coalition, and frustration is mounting. Here are a couple of examples. First, an email that MoveOn.org sent out yesterday on gun control. The email is long, so I will excerpt it: Subject: Argh! Dear MoveOn member, This is the nightmare scenario: “Reid guts Senate gun control bill.”1 “Tuesday’s developments are a major win »

Matt Ridley Explains It All

Featured image If you have nineteen minutes–and if you don’t, you should find a way to get them–sit back and take in this video of Matt Ridley by our friends at ReasonTV.  Here Ridley explains his “greening earth” hypothesis–why many environmental conditions are getting better around the world–so long as we don’t keep doing stupid things like growing food for biofuel.  (Among his other stunners in this presentation is the factoid that »

Blocking the Keystone Pipeline: Who Benefits?

Featured image As President Obama deliberates whether to continue blocking the Keystone Pipeline–or pretends to, anyway–environmentalists have gotten more passionate. Last week, 48 climate activists were arrested at the White House as they urged Obama to stop the pipeline. Notables who were arrested included the head of the Sierra Club, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Bill McKibben and Julian Bond. The activists’ sign said that blocking Keystone constitutes “leading on climate.” But does it? »

A Rolling Stone in Boulder

Featured image Special thanks and a shout out are owed this morning to the several Power Line readers who turned up Friday afternoon at the University of Colorado, Boulder for my lecture on “Is ‘Conservative Environmentalist’ an Oxymoron?”  And kudos also to the university administration.  There had been rumors that two different student groups were thinking about protesting my appearance, and perhaps disrupting it.  I was fully prepared for the pie-in-the-face treatment—this »