Guys: Don’t Ignore the Kiss Cam!

Featured image Being a reserved sort of guy, I tend to disapprove of social pressures to do things like kiss your girlfriend or wife. Or whoever that woman to your left might be. Still, I’ve gotten used to the Kiss Cam, which is a fixture at Target Field and most sports venues. At this point, if I saw myself on the screen along with my wife, or someone else who looks reasonably »

Jon Stewart: Personal testimony (Updated with U.S. apology)

Featured image At the New York Times blog The Lede, Robert Mackey and Kareem Fahim report: The American comedian Jon Stewart’s criticism of the Egyptian government briefly escalated into a diplomatic incident on Tuesday, as the United States Embassy in Cairo shared a link to a “Daily Show” segment on Twitter, causing the office of Egypt’s president to react with anger. Mr. Stewart devoted the first 11 minutes of his program on »

Greatest Interview Ever

Featured image This has nothing to do with current events, but it is pretty funny, so I thought I’d share it with our readers. Actress Mila Kunis is doing interviews in support of her new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful, and one of the interviewers turns out to be an inexperienced young guy from the BBC, who begins by announcing that he is “petrified,” apparently because this is his first interview »

The Week in Pictures

Featured image Because it’s time for another set of zany, zafdig looks at the crazy world around us.  Starting of course with topical humor: What do you want to bet that a future movie on drone warfare does win the Best Picture Academy Award? By the way, I can’t wait for the Ron Burgundy sequel, currently under way I am told. What’s Homer Simpson’s motto? “Beer: the cause of–and solution to–most of »

The Best of Phil

Featured image If you aren’t FaceBook friends with Phil Terzian, the literary editor of the Weekly Standard, you’re missing some of his best stuff (though he is responsible for this week’s back-page Parody of Harvard’s self-consciousness of the awkwardness new students face when the carry the burden of being Harvard students home with them for the holidays).  But since not everyone can be FaceBook friends with everybody, here’s a new FB post »

Halloween Leftovers

Featured image But is there really anything scarier than Obama or Biden without a teleprompter?  Probably not, but here’s some worthy candidates. »

Art Imitates Life

Featured image The fine folks at The Onion, who I sometimes think are closet conservatives because they skewer liberal icons so often (yes, I know the same thing happens on The Simpsons, and why this happens), have produced the following video sendup of a TED talk about compost-powered cars (3:30 long): Trouble is, how can you tell the difference between this sendup and what liberals actually believe about energy, as I explained »

Friday Funnies in Pictures

Featured image Time for a Friday morning roundup of various visual items making their way around the interwebs.  Most of these don’t require any explanation, but I’ll offer some comments on one or two. And finally, a pic of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest ride: »

Chronicles of Ineptitude, Chapter 5

Featured image Continuing our occasional series of roundups of notable ineptitude in our world, how about the news that Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder is “very upset” by Mitt Romney’s comments about the 47 percent.  Now, my first mentor in Washington, the great M. Stanton Evans, explained to me when I was 22 years old that when there is a hot political controversy, the first thing to do is to find »

No Politics, a Dash of Theology, Mostly Just a Cartoon

Featured image I don’t recall where I ran across this old cartoon from the New Yorker, but it made me laugh: »

He’s Baaack

Featured image A couple years back I got briefly up close and personal with then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at an event at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, and in framing a question about what he might do after leaving office, told him the story of Gov. Ronald Reagan’s appearance on the Tonight Show in 1973.  Carson asked Reagan if he might return to Hollywood to make movies after leaving the governorship.  Reagan displayed »

Headline of the Day

Featured image Just when you thought headlines couldn’t get any sillier than “Experts Still Perplexed,” we see this one: »

Obama Meets Elvis

Featured image Paul wrote here about Barack Obama’s absurd insinuation of himself into the White House biographies of former presidents. These insertions were sometimes false–suggesting that his tax policies mirror Ronald Reagan’s–but mostly just silly and self-obsessed. Several web sites have sprung up to ridicule the White House’s Obama Through the Ages campaign, including Obama In History, which photoshops our president into a variety of famous presidential and non-presidential scenes. They are »

Tweet of the Day

Featured image Trust me. Follow the link. »

Somehow, this picture made me think of. . .

Featured image . . . Joe Biden.  Not sure why.  Maybe someone can explain in the comments section why the synapses would fire in this particular way.  (Courtesy PawNation.) »

Obama Dog-Eater Joke of the Day

Featured image No, Barry! We said PEPperoni, PEPperoni! »

A Practical Science Project?

Featured image Over at the New York Review of Books, physicist Steven Weinberg laments the decline in government funding for “big science,” especially noting that the proposed James Webb telescope, a replacement for the aging Hubble telescope, is withering for lack of funding from Congress.  Well, here’s an idea to get those “anti-science” Republicans to cough up the dough: combine the two telescopes into one!  Call it the “Webb Hubble telescope,” after »