jimmy Carter

In search of the cavalry

Featured image Bill Kristol’s latest piece — “A Superpower Once Lived Here” — is a powerful indictment of President Obama’s ruinous foreign policy and, more importantly, a plea for vigorous, effective opposition. First, the indictment: Putin understands Obama’s message. He knows he’s won Crimea. The question is whether he’ll win Ukraine. He thinks he will. He’s dealing with the Obama administration, after all. He looks at the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and »

Meanwhile, In Venezuela…Jimmy Carter Offers to Lend a Hand

Featured image Ukraine has pushed Venezuela off the front pages, but all the while, the collapse of that country’s socialist regime continues. Demonstrations are ongoing in Caracas and throughout the country: As if Venezuela didn’t have troubles enough, Jimmy Carter has offered to get involved. Humberto Fontova reports at Frontpage: Last week Jimmy Carter fired off letters to Venezuela’s fraudulent President Nicolas Maduro and to Venezuela’s defrauded Presidential candidate Enrique Capriles expressing »

Once Again: Jimmy Who?

Featured image John’s notice of the passing of Sid Caeser a few days ago included the clip of Ronald Reagan on “What’s My Line?,” where of course the panel had to be blindfolded and Reagan had to disguise his voice because he would have been instantly recognized.  I think I knew Reagan had done this, but I had never seen the episode. But it reminded me: Jimmy Carter appeared on “What’s My »

A word from Peter Wehner

Featured image The excellent Peter Wehner has responded to my post disputing his statement that “Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter without Camp David.” Pete writes: I’ll take this opportunity to clarify what I was saying. My point about President Obama being Jimmy Carter without Camp David has to do with Mr. Obama being incompetent; I wasn’t arguing that he’s inconsequential. To take these two categories in order. I’m not sure I could »

Underestimating Obama

Featured image Peter Wehner calls President Obama “Jimmy Carter without Camp David.” It’s a great line, and one I’d like to subscribe to. But is it apt? If we are to make the analogy, then Jimmy Carter can be cast as Barack Obama without Obamacare. And if Republicans cooperate with Democrats to enact amnesty-style immigration reform, Carter will be Obama without Obamacare and amnesty. Obamacare (assuming no repeal) and significant pro-illegal immigrant »