Ninth Circuit denies stay

Featured image Yesterday the Department of Justice has filed an emergency motion for an immediate stay and a motion for stay pending appeal of Judge Robart’s order restraining the Trump administration from enforcing its executive order calling a brief timeout on the admission of refugees from seven designated countries (a/k/a “travel ban”). The motion has been posted online here. The motion characterizes Judge Robart’s order as an injunction (which is appealable) rather »

A strange ruling from a strange judge

Featured image Jerome Woehrle at Liberty Unyielding provides a revealing look at James Robart, the federal judge who enjoined President Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting entry to the U.S. from seven highly problematic nations. Scott has observed that Judge Robart’s opinion is nearly devoid of legal analysis. Woehrle expands on this criticism: Judge James Robart’s order has no legal basis, and barely pretends to. [The] order against Trump sheds little light on »

Restrain this

Featured image At The Stranger Sydney Brownstone provides a summary of the temporary restraining order entered by Judge James Robart staying enforcement “on a nationwide basis” of President Trump’s timeout on immigration from seven countries previously identified by the Obama administration. The Seattle Times has posted an excited story on the order together with a video of the hearing on it (below). This case has been brought in federal district court against »

“How is it playing out in Australia?” [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Writing from down under, Steve Kates responds to the question “How is it playing out in Australia?” Not surprisingly, Professor Kates provides a perspective that is nowhere to be found in the news up here: “For [Australian Prime Minister] Malcolm [Turnbull] apparently to have tried to push Trump, by telling him that as a fellow businessman that a deal is a deal, must rank as politically incompetent as anything I »

Did Trump “badger” Australia’s PM?

Featured image “Trump badgers leader of Australia.” That’s the headline on the front page of today’s Washington Post. Barack Obama badgered the leader of Israel for eight years. I don’t think the Post ever so informed its readers. Why not? Because the Post loves Obama and hates Netanyahu and Trump. It’s as simple as that. But did Trump really badger Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during their phone conversation yesterday? The Post’s »

Who Knew? Trump’s Immigration Order Is Popular

Featured image The Democratic Party press is trying to portray a spontaneous storm of indignation arising across the country in response to President Trump’s temporary restriction on travel from seven countries. Demonstrations and impassioned speeches by Democrats and left-wing activists are given breathless coverage. If you didn’t know better, you would think that Americans have risen up as one to condemn Trump’s rather mild, if poorly implemented, order. But you would be »

Bad moon rising

Featured image You may have missed the Dems’ big rally at the Supreme Court last night against President Trump’s “travel ban” (as CNN calls it). Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer somehow expressed his opposition to Trump’s executive order without crying even though he did call out the order as “evil.” Really. The rally was full of symbolic moments. The amplification malfunctioned with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at the microphone seeking »

Who is Dana J. Boente?

Featured image If you’re a leftist, he’s about to become the devil incarnate for accepting President Trump’s appointment as acting attorney general in place of the disobedient Sally Yates. In reality, Boente is a long-time civil servant who was appointed during the Obama administration to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana and later as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA). For years, Boente »

All Hysteria, All the Time

Featured image In a way, the Left’s ability to go bonkers in lockstep is impressive. You have to give them credit for message discipline, if nothing else. The idea that a 90-day stay on travel from Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Libya is of any particular significance–let alone the crisis of the age!–is crazy. But on the Left these days, craziness isn’t just permitted, it is required. There are many »

Schumer cries

Featured image Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer got all choked up about President Trump’s recent immigration order calling a brief timeout on admissions from seven countries. Well, it must be serious. This sets a high bar indeed for future action taken by President Trump. From now on the question will be whether it prompted Schumer to recite poetry, invoke one of his kids and cry for the cameras. »

Turning it up to 11

Featured image Paul notes the Washington Post’s solicitation of readers for what he calls “immigration sob stories.” If you can explain how Donald Trump ruined your life and can tie it to the “extreme vetting” executive order, the Post wants to hear from you. But it’s not just the Post. The New York Times is also on the case. If you have been affected (or will soon be affected!) by the executive »

Washington Post solicits immigration sob stories

Featured image In what might be described as the journalism equivalent of ambulance chasing, the Washington Post is inviting readers to tell it how their lives have been ruined by President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The Post’s main web page includes this: Are you, or someone you know, affected by President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and migrants from the U.S.? Share your story with us. If you follow the link, »

Trump’s immigration order: myths and realities

Featured image Reasonable people can disagree about the wisdom of the Trump administration’s immigration order [NOTE: And the way it was implemented arguably left much to be desired]. But before agreeing or disagreeing, it’s important understand what the order does and does not do, and how it compares to recent policy. David French does a good job of separating the facts from the hysteria. For the hysteria, French cites the usual suspects: »

Is Trump’s Immigration Order the Worst of Both Worlds?

Featured image President Trump is taking a lot of political heat, and therefore expending a considerable amount of political capital, for an immigration order that doesn’t go far enough to be meaningful. Trump has decreed a halt to travel–immigration and otherwise–from seven Muslim-majority countries, for a mere 90 days. This is accompanied by a suspension of refugee admissions (with the exception of Syria) for only 120 days. The idea, supposedly, is to »

Pardon her ignorance

Featured image John likes to say that mainstream media reporters know less than most of us do. Maggie Haberman, a political correspondent for The New York Times and a political analyst for CNN, provided evidence for this contention today. Haberman tweeted: Other than San Bernardino shootings, has there been a terrorist attack involving a non-US-born attacker since 9/11? Any reasonably well-informed person could have answered that one in the affirmative. Guy Benson »

Extreme vetting, here we come

Featured image President Trump began to fulfill one of his signal campaign promises yesterday with the promulgation of an executive order addressing immigration from Muslim countries. The New York Times has posted the text of the executive order here. The order proceeds through a series of cross-reference to other laws that renders it incomprehensible on its own terms. Perhaps improvidently, I take the summary of the order’s operative provisions by Michael Shear »

Trump’s Immigration Orders

Featured image Yesterday, President Trump signed two executive orders relating to immigration. In the first few days of his administration we have already found that the Trump we see as President is the same Trump we saw on the campaign trail, for better–mostly–and for worse. So the contents of the immigration orders come as no surprise. The first is titled Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements. Section 1 of the Order includes »