James Mattis

Mattis speaks

Featured image Defense Secretary Mattis loves the troops and the feeling is obviously mutual. Speaking to the troops somewhere on his current tour to Jordan, Turkey and Ukraine, he spoke to them from the heart about their mission as well as the home front (video below): Here is the text of his remarks via The Daily Wire: Believe me, I know you’re far from home, every one of you; I know you »

Analyze this

Featured image John Dickerson conducted an intensely interesting interview with Secretary of Defense James Mattis at West Point this past Saturday for broadcast yesterday (video below). RCP has posted video along with a transcript of the interview here. Secretary Mattis discussed our progress in the war against ISIS. He noted a shift in our tactics that he describes as follows: “We have already shifted from attrition tactics, where we shove them from »

Sec. Mattis drops Anne Patterson

Featured image We wrote here (per Eliana Johnson) about White House pushback against the selection of Anne Patterson for the position of undersecretary of defense for policy. As ambassador to Egypt in the Obama administration, Patterson strongly backed Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government. I’m happy to report (per the Washington Post) that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has withdrawn Patterson as his choice for the Pentagon policy post. Mattis did so »

White House wisely pushes back on questionable Mattis selection

Featured image Eliana Johnson reports that some White House officials are opposing the selection by James Mattis of Anne Patterson for the position of undersecretary of defense for policy. The opposition reportedly stems mainly from Patterson’s actions as U.S. ambassador to Egypt in the Obama administration. Eliana explains: Patterson worked closely with former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his Islamist government. She came under fire for cultivating too close a relationship with »