Laughter is the Best Medicine

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image We introduced our old friend Ammo Grrrll over the weekend and we think she fits right in. Even so, except for the thumbnail shot that goes back a few years, we will protect her identity from disclosure here on out through the use of her well-chosen pseudonym. We will add only that, before adopting the Ammo Grrrll persona, she had a productive career in stand-up comedy making people laugh for »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Our old friend Susan Vass has had a productive career in stand-up comedy making people laugh for a living. I’m not sure if she’s still working, but she still thinks funny thoughts. She has forwarded current meditations under the pseudonym Ammo Grrrll in columns she calls “Thoughts from the ammo line.” Ammo Grrrll writes: A few years ago, I moved from a blue to a red planet. No, wait, I »

The selling of Obamacare

Featured image Reality has been outrunning satire for a while in the Age of Obama, but the folks at Saturday Night Live seem to think they can pull it off. As we approach the shifting deadline for Obamacare enrollment on Monday, Obama adviser “Mike” (he looks an awful lot like Obama flack Dan Pfeiffer) and social media expert “Mara” are featured talking Obama into taking promotional photographs that are guaranteed to go »

Maureen Dowd finds the lightning bug

Featured image Mark Twain famously observed: “The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Maureen Dowd presents as tomorrow’s Exhibit A. She happened onto the lightning bug in her New York Times column “Dems in distress.” Referring to the Democrats’ current panic as a crisis of confidence in President Obama, Dowd writes: “It’s not just »

That certain something

Featured image Seen on the Twitter feed of (New York Times reporter) Chris Buckley, retweeted by (New York Times reporter) Peter Baker. I’m taking the liberty of passing it on without further comment. Mao's grandson has that certain something: — Chris Buckley 储百亮 (@ChuBailiang) March 10, 2014 »

Barack Obama sings…

Featured image From the Obama songbook, The People’s Cube has rushed this timely greatest hits collection to market: Barack Obama Sings “Crimea River” and Other Greatest Hits. It’s hard to pick a favorite. As a student and fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival, however, I’m going with “Have You Ever Seen Ukraine?” I look forward to volume 2 and the collection of Obama’s Iran-inspired greatest hits with another nod to CCR: Barack Obama »

Sid Caesar, RIP; and a Side of Ronald Reagan You’ve Probably Never Seen

Featured image Sid Caesar died today at age 91. He was one of the brightest stars of television’s early days, and my family often watched his show. My father thought he was hilarious, and he was. Having time on my hands these days as I am recuperating from surgery, I poked around on YouTube for a while. Sure enough, there are lots of clips from Caesar’s old television shows. This one is »

Pajama Boy Sweeps the Internet

Featured image One of the central imperatives of Obamacare is to persuade healthy young people to pay way too much for health insurance in order to subsidize the older and sicker. So far, this doesn’t seem to be happening. So the administration has embarked on a PR campaign that conveys a whiff of desperation. In part, the campaign has been geared to the holiday season, and the administration was justly ridiculed for »

From Gaga to Obama

Featured image Reading Maureen Callahan’s New York Post column “What happened to Lady Gaga?” and watching the meticulously edited video below, I started wondering if Barack Obama might be to politics what Lady Gaga is to music. Wouldn’t it be pretty to think so? I can’t make the case for the proposition, at least not yet. Instead, I’m filing this one under Laughter Is the Best Medicine. »

Hitler finds out he can’t keep his doctor under Obamacare

Featured image In the latest contribution to the “Hitler finds out” genre, Hitler finds out that Obamacare has compromised his right to the primary care physician of his choice. It is a contribution that demonstrates awareness of the latest news in Obamacare. Quotable quote: “Obama lied…not even the New York Times can cover for him now.” »

When the going was good!

Featured image The decade of the 1950′s really didn’t end until November 22, 1963, with the assassination of JFK. My teacher Jeffrey Hart nailed the period of the ’50′s in the title to his revisionist history cum memoir When the Going Was Good! Jeff Jacoby recalls the political humor of the era in his terrific Boston Globe column “When the joke was on JFK.” Jeff is too young to remember the era »

For the Obamacare blues

Featured image Saturday Night Live unloaded on Obama last night almost as severely as it did on Sarah Palin in 2008. I would like to think this represents some kind of a turning point toward a general understanding of the profound uncoolness of King Barry, but I’m filing it less grandiosely under Laughter Is the Best Medicine. »

NSA data collection: What, me worry?

Featured image Yesterday’s panel on NSA data collection featuring former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and George Mason University Law Professor Jeremy Rabkin was one of the highlights of this year’s National Lawyers Convention. After the introductions by moderator and former Acting Attorney George Terwilliger, Mr. Mukasey opens the discussion. Professor Rabkin provides a contrasting attitude and rollicking black humor. The program winds up with good questions from the audience. The whole program »


Featured image It’s unfair to compare and contrast Barack Obama with commercial pitchmen hawking their wares, even if the goods do not conform to unqualified representations of fact on which the seller intends the consumer to rely. James Taranto explains why. Whereas a scammer selling shoddy goods is breaking the law, Obama defrauded the public to make Obamacare the law. “Thus there is no evident legal recourse for those who were injured »

When you’ve lost the New Yorker

Featured image Barack Obama hasn’t really lost the New Yorker. Reporters and editors will be working overtime to toe the line supporting the beauty and brilliance of Obama’s left-wing dogmas in reportage that is scrupulously attentive to the prejudices and biases of its readers. For the moment, however, we have to enjoy the mocking cover below. It makes Obama a figure of fun. It lets a little helium out of his balloon. »

Breaking Glad

Featured image Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio served a 64-month prison sentence that recently ended with his release. (Nacchio served time following conviction on 19 counts of insider trading. The convictions were reversed by a panel of the Tenth Circuit and reinstated by the full court.) The Wall Street Journal reports on Nacchio’s time behind bars in “Tales from a white-collar prison sentence” by Dionne Searcey (behind the Journal’s jealously guarded paywall, »

Just one prick

Featured image In a memorable episode of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is instructed in the universal norm against using the telephone in a doctor’s examination room. David does not subscribe to the norm. Indeed, in his characteristic style, he remains an unrepentant offender. The doctor whose phone David uses in violation of the norm is none too pleased. Showing a bit more spine than the president of the »