Keep the Gov’t Away from Your Grill (Updated)(Updated Again With Bikini Pic)

Featured image Not sure whether I shared this Remy video back in 2003 when it came out, but it’s worth running again on this July 4, as a healthy reminder to annoy liberals everywhere by grilling your beef rare, drinking domestic beer (from a can—bonus points), waving the flag, and enjoying fireworks. »

Back From the Outback [Updated With Beer]

Featured image Well, we didn’t actually get a glimpse of the Outback: we spent two weeks in Melbourne and a couple of days in Sydney. But we are home from Australia, anyway, and I thought some of our readers might be interested in a report. The main purpose of our trip was to spend some time with my daughter Laura and her husband Peter. Peter’s job has taken them to Melbourne for »

Happy New Year!

Featured image Happy New Year to all! Australia is one of the first places to ring in the new year, and my oldest daughter took this picture in Melbourne: (She, by the way, has a fun web site called Laura and Peter Down Under.) I am tempted to say, good riddance to 2015, which was an awful year in many ways. Still, as so often happens, regardless of the broader trends it »

Merry Christmas!

Featured image Merry Christmas to all! This nativity scene belonged to my parents. I am not sure when they got it, but I think we owned it by 1960. When we were boys, my older brother and I would deluge it with fallen needles from our Christmas tree, thinking that made it look more realistic. It probably didn’t, but our parents never objected. I believe this scene has now been displayed for »

A Warm and Colorful Christmas

Featured image The climatistas are all atwitter that it’s so warm in so much of the country this holiday season, which is further proof of global warming, even though they always tell us that “weather isn’t climate,” except when it is, which always seems to coincide with the requirements of The Narrative. But Steven Goddard at RealScience has unearthed the inconvenient truth that it was warmer in more of the country on »

Memorial Day In Pictures

Featured image I believe it was last June when the Minneapolis Star Tribune published this photo of a bald eagle in Fort Snelling National Cemetery by a photographer named Frank Glick. There is a column about the photo, which went viral, here. Fort Snelling was built in the 19th century to guard the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers, an area where there are lots of bald eagles: This cartoon by »