What To Make of the Islamic Migration Into Europe?

Featured image Many thousands of migrants–some refugees, some not–are making their way from Islamic countries in the Middle East and Asia to Turkey, thence to Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and finally, for most of them, Germany. The largest number come from Syria, but other Islamic countries are represented from as far away as Afghanistan. It is still not clear to me why this torrent has suddenly broken free. Germany has promised »

More Than Half of Immigrants on Public Assistance

Featured image The Center for Immigration Studies is out with a blockbuster report that finds 51 percent of immigrant households—both legal and illegal—receive some kind of public assistance, versus just 30 percent of native households. Whether immigrants contribute more to total economic activity or public revenues greater than they receive in benefits is not addressed in this report, and remains a subject of fierce controversy. From the executive summary: This study is »

Hillary Doubles Down: Republicans Are Nazis, Too

Featured image So what happens when a politician says, “I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants”? Oh wait, the person who said that was Senator Hillary Clinton, to WABC Radio’s John Gambling in a 2003 interview. Whatever. Today Hillary trumped (heh) her suggestion yesterday that Republicans are the moral equivalent of Islamic terrorists by suggesting the GOP are Nazis too, because “some” on “the other side” want to round up illegal immigrants »

Good for Trump for booting Jorge Ramos

Featured image As Scott notes below, Donald Trump had Jorge Ramos of Univision ejected from his press conference today. Good for Trump. Jorge Ramos is a blight upon journalism. He also embodies the threat that mass immigration by Hispanics poses to conservatism. The more voters who get their news from the likes of Jorge Ramos, the less chance American conservatism as we know it has to survive. But these aren’t the reasons »

NY Times Races to the Bottom on Immigration

Featured image The New York Times editorial board headlines, G.O.P. Candidates Follow Trump to the Bottom on Immigration. It’s a typically unhinged Times screed, and as such not worth deconstructing in detail. But a couple of assertions are so ignorant as to be worth singling out. The Times editorialists write: [Donald Trump] would restrict legal immigration, and impose a national job-verification system so that everyone, citizens too, would need federal permission to »

Trump’s Immigration Folly? A Dissent [and a reply]

Featured image Experience has taught me that it is rarely a good idea to disagree with Paul, but on the merits of Donald Trump’s new set of immigration reforms, I do largely disagree. I wrote here that I think Trump’s new immigration proposals are generally sensible, although they don’t go far enough. More about that last point another time. For now, let’s take Paul’s criticisms in turn. Paul agrees that “birthright” citizenship »

Trump’s immigration folly

Featured image I think it’s fair to describe Power Line as hard-line on immigration. Back when Marco Rubio was plugging amnesty on shows like Fox News talk shows, with little push back and few if any appearances by opponents of amnesty, we were speaking out against the Schumer-Rubio legislation and I was harshly critical of Senator Rubio. But hard-line is one thing; foolish is another. Which brings me to Donald Trump’s immigration »

The Facts On H-1B Visas

Featured image At the Center for Immigration Studies’ web site, John Siano explains what the H-1B visa is really all about: The first step in the H-1B process is for the employer to file a labor condition application (LCA). That is where the employer certifies the prevailing wage, the wage to be paid to the H-1B worker, and to other labor protection provisions. Notice that the employer determines what the prevailing wage »

Donald Trump’s Immigration Proposals: Mainstream and Popular [Updated]

Featured image Immigration has been Donald Trump’s signature issue, but until now his approach to the topic has been confused. He has talked almost exclusively about illegal immigration, without seeming to recognize that our irrational immigration laws are a big part of the problem: thus his calls to build a fence with a “big beautiful door” for legal immigrants. Moreover, in an interview a week or so ago, he appeared to approve »

U.S. Is Home to a Record 42.1 Million Immigrants

Featured image Monthly census data indicate that there are now 42.1 million foreign-born residents of the United States, the highest total in our history. This includes both legal and illegal immigrants. For perspective, the entire population of Canada is 35 million. The census data indicate 12.1 million Mexicans–10% of Mexico’s population–are living here either legally or illegally. Immigrants now represent 13.3% of the population of the U.S., the highest proportion in 105 »

Rapist-murderer of California woman was here illegally and had recently been arrested

Featured image 64-year-old Marilyn Pharis was sleeping in her home in Santa Maria, California on July 24 when 29-year-old Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez and 20-year-old Jose Villagomez broke in. The two men sexually assaulted, strangled, and repeatedly struck Pharis in the head with a hammer. She died eight days later. Martinez Ramirez, it turns out, was in the U.S. illegally. Not only that, he had been arrested just two weeks before he »

Another Aspect of the Democrats’ War On Women: Jobs

Featured image From the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Senate committee staff comes more evidence of how the Democrats’ immigration policies have devastated the employment prospects of American women: In one of the more shocking finds from the new tranche of employment data is the below graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It shows that since the recession hit in December of 2007, 100% of all employment gains among women workers »

Camp of the Saints, Revisited

Featured image If you want to see the immigration crisis getting completely out of control, check out northern France, where several thousand “migrants”—as the press describes them—are trying to charge through the Channel Tunnel to Britain, where, they suppose, the welfare state will take care of them. It hasn’t been receiving much media coverage in the U.S., except for the Wall Street Journal, which notes today that the disruption at the Channel »

The Immigration Onslaught Continues

Featured image We are in the midst of the biggest influx of immigrants in our country’s history. In the next ten years, under current law, the federal government will issue 10 million green cards–more than the combined populations of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This chart is courtesy of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration: Subcommittee staff explains the significance of green cards, the large majority of which will go to low-skill »

Trump Goes Soft on Immigration

Featured image As we have said repeatedly, Donald Trump is not a conservative. This is why he has been a registered Democrat for much of his adult life, and has financially supported more Democrats than Republicans. Mostly, Trump is a mushy thinker and a blowhard. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that yesterday on CNN, Trump retreated on immigration to a position that is hard to distinguish from a typical Democrat’s: Trump »

Fashion shoot with illegals

Featured image Deirdra Funcheon reports at the Broward/Palm Beach New Times site: About 6 a.m. on July 10, Ekaterina Juskowski was shooting a video of her friend, a model, near 36th Street in the heart of Miami Beach. She noticed that a blue-green boat in the background — she thought it was a scuba boat — was coming closer to shore and thought, “They are ruining my video.” Juskowski shut off the »

Sessions and Johnson Offer Legislation to End Sanctuary Cities

Featured image Paul wrote earlier today about the alien crime wave in Texas. In Congress, Senators Jeff Sessions and Ron Johnson have offered legislation that begins to address the problem of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens. It’s called the Protecting American Lives Act; the full text is here. In essence, the bill: * requires state and local jurisdictions to notify the federal government when a criminal alien is in their custody »