Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney, nationalist

Featured image Mitt Romney’s response to the attacks against the U.S. in Egypt and Libya has provoked new interest in the question of where, as a general matter, Romney stands on foreign policy matters. In the pro-Obama MSM, this interest takes the form of arguing that Romney is, hide the children, a “neo-con.” Jason Horowitz of the Washington Post takes this tack in an article called “Romney’s attacks on Obama foreign show »

Romney’s Visit to Poland: A Postscript

Featured image If reporters had covered Mitt Romney’s visit to Poland, they would have noticed that he got a warm reception there and that he placed himself squarely on his hosts’ side, pointing out that Russia’s “once-promising advances toward a free and open society have faltered.” Lech Walesa essentially endorsed Romney. Today, Poland’s President, Bronislaw Komorowski, went public with his country’s anger toward Barack Obama: The Polish president has accused Barack Obama »

Romney is right, culture matters, Part One

Featured image Mitt Romney has moved on to Poland, but his critics continue to harp on his statement in Israel that cultural factors help explain why the Israeli economy so massively outstrips its Palestinian counterpart. For example, the Washington Post’s Scott Wilson calls Romney’s remark “puzzling” and “not widely shared in Israel.” Wilson presents no evidence in support of his latter assertion, and the headline of his story, “In Israel, Romney wows »

What the IOC teaches us

Featured image Friday’s opening ceremony at the London Olympics proceeded without any moment of silence for, or other tribute to, the Israeli athletes who were murdered at the Munich Olympics by Palestinian terrorists 40 years ago. There was, however, a moment of silence for the victims of the two world wars and other international conflicts. Thus, IOC President Jacques Rogge was lying when he claimed that the decision not to honor the »

Romney Gave a Good Speech. Will It Matter? (with update by Paul)

Featured image Like pretty much everyone else, I expect this year’s election to be decided more or less exclusively by voters’ judgments about the economy. This is one respect in which the present campaign differs from 1980. In 1980, America’s alarming weakness abroad and the steady expansion of the Soviet Union probably ranked equally in most voters’ minds with the high unemployment and inflation that marked the Carter years. This year, foreign »

The problem with Michele Bachmann’s letter to the State Department

Featured image Rep. Michele Bachmann has come under fire from John McCain, Speaker Boehner, and, of course, the mainstream media, for letters she wrote, along with four of her House colleagues, to various government officials regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. The letters in question are posted on the Congresswoman’s web site. Of greatest concern to McCain and company is Bachmann’s letter to the Deputy Inspector General of the Department of State. That letter »

Hillary Clinton gives Pakistan an “apology” it accepts

Featured image After months of negotiations, Secretary of State Clinton has issued a statement of regret that satisfies Pakistan regarding the killing by U.S. forces of two dozen Pakistani soldiers in a cross-border fire fight. As a result, Pakistan will re-open the NATO supply line to Afghanistan. Here is the statement Clinton issued to Pakistan: I once again reiterated our deepest regrets for the tragic incident in Salala last November. I offered »

Will anyone hold the Democrats responsible for their criminal stupidity about Syria?

Featured image Another day, another report of a new massacre by government forces in Syria. This time, according to reports, dozens of civilians in a small village near the central city of Hama were slain by militias loyal to Syrian President Assad. Senior Obama administration officials have invoked these massacres as they seek to encourage allies to toughen sanctions against Syria Is it rude of me to remind readers that, not so »

Taming international law, three proposals

Featured image No aspect of the modern leftist project poses more danger than the left’s approach to international law. By definition, international law is in tension with national sovereignty, but the “transnationalist” approach to international law advanced by leftists threatens to run roughshod over sovereignty. And, in the case of the United States, a threat to sovereignty means a threat to democracy — to the ability of Americans to govern themselves. In »

Taming International Law — Two Books

Featured image No aspcet of the modern leftist project poses more danger than the left’s approach to international law. By definition, interational law is in tension with national sovereignty, but the “transnationalist” approach to international law advanced by leftists threatens to run roughshod over sovereignty. And, in the case of the United States, a threat to sovereignty means a threat to democracy — to the ability of Americans to govern themselves. Two »

Obama’s foreign policy — good enough for government work? Part Two

Featured image In the first part of this series, I examined the Obama administration’s policy towards Pakistan, arguing that the president got Pakistan wrong. His policy was predicated on making Pakistan a full-fledged ally in the war in Afghanistan. Pakistan played on this aspiration to secure aid, but was never really our ally. In this post, I will consider the opposite side of this coin – Obama administration policy towards India, Pakistan’s »

The case for a U.S. attack on Iran

Featured image Matthew Kroenig is an assistant professor of Government at Georgetown University and a Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. From July 2010 to July 2011, he was a Fellow at the Department of Defense, where he worked on the development and implementation of U.S. defense policy and strategy in the Middle East. In an article in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, Kroenig argues that the time is now »

Clueless Joe Biden strikes again

Featured image Vice President Biden has attacked Mitt Romney as “fundamentally wrong” and “totally out of touch” on foreign policy. That’s rich coming for Biden, who has been wrong on virtually every important foreign policy issue as far back as anyone can remember. Biden had the wrong line on the Cold War, as we’ll see below. He also opposed the successful Gulf War, while supporting (at the time of decision) the much »

Iran: What Would Winston Do?

Featured image The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg reports this week of rising optimism among Israel’s strategists that an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations is not only doable, but would succeed, and moreover that Iran’s retaliatory capabilities are overestimated.  It gets better: to the contrary of the view that an attack would unify the Iranian people behind their crackpot regime, Israel thinks it might well have the opposite effect, and give a boost to »

Today on Power Line TV: A Few Minutes With Larry Arnn

Featured image Hillsdale College president Larry Arnn delivered a lecture on the Hillsdale cruise last week about Churchill’s lessons for our present moment, which echoed many of Bing West’s reservations about our military strategy in the Middle East aired here the other day.  Like West, Arnn is deeply skeptical about our present course.  This excerpt is about six minutes long, but one highlight is this: “We’re going to spend a trillion dollars »

Power Line Southern Command Dispatch: Bing West on Afghanistan

Featured image Now that I’m finally back in the realm of adequate bandwidth I can post up some of the video I took the last two weeks during my South American excursion with the good folks of Hillsdale College.  First up, a follow on to John’s February 26 post where he argued that the U.S. should get out of Afghanistan, which elicited a lot of favorable comment from Power Line readers.  Turns »

Tonight’s GOP Debate

Featured image There have been so many Republican presidential debates that I have more or less stopped watching them, but my wife twisted my arm and made me watch tonight’s AEI/Heritage discussion of foreign policy, moderated by Wolf Blitzer. So far, it is pretty much the field against Ron Paul. Paul can be effective when he sticks to domestic libertarianism, but as soon as he starts talking about foreign policy, he becomes »