Infrastructure spending, a critique

Featured image This past summer, Harvard economics professor Edward Glaeser wrote a powerful critique of infrastructure spending. His article, which appeared in the City Journal, was a response to a proposal by Bernie Sanders to spend $1 billion on public infrastructure. But Glaeser’s arguments apply to similar proposals by other politicians and might well apply to the proposal Donald Trump offers, assuming he follows through on his pledge to rebuild America’s infrastructure. »

Schumer identifies common ground with Trump

Featured image While Democrats around the country try to “process” what happened last week, wily Chuck Schumer is planning what will happen next year. The soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader announced that, unlike Republicans during the Obama years, the Democrats won’t reflexively oppose whatever the president proposes. Instead, they will consider each proposal on its merits and work with President Trump when they consider his proposals meritorious. Schumer isn’t just saying this to »