Media Bias

Chuck Todd is a Chucklehead Toad

Featured image I confess to having a soft spot for Chuck Todd, NBC’s chief political reporter. Despite his liberal Democratic bona fides, he’s got a lot of insight into the day-to-day dynamics of politics that he relates fairly for the most part, and I found him to be very cordial and forthcoming the one and only time I ever met him in person at one of those infamous, uber-elitist Georgetown cocktail parties. »

Captain Obvious at the NY Times

Featured image I gather that the New York Times has abolished or “reformed” its copy editing desk, or is using some other fancy euphemism to explain away the ongoing “reduction in force” moves it has been taking as it lives up to Trump’s description of it as a “failing newspaper.” But sometimes there appears a sentence that ought to make some adult in the room realize they’ve taken these reductions too far. »

Hillary Clinton peddles fake news about Trump and Puerto Rico

Featured image Frustrated by the justifiably high marks President Trump received for the federal government’s response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, portions of the left are attacking Trump for allegedly not being sufficiently concerned about Hurricane Maria, which pounded Puerto Rico. Hillary Clinton is doing her part. She slammed the president for his near silence about the situation in Puerto Rico. Ever the snob, Clinton stated, with no apparent basis, “I’m not »

The Lampoon Times

Featured image When did the New York Times get taken over by the National Lampoon? It happened so slowly I didn’t even notice. As has been widely noticed, the Times has been running a series of articles related to the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, and it is obvious that the Times is still sad that the whole show came to an ignominious end in the early 1990s. (After all, there »

Chardonnay Or Vodka?

Featured image You may have seen this tweet by Razor: Find a love that looks at you the way the press looks at Hillary. — Razor (@hale_razor) September 6, 2016 I might have expected that losing would dim the press’s affection for Hillary, but I would have been wrong. Losing the election produced sympathy, not contempt. Thus Hillary’s book tour for What Happened has been a love-fest. Apparently there is not »

Associated Press Says: Don’t Cut Taxes!

Featured image The Associated Press is one of many “news” outlets that has gone into overt opposition, now that we have a Republican rather than a Democrat in the White House. Today’s AP “Top News” feature is headlined: Doubts arise on whether corporate tax cut would boost growth. The passive voice is generally a giveaway. Where, exactly, are doubts “arising”? Trump insists that slashing the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to »

The limits of Trump’s disdain for political incorrectness

Featured image How did Donald Trump pull off his stunning run to the presidency? I didn’t predict it, so I don’t feel qualified to say. Steve Bannon predicted it. Indeed, he told Charlie Rose he was 100 percent certain Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton. Thus, Bannon has standing to opine. Bannon told Rose that the core issue behind Trump’s success was his hard line on illegal immigration. He said that, though he’s »

ESPN anchor rails against “white supremacist” Trump [UPDATED]

Featured image ESPN, the world-wide leader in leftist bulls**t, is in deep financial trouble. The main cause appears to be the loss of cable subscribers due to a changing media landscape. ESPN’s vast overpayment for products like the NBA has also contributed. In addition, the network’s injection of left-wing politics into its treatment of sports has been a major turnoff for many of us. As Linda Cohn, who has been with ESPN »

Are Republicans Fleeing Congress Because of Trump?

Featured image The Associated Press headlines, gleefully: “Republicans jumping ship amid dissatisfaction in Trump era.” This is part of the AP’s daily campaign against President Trump; it sounds as though people are abandoning the GOP in droves. Actually, the point is much more limited: Veteran Republicans are bailing on Congress in growing numbers, as GOP control of Washington fails to produce the unity or legislative successes party leaders wish for. With President »

Trump Gives $1 Million, Still Can’t Win

Featured image On Tuesday, reporters asked press secretary Sarah Sanders whether President Trump had contributed to Hurricane Harvey relief. A reporter asked again yesterday: Q You said yesterday you would check if the President or the First Lady had made a personal donation to hurricane relief. Have you gotten anything back on that? MS. SANDERS: No, I know they’re looking into some different options. Today the White House announced that President and »

Judge tosses Sarah Palin’s suit against the New York Times

Featured image A federal judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Sarah Palin against The New York Times, ruling that Palin’s complaint failed to show that a mistake in an editorial was made maliciously. The editorial accused Palin of having incited Jared Loughner to murder six people, including a sitting Congresswoman, a federal judge, and a nine year old girl. The supposed incitement was an online map with “targeted” Democratic districts. »

The Media Never Disappoints

Featured image An old Reagan-era joke that can be endlessly updated goes as follows: Scientists announce that the world is going to end tomorrow. How will the news media cover it: Wall Street Journal: World to End Tomorrow: Markets to Close Early. (See page A8 for details.) USA Today: World to End Tomorrow—But We’re Grinning and Bearing It New York Times: World to End Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit Washington Post: »

Whose Side Is the New York Times On?

Featured image The New York Times has run a lot of pretentious ads since the last election, claiming to stand for “truth.” But their latest one strikes me as odd, and perhaps revealing: Who is the “they” who have politics on their side? The Republicans, who have generally fared well in recent election cycles? Conservatives? I can’t think of any other obvious possibilities. And who is the “we” who have journalism on »

Democrats’ Russia Story Hits Another Dead End

Featured image The New York Times headlines: “Felix Sater, Trump Associate, Boasted That Moscow Business Deal ‘Will Get Donald Elected.’” Sounds exciting, right? But the story fizzles rapidly. Felix Sater was a real estate broker who didn’t work for the Trump organization. (Hence the weaselly “Trump associate” headline.) He has, to say the least, a colorful history. But what is the story? Sater sent a couple of emails to Michael Cohen, who »

All dreamy about the dream team

Featured image The Daily Beast serves up this puff piece about Robert Mueller’s “dream team.” It’s under the byline of Betsy Woodruff, but is so gushing it might as well have been written by the dream team itself. What I found most notable about Woodruff’s piece is the disconnect between her profile of the individual dream team members and her conclusion. Nearly every team member is, according to the article, either a »

The president as media critic

Featured image President Trump began his lengthy oration in Phoenix last night with an extended attack on the media’s coverage of his statements about events in Charlottesville. Trump didn’t just attack the media in general. He named names. The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and ABC News received harsh criticism. At the same time, Trump praised Fox News and, especially, Sean Hannity. I agree with most of these assessments. But »

The media can’t help but help Trump

Featured image I dislike President Trump. I dislike the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, etc. and, of course, the Democratic Party considerably more. I believe there are millions of Americans who feel the same way. That’s one of the reasons Trump was able to win the presidency despite a low favorability rating. It’s also why the media helps Trump when it claims that various of his comments are affronts to »