Sex Crimes Across Germany: The Coverup Unravels

Featured image Britain’s Daily Mail must be one of the world’s oddest news sources, but occasionally it does some good original reporting. That is the case with respect to its coverage of the epidemic of sexual assault that has erupted across Germany: [Michelle] is just one of 120 women who were abused that horrific night in the [cathedral] square, which is dotted with bars, nightclubs and coffee shops, and is where Cologne »

Germany cracks down on speech by citizens enraged over its immigration policy

Featured image During my time at law school, I had to good fortune to study under a great scholar of the Constitution, rather than, say, a glib community organizer. That scholar was Gerald Gunther. Gunther was born in Germany in 1927. His Jewish family had deep roots in Germany, and Gunther said they were reluctant to leave even as the Nazi government increasingly oppressed Jews. Young Gunther, unaffected by tradition, had no »

“Mrs. Merkel Invited Me”

Featured image In a coda to the New Year’s Eve rampages in Cologne and elsewhere in Germany that Scott and I wrote about here and here, a leaked police report describing the outrages that occurred in Cologne has been published in the German press. The Telegraph reports: Ministers have said there is no evidence asylum seekers were involved in the violence. But the leaked police report, published in Bild newspaper and Spiegel, »

Eyewitness Cologne

Featured image John wrote about the industrial strength sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. A reader directs our attention to two complementary videos that offer another look at the New Year’s Eve festivities in Cologne. The first (below) provides eyewitness testimony by Ivan Jurcevic, a hotel club bouncer. Jurcevic describes what happened at in front of the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). The translation is by Christopher Cohn, who posted the »

Immigration on Cruz Control

Featured image Ted Cruz’s campaign is out today with a well-produced and effective ad about immigration that I think works on several levels—especially at puncturing the elite insulation from the issue. Indeed, once upon a time liberals opposed unlimited unskilled immigration precisely because they understood that it was bad for unskilled labor in the U.S. But that was back when at least some liberals had a minimal amount of economic literacy. (Heck, »

Industrial Scale Sexual Assault in Germany

Featured image From the New York Times: German authorities said on Tuesday that coordinated attacks in which young women were sexually harassed and robbed by hundreds of young men on New Year’s Eve in the western city of Cologne were unprecedented in scale and nature. The assault, which went largely unreported for days…. In Germany, as in the U.S., the liberal media consider themselves gatekeepers whose primary role is to suppress stories »

Obama Intends to Violate Federal Immigration Law. Again.

Featured image On New Year’s Eve, the Obama administration published a 200-page proposed rule in the Federal Register. The proposed rule is another executive order, in plain violation of the immigration laws. Obama’s executive order would illegally ignore the immigration caps that are enshrined in law. Senator Jeff Sessions denounced Obama’s usurpation, which, interestingly, was covered by hardly any “mainstream” news sources. Sessions wrote: The President has announced another brazen, illegal executive »

“Islamophobia” in one state (4)

Featured image I greatly enjoyed talking about “Minnesota men” with John Hinderaker as he sat in for Laura Ingraham yesterday morning and with our buddy Seth Leibsohn on Phoenix KKNT/960 The Patriot’s Seth Leibsohn Show yesterday afternoon. Seth was interested in my Star Tribune column “Islam and Minnesota: Can we hear some straight talk for a change?” Below is the audio clip that Seth has posted. I also got a kick out »

Obama reportedly contemplates deportations; how will Hillary respond?

Featured image The Washington Post reports that the Department of Homeland Security has begun preparing for a series of raids that would target for deportation hundreds of families who have flocked to the United States since the start of last year. This plan isn’t exactly draconian. According to the Post, it would target only adults and children who have already been ordered removed from the United States by an immigration judge. Even »

Does Rubio’s Gang of Eight membership doom him?

Featured image It wasn’t long ago that conservative proponents of comprehensive immigration reform were insisting that the idea is popular among Republican voters. In 2014, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin told us, “nope, immigration reform [isn’t] toxic” and that “the anti-immigration forces are loud but in the distinct minority” within the Republican party. To be fair, Rubin and others of the same view backed up their claim with poll data, but they »

Rape Culture: The Real Thing

Featured image We hear a lot about “rape culture” at American universities, but no one actually believes it. If we did, we wouldn’t send our daughters off to college. It appears there is such a thing, however; American liberals have just been looking in the wrong place. The New York Times headlines: “Norway Offers Migrants a Lesson in How to Treat Women.” We aren’t talking about etiquette lessons here: Fearful of stigmatizing »

The Omnibus Spending Bill Sells Out American Workers

Featured image With Republicans in control of both House and Senate, the backroom omnibus spending bill that was unveiled yesterday should have been an opportunity to advance the conservative agenda across a very broad front. No doubt there are a few good aspects to the bill. But, as Paul noted earlier, it strikes a blow against education and against the Constitution by expanding funding for the Department of Education’s Office for Civil »

On Immigration, We Don’t Ask the Right Question

Featured image If someone proposes that next year we should import 10,000 unskilled immigrants from Pakistan, the first question we should ask is: why do we need them? But that is the one question that no one ever seems to pose. In the Atlantic, David Frum has an excellent essay titled “America’s Immigration Challenge.” Frum asks, slightly less directly, my question. He describes the bizarre policy of chain migration that dominates American »

Another “Minnesota man” charged

Featured image I wrote about the “Minnesota men” desperately seeking ISIS in the Weekly Standard article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” On Power Line I noted that a tenth “Minnesota man” was added to the group charged with conspiracy to support ISIS in Syria earlier this week. The tenth man was our Eagan neighbor Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame. The U.S. Attorney’s press release is posted here. Like his co-conspirators, Warsame is a first »

Voters Are Fine With Suspending Muslim Immigration

Featured image Polls are coming out on Donald Trump’s proposal–if you can call it that, as opposed to another episode of free association–to suspend travel and immigration to the U.S. by Muslims. While I think that idea is overbroad and unworkable, the polls suggest that most Americans don’t disagree with it. Yesterday Rasmussen Reports released a survey that found most Republicans, and a plurality of American voters, agree with Trump: 66% of »

Media Alert [Updated with Audio]

Featured image I will be on the Howie Carr radio show at 4:35 this afternoon, talking about the Leahy Amendment. Tune in if you can, it should be fun! UPDATE: One nice thing about the Howie Carr show is that they promptly send guests an audio file of their appearances. Here it is: »

Are Democrats Trying to Establish a Right To Immigrate to US?

Featured image Foreigners have no right to emigrate to the United States. How many immigrants we want to take in, and who those immigrants should be, are issues decided by us in our sole discretion, through our political process. This has always been the law, and has always been the fact. But there are ominous signs that the Democrats may be trying, surreptitiously, to effect a radical change in these basic principles »