The new Dodd-Frank rules — modern liberalism in a nutshell

Featured image The almost non-stop stream of Obamacare twists and turns should not divert our attention from radical new regulation of mortgage financing that will take effect, pursuant to Dodd-Frank, on January 10, 2014. Diane Katz of the Heritage Foundation has the details. As Katz points out, Washington’s response to the financial crisis of 2008 rests on the premise that the housing bubble and subsequent crash were the fault of unscrupulous mortgage »

Department of “the more things change. . .”

Featured image We hear plenty of talk these days about the rise of excessive partisanship and the decline of civil political discourse. Supposedly, things were so much more genial in the good old days. That may actually be true at some level if we’re talking about politicians. If we’re talking about liberal pundits, probably not so much. In researching my baseball article about the December 5, 1963 trade that sent Jim Bunning »

The Many Faces of Tyrannical Liberalism

Featured image Yesterday I noted that had decided to follow the lead of the Los Angeles Times, which ostentatiously announced recently that it would no longer print letters to the editor expressing skepticism of climate change orthodoxy.  Such is the confidence in their position that all dissent has to be suppressed.  Today a moderator of the science forum takes to the Puffington Host to recommend that all media outlets ban »

Democrats Prioritize Illegal Aliens Over Veterans

Featured image The Ryan-Murray budget deal cuts spending by reducing cost of living increases in military pensions. This provision was troubling to Senator Jeff Sessions, who is a spending hawk but thinks there are lots of items in the federal budget that should be cut before veterans’ benefits. As usual, I think Sessions is right. Harry Reid runs the Senate with an autocratic hand. One of his favorite tricks is called “filling »

Who Funds the Far Left? You’ll Be Surprised

Featured image The Center for American Progress is a left-wing organization that is closely associated with the Obama administration. Its principal product is a web site called Think Progress. Think Progress is part of the internet cesspool that modern liberalism has become. Written by hack left-wing bloggers, it is bitterly hostile to free enterprise. It is a low-rent site that traffics in the most absurd smears and conspiracy theories. Many have wondered »

George Will explicates the text

Featured image In the Chris Matthews kneepad interview on MSNBC — I fastened on this strand of it here — President Obama unburdened himself of the deep thought that “we have these big agencies, some of which are outdated, some of which are not designed properly”: “We’ve got, for example, 16 different agencies that have some responsibility to help businesses, large and small, in all kinds of ways, whether it’s helping to »

Fight! Fight! On the Left: An Update

Featured image Last week I brought our attention to the intramural fight on the left between the relatively moderate Clintonistas and the full-froth lefties like Sen. Fauxcahontas (Lizzie Warren).  In one sentence, the intolerant left (but I repeat myself) responded to criticisms of their populist tent revivalism with threats and intimidation. Yesterday David Weigel reported on Slate that there’s much more to this story.  Weigel explains patiently how the populist-progressive left set »

Should Anyone Get His News From a Comedian?

Featured image I have never watched Jon Stewart’s show, or any other program on Comedy Central. Life is too short. But I am aware that some people take Stewart seriously as a political commentator. In fact, the New York Times described him as perhaps “the most trusted man in America.” But why? I assume that Stewart is slightly above average in intelligence, but does he have any experience, knowledge or expertise that »

Liberal Excuses

Featured image A compleat roster of liberal excuses would require many volumes, or perhaps even an open-ended architecture like Wikipedia.  (Maybe Power Line will start a reader-generated WikiLiberalism?)  But there are a couple of items worthy of special note at the moment. First, James Taranto of the indispensable “Best of the Web” catches former Enron adviser Paul Krugman in an egregious instance of partisan hackery (Krugchild’s normal mode): “Here’s the world as »

In Lunacy, Veritas

Featured image Chris Matthews is crazy. Nevertheless, when left-wingers talk openly with one another, their craziness can be revealing. That is the case, I think, with this remarkable MSNBC clip. Matthews, fresh from his kneepad interview with President Obama, praises what he terms a uniquely brilliant insight by Al Sharpton: South Africa’s white politicians of the apartheid era were more patriotic than today’s Republicans: I haven’t heard anything as smart as what »

Happy Repeal Day!

Featured image The 21st Amendment to the Constitution went into effect on December 5, 1933, which means that today is the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. What struck me about Prohibition when I looked over the history is how long it lasted: from January 1920 until December 1933, almost 14 years. That’s a long time to go without a beer! Of course, lots of Americans didn’t abstain. Prohibition is often »

Jim Kim, flim-flam man

Featured image Last month, Joe Asch noted that former Dartmouth president Jim Kim has announced a cost-cutting plan for the World Bank, the institution he now runs. Joe predicted that the so-called cuts would never materialize in the real world. That prediction looks safe enough in light of the final budget numbers for Kim’s tenure at Dartmouth. As Joe explains, these numbers reveal that Kim’s cost-cutting at Dartmouth, touted as the signature »

Happy Genocide Day!

Featured image It happens every Thanksgiving: leftists crawl out from under their rocks and tell us that the holiday is a shameful celebration of “genocide.” These days, their preferred medium is Twitter. Here are a few samples: Most of the killjoys are unknown leftists, but the genocide theory of Thanksgiving may now be official dogma at MSNBC, which is a notch or two above “unknown.” Actually, some Indian tribes were victims of »

Happy Liberal Thanksgiving!

Featured image Isn’t it a bit churlish to dissect the president’s Thanksgiving Day message? After all, it is just a bit of holiday fluff written by some anonymous staffer, right? Nah. Obama delivered it, and messages of this sort can provide a valuable window into the assumptions that underlie everything an administration does. Plus, it’s fun. So here goes: Thanksgiving is an uncomfortable holiday for many liberals, because it implicitly poses the »

The lives of Obamatons

Featured image Byron York takes up the story of President Obama’s deep desire to subvert Thanksgiving on behalf of Obamacare: On Wednesday afternoon, just hours before Thanksgiving, President Obama’s Twitter account — which has more than 40 million followers — sent out this message: “Make sure everyone who sits down with you for #Thanksgivukkah dinner is covered.” (“Thanksgivukkah” refers to this year’s rare overlap of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.) The president’s tweet linked »

Conventional wisdom watch

Featured image When it was still somewhat readable, the late Newsweek magazine used to have a weekly Conventional Wisdom Watch feature (saluted here, for example). With arrows pointing up or down, it advised whose standing had risen or fallen in the past week according to the CW. The CW watch had a postmodern twist to it because Newsweek was itself a pillar of the conventional wisdom. I don’t think it’s too harsh »

2013: Year of the Left-Wing Billionaire

Featured image Obamacare is getting hammered, and deservedly so. But for the Democrats, it’s just another fundraising opportunity. They can’t run a health insurance program, but they are great at raking in cash. This communication from the Democratic Party arrived in my inbox yesterday: From: DCCC Breaking News [] Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 3:46 PM To: Hinderaker, John H. Subject: New York Times: New York Times: G.O.P. Maps Out Waves of »