Health Care

Of EpiPens and Weasels

Featured image Mylan NV has been taking a lot of abuse for sharply raising the price of its popular EpiPen. The Wall Street Journal explains the background on the price increase. It isn’t, as I would have assumed, a case of patent protection. The patent on epinephrine ran out years ago. Rather, it turns out that keeping the anti-allergy dose sterile is difficult and expensive. Mylan’s competitors have had a hard time »

Why Is Health Care So Much More Expensive Than It Used To Be?

Featured image We don’t normally just steal posts from others, but this one deserves it: Glenn Reynolds writes: ANALYSIS: TRUE. Every Industry Gets Worse When Government Gets Involved. “This is easily provable with Public Choice Theory, and consistently proven in practice.” I would add two points about the chart. First, the increased cost of health care obviously has something to do with the metastasizing administrators. But it also is caused, in part, »

Socialism in one grasp

Featured image Bernie Sanders has proposed “Medicare for all Americans.” It sounds sweet, but how much would it cost? Avik Roy, a health care analyst and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, finds an answer in work performed for the Sanders campaign by economist Gerald Friedman. The price tag: $41 trillion over ten years. Actually, the correct number may well be higher. Friedman claims that Sanders’ plan would reduce national health-care spending »

Fiorina supported a type of individual mandate; is this the beginning of her end

Featured image Now that Carly Fiorina has emerged as a top-six candidate (at worst) for the GOP nomination, she will receive serious scrutiny. The little scrutiny she has received to date focuses on her record as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. That record is relevant to her candidacy. For me, however, her past positions on the major issues are more important. Has she been a consistent, hard-line conservative? The early returns aren’t good »

Down Memory Lane: Remember When Liberals Said the VA Was Proof that Socialism Works?

Featured image At the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto pulls together liberals’ endorsements of Veterans Administration health care. It goes beyond just claiming that VA medicine was top notch; liberals often claimed that the supposed success of the VA is proof that government is superior to the private sector. Taranto titles his post “Socialist Supermodel.” You should read it all, but here are a few highlights: [I]n January 2006, … former Enron »

The Pipes proviso: The VA angle

Featured image A reader writes in response to the congressional testimony of Sally Pipes linked in “The Pipes proviso”: As a former medicine resident and current cardiology fellow, I have spent more time working at various VA hospitals than all but those courageous physicians who make a career of working within its bureaucracy and unions. (As the joke goes, what’s the difference between a bullet and a VA nurse? You can fire »

The Pipes proviso

Featured image When our oldest daughter was in second grade her best friend was a classmate who was the daughter of an ophthalmologist from Canada. He devoted much of his practice to treating Medicaid patients at the county hospital. The family moved to Ottawa at the end of the school year and we traveled to visit them. We had lunch at a deli near the doctor’s office, close by the Parliament building. »

How To Fix Health Care

Featured image In my column this week, I suggest that the field is wide open for a leader of imagination to employ a back-to-basics approach, explaining to Americans how markets are superior to centralized government control especially in health care.  I suspect Americans are much more amenable to this message than Beltway Republicans know.  They’ve been drinking the DC Kool Aid for too long to perceive this. Today’s article in the »

Socialize the Patients First, the Doctors Later

Featured image With Obamacare shaping up as a public policy disaster that is the equivalent of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the Hindenburg, the Bay of Pigs, and Desert One combined, perhaps we should go back and take in Ronald Reagan’s warning about this back in 1961.  Reagan said that socializing health care would require socializing the patients, and voila, we have Obamacare canceling insurance plans previously agreed to between consenting adults. But »

Competitive Medicine Works

Featured image Some years ago, a British filmmaker was visiting us, and we started talking about health care. He acknowledged that the National Health Service is pretty bad, but said that he favors socialized medicine because health care is so important. That’s right, I responded, and because health care is so important, it is vital that we use our best system on it. Our best system is free enterprise. The worst system »

Nothing Is Free

Featured image One of the high points of Mitt Romney’s primary campaign was when he answered a Democratic voter who said: “So you’re all for like, ‘yay, freedom,’ and all this stuff. And ‘yay, like pursuit of happiness.’ You know what would make me happy? Free birth control.” Romney’s answer, which we posted in video form here, included: “You want free stuff? Vote for the other guy.” The new Romney ad that »

E.J. Dionne never disappoints

Featured image E.J. Dionne delivers two pieces of hack sophistry for the price of one in his latest column. One of them is foolish; the other dishonest. The foolish attack is his claim that if you “hate” Obamacare, you “must” return any rebate check you receive from an insurance company as a result of that Act. This, Dionne claims, is “just common sense.” If you believe in free enterprise, then the government »

CastroCare in the time of cholera

Featured image Abe Greenwald cites a report from the Miami Herald that “the first cholera outbreak in Cuba in a century has left at least 15 dead and sent hundreds to hospitals all but sealed off by security agents bent on keeping a lid on the news.” CastroCare is, Greenwald reminds us, Michael Moore’s model heathcare system. Cholera, which was supposed to have been wiped out in Cuba around 1900, is only »

Multiple Catholic dioceses and groups sue for relief from government’s oppressive contraception mandate

Featured image Today, as Scott Johnson noted in an earlier post, multiple Catholic Dioceses and organizations filed lawsuits in federal courts around the country challenging the Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate requiring religious organizations to provide coverage in their health care plans for drugs (contraceptives, including some abortion-inducing drugs) and procedures (sterilization) that are in direct conflict with their religious beliefs. Twelve Archdioceses or Dioceses are participating, each in a »

The Day the Supreme Court Laughed at Liberalism

Featured image One of the historical judgments about the Supreme Court striking down many of FDR’s early New Deal measures—especially the National Recovery Act and the Agricultural Adjustment Act (in an opinion written by a Justice named Roberts!)—is that these Court rulings actually helped FDR because it gave him a quick escape hatch from semi-socialist economic policies that had no hope of working.  At the time the Court struck down the NRA »

The Doctor Is In!

Featured image We are just back from a fun vacation in California. We had a great time in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and parts in between. If I have time I will comment on my impressions of the Golden (but bankrupt) State. For now, here is a photo that I took in a rather scruffy part of Venice. If you have ever wondered how much medicine there is in medicinal marijuana, »

Remy Explains Insurance Mandates

Featured image Our pal Remy Munasifi explains the stupidity of how existing government mandates needlessly drive up the cost of health insurance.  Video is about 2:30 long: »