Green Weenie Award

Green Weenie of the Week: Jerry Brown

Featured image Now I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t California Governor Jerry Brown deserve a coveted Power Line Green Weenie lifetime achievement award for some of the things he did 35 years ago, when he was governor first time around?  Goes without saying.  It was back during Brown’s “Moonbeam” years that California embarked on its dirigisme energy policy, with some of the first major subsidies for wind and solar power that gave »

Green Weenie of the Week: Hors D’oeuvres Edition

Featured image This is one of those weeks where we have to pass out hors d’oeuvres-style mini-green weenies on toothpicks, like they surely serve at receptions at the French embassy.  (Quelle horreur!) Start with all the breaking wind of the windmill enthusiasts: a study from the University of North Carolina published recently in Environmental Research Letters finds that “the power capacity of large-scale wind farms may have been significantly overestimated.”  The green »

From the Climatefail Files

Featured image As a follow up to yesterday’s Green Weenie about the feckless downhill ski industry, several Power Line readers have directed me to news stories about how late snow has kept many ski resorts open this year long after their usual closing dates.  Aspen Mountain reopened its upper slopes for skiing and snowboarding over Memorial Day weekend, while over in France, a ski resort has reopened following heavy snow this past »

Green Weenie of the Week: The Downhill Skiing Industry

Featured image Talk about going downhill fast: 100 ski resorts have signed on to a Climate Declaration calling for “action” on climate change.  In typical hokum, this declaration suggests that “climate action” represents “one of America’s greatest economic opportunities”–a claim about as credible as a women’s Spandex apparel concession in Saudi Arabia. This deserves a whole case of Green Weenies, along with the buns.  My old partner-in-climate-crime Ken Green of the Fraser »

Green Weenie of the Week: Tornado Alley Edition

Featured image Now I know what you’re thinking: the obvious Green Weenie winner should be that former congresscritter who liked to tweet his big banana and who announced yesterday that he’s going to run for mayor of the Big Apple, to the audible squeals of delight from within the soundproof walls where Daily Show writers work.  And Anthony Weiner certainly qualifies for a Green Weenie, as it turns out he was in »

Green Weenie of the Week: San Jose State University

Featured image One of my favorite scenes from Dirty Harry (the first film to “talk back to liberalism,” as the late, great Richard Grenier put it) is when Clint Eastwood’s Inspector Callahan meets his new and unwanted partner, Chico Gonzales: Callahan: “You from around here?” Gonzales: “Yeah, but I went to school at San Jose State.” Callahan: “Just what I need, a college boy. . . Get your degree?” Gonzales: “Sociology.” Callahan: »

Green Weenie of the Week: Fisker

Featured image When even the New York Times calls you “the Solyndra of the electric car industry,” you know you’ve had it.  Fisker, another Obamanation that cost taxpayers over $500 million in subsidies and props, was losing more than $500,000 per vehicle.  (But I’m sure they made up for it in volume.)  I especially like this droll bit of narrative in the Times’ story: “Fisker, with its technical problems, management turmoil and »

The Ultimate Green Weenie Award

Featured image We’re never short of Green Weenie Award nominees—in fact we can hardly keep up—but this week’s is so off the chart that we couldn’t have made it up in our worst mescaline-induced homage to Hunter S. Thompson.  From The Guardian newspaper in Britain (hat tip to Anthony Watts and his WattsUpWithThat site) comes the news of the ultimate mashup: environmentalism and pornography. So . . . oh what the hell, »

Green Weenie of the Week: The United States!

Featured image These are grim times for the climate campaign, as we’ve noted here repeatedly.  Cap and trade failed in the Senate, and isn’t ever coming back.  The White House pre-emptively ruled out a carbon tax.  The EPA, according to several reports, is going to miss a deadline this Friday on the next step in its coal-killing regulatory agenda, apparently because it has noticed that its proposed rules are unlikely to survive »

Green Weenie of the Week: Greenpeace

Featured image I’ve long argued that Greenpeace deserves to be considered the John Birch Society of the environmental movement—an extremist organization that ought to be openly shunned by “mainstream” environmental organizations, just as the modern conservative movement decided to marginalize the John Birch Society starting back in the early 1960s.  That’s if the “mainstream” environmental movement actually wants to be taken seriously by mainstream Americans.  There is some doubt about this question. »

Green Weenie of the Week: Stick Figure Men

Featured image What do you get when you mashup a boomerang with a hockey stick?  Probably a game that even drunk Australians wouldn’t play.*  Yet that is the latest new wrinkle in climate change this week. Science magazine has just published a new article that purports to be the latest “smoking gun” of human caused global warming. The article, “A Reconstruction of Regional and Global Temperature for the past 11,300 Years,” uses »

Green Weenie of the Week: Rajendra Pachauri

Featured image Can it really be that in all these months we’ve never given the coveted Power Line Green Weenie Award to the railroad engineer who heads the IPCC, the egregious Rajendra Pachauri?  As the official co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize alongside Al Gore, Pachauri deserves a weenie on general principle alone.  While he may know railroad engineering, whose connection to climate science is unclear, he is certainly ignorant of Godwin’s »

Green Weenies Everywhere: An All-Star Edition

Featured image This week we’re having to break out an Oscar Meyer eight-pack of Green Weenies to give away.  First, the Keystone (Pipeline) Kops have attracted the notice of New York Times columnist Joe Nocera, who writes the following this week in “How Not To Solve Climate Change”: In fact, this should be a no-brainer for the president, for all the reasons I stated earlier, and one more: the strategy of activists »

Green Weenie of the Week: The Desperate Sierra Club

Featured image I’ve argued for a long time that environmentalists are the cheap dates (or battered spouses) of the Democratic Party, but even Obama’s shout out to climate change in his inaugural address isn’t satisfying them.  There was quite a negative reaction to Theta Skocpol’s critical report on why climate legislation failed in Obama’s first term because environmental groups hate being told they’re a bunch of losers.  To the contrary, the Center »

Green Weenie of the Week: The Mob

Featured image People often refer to the whole renewable energy sector as a “racket,” as it depends on subsidies and mandates to make money.  Hence the essentially corrupt deals cut in Washington to keep the subsidies in place. Well guess what: it really is a racket.  A police sting in Italy recently revealed heavy Mafia involvement in renewable energy projects.  From yesterday’s Washington Post: PALERMO, Italy — Inside a midnight-blue BMW, a »

Green Weenie of the Week: The Climate Campaign (Again)

Featured image The steady, relentless collapse of the climate campaign proceeds apace, notwithstanding the sugar high climate campaigners enjoyed after Hurricane Sandy and Obama’s re-election.  Obama promises that a price on carbon is a main objective of his second term, but given that it is an Obama promise, climate campaigners should understand they’ve just been given the kiss of death. The media is slowly starting to give up on the whole game.  »

New York Green Weenies Almost Out of Gas

Featured image I mentioned here yesterday that Pennsylvanians are enjoying a surge of prosperity while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo kowtows to cheap-energy-hating environmentalists who are making their last stand again natural gas.  Cuomo keeps hiding behind “safety reviews,” missing several deadlines for a decision and calling for additional investigation. Today the New York Times reports that Cuomo has been sitting on a state Health Department assessment that concluded months ago that »