Analyze this

Featured image President Obama has shown remarkable sympathy for the mentality of the mullahs ruling Iran, most recently in this past Friday’s year-end press conference from which I quoted in “Sympathy for the mullahs.” The mullahs are not shy about making their views known. The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has documented the mullahs’ attitude toward Israel and Jews since 2008. Last year it published a supplement covering 2009-2012. This year IDF »

Sympathy for the mullahs

Featured image Iran has been at war with the United States since the ascent of the mullahcracy in 1979. They held American hostages for 444 days in 1979-81, until Ronaldus Magnus was sworn in. On Reagan’s watch, however, the mullahs upped the ante, dispatching their Hezbollah subsidiary to murder 242 Marines in Beirut in 1983. The Iranians have kept right at it, murdering and maiming many of our fellow Americans in the »

The trouble with surrender

Featured image The Iranian mullahs are tough negotiators. They even make surrender difficult. The won’t take yes for an answer. In latest developments on the Joint Plan of Action agreed among the parties with such fanfare in Geneva, there is, so to speak, all plan and no action. Over the weekend Rick Richman took note in “Joint Plan of Action for our time.” Amir Taheri comments “Iran nuke deal quietly collapses.” Pending »

Podhoretz vs. Will

Featured image The problem with George Will’s disappointing column on the deal with Iran is that it assumes Iran can be contained/deterred. Substantial evidence to the contrary can be adduced. Norman Podhoretz adduces some of it in “Strike Iran now to avert disaster later.” Podhoretz recalls: As Bernard Lewis, the leading contemporary authority on Islam, put it in 2007, to these fanatics “mutual assured destruction is not a deterrent, it is an »

John Kerry testifies

Featured image Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in favor of the Iran deal yesterday. The State Department has posted the text of Kerry’s opening remarks. In his remarks Kerry made each of the misleading points he has used previously to sell the agreement; I have commented on them several times and won’t repeat them here. I don’t think Kerry introduces any new points in favor »

Deep thoughts by Barack Obama, Iran edition

Featured image In “Obama explains the Iran deal” I took a look at President Obama’s remarks at the Saban Forum over the weekend (video included at the link). Taking the remarks at face value, Lee Smith interprets Obama’s deep (Smith describes them as “incoherent”) thoughts. Smith writes: The way Obama sees it, a “diplomatic resolution of this situation is, frankly, greater than what we could achieve with the other options that are »

Congress considering new sanctions on Iran

Featured image A bipartisan move is afoot in the Senate to pass legislation this year that would impose new, stricter sanctions on Iran if negotiations do not produce a deal that dismantles Iran’s nuclear weapons development program. Under the interim deal that President Obama struck with Iran, there is a six month negotiating period. Under the contemplated legislation, new sanctions would not kick in until after the expiration of that period, and »

Kerried away revisited

Featured image In “Kerried away” I took a look at the falsehoods and stretcher with which John Kerry has sought to peddle the “Joint Plan of Action with Iran.” If (big if) prevention of Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is the goal of the agreement, the agreement is, to borrow the applicable formula from Woody Allen, a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two »

Demography and Obama’s Iran bailout

Featured image Deprived of their right to vote for other than state approved candidates, the people of Iran appear to be voting, in one way or another, with their sex organs. Thus, Michael Rubin reports that Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei is complaining about low birth rates: This lack of interest in bearing children is a malady. Otherwise, one naturally likes to have children. Why do a number of people prefer to »

Bibi shoots back

Featured image Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Brookings Institution Saban Conference this morning via satellite. He responded to the substance of President Obama’s inane remarks at the forum yesterday. Netanyahu engages in the obligatory praise of President Obama and Secretary Kerry that is laughable under the circumstances, and he necessarily restates the express points of agreement between the public positions of the United States and Israel. His remarks are framed in diplomatic »

Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program Speeds Forward

Featured image Reuters reports that Iran is proceeding with tests of more advanced, more efficient nuclear centrifuges: Iran is moving ahead with testing [of] more efficient uranium enrichment technology, a spokesman for its atomic energy agency said on Saturday, in news that may concern world powers who last month agreed a deal to curb Tehran’s atomic activities. As we have argued repeatedly, the claim that the Geneva agreement significantly “curbs” Iran’s nuclear »

Obama explains the Iran deal

Featured image President Obama appeared at the Brooking Institution’s Saban Forum in Washington yesterday. He responded to questions put to him by Haim Saban, the forum chairman. The discussion focused on the interim deal with Iran, although it also covered the Israel-PA peace talks and the agreement with Syria to destroy its chemical weapons. C-SPAN has posted the video of Obama’s appearance here. The White House has posted the embeddable video below. »

George Will’s false choice on Iran

Featured image George Will is a national treasure. But that doesn’t mean his columns are always persuasive. His latest column is not. The column is called (in the print edition) “A deal with Iran or war?” Will seems to assume that without a deal, there would be a war — or, at a minimum, that President Obama’s deal significantly reduces the likelihood of war. But Will does not back this assumption up, »

Obama’s Iran bail out promotes Sunni-Shiite violence

Featured image The Washington Post notices that President Obama’s deal with Iran has been followed by an “uptick” in violence between Sunni and Shiite in the Middle East. The uptick is not a coincidence. It almost surely is the product of the shift in U.S. policy towards Iran, including but not limited to the “bail out” features of the deal, that Obama has wrought: As Sunni Arabs push back against a reordering »

Ignatius ignores (me): The complete tweets

Featured image I tweeted Washington Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius (@IgnatiusPost) three times over the weekend with reference to his column “Iran — the next stage.” As I wrote in “Ignatius ignores,” I doubt he read the Joint Plan of Action the United States arrived at with Iran before writing his column saluting it. The agreement with Iran is a matter of great seriousness, though it is only four pages long. »

Iran: Nuclear Enrichment Is a “Red Line”

Featured image Iran’s leaders continue to make clear their determination to press forward with uranium enrichment and to expand their nuclear program under the deal they negotiated with the Obama administration a week or two ago in Geneva. The semiofficial FARS news service reports: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani underlined that Tehran is determined to forge ahead with its uranium enrichment program for peaceful purposes, and stressed that the size of uranium enrichment »

Ignatius ignores (me)

Featured image I tweeted Washington Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius (@Ignatiuspost) yesterday afternoon with reference to his column “Iran — the next stage.” As I wrote in “Ignatius ignores,” I doubt he read the Joint Plan of Action the United States arrived at with Iran before writing his column saluting it. I have retweeted him (@IgnatiusPost, in case the second capital letter is necessary) this morning. I haven’t heard back from »