India: Don’t Look Now, But . . .

Featured image So while we wait for the fallout from the massive bailout of Spanish banks that has  unfolded over the last 72 hours, and ponder the prospect of a breakdown in China’s economy discussed here yesterday, let’s not overlook the other tiger of Asian economic growth—India.  The Economist warns this week (“Farewell to Incredible India”) that its economy may be on the wane, too: IN A world economy as troubled as »

Panetta attempts to clean up after Obama in India

Featured image During a two-day stay in India, Secretary of Defense Panetta urged India to: (1) take a larger role in Afghanistan and (2) support the Obama administration’s new policy that purports to counterbalance China’s growing influence and military power. This shouldn’t have been a hard sell. India has an interest in as much stability as can be achieved in Afghanistan because instability there might well benefit Pakistan. And India has an »