Media Bias

CNN hires Comey fanboy to “defend” FBI

Featured image Scott says James Comey may be the least self-aware man in America. I agree. Comey is a legend in his own mind. Comey is also a legend in the mind of Josh Campbell, his former special assistant at the FBI. In an op-ed for USA Today, Campbell called his former boss “a giant of a man with an even bigger heart, whose focus was always on trying to understand and »

Politifact Exposed

Featured image PolitiFact is a liberal “fact checking” operation that serves the Democratic Party by pretending to be credible and non-partisan. To further its mission of providing unbiased “fact checking,” it hired former Florida representative Alan Grayson, perhaps the most despicable Congressman of modern times. It didn’t end well: PolitiFact announced it hired former politician Alan Grayson to critique its work in an effort to improve trust and credibility on Thursday…but that »

The Associated Press Stokes Racial Division, Smears Trump

Featured image The Associated Press wages a daily battle against the Trump administration on behalf of the Democratic Party. Its bias is manifest and unconcealed, but rarely do we see a hit job as outrageous as this one: Minorities hear division in Trump call for unity. It is an article about Trump’s State of the Union speech, but it doesn’t quote a single word from the speech. You can tell from the »

Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Out

Featured image Jimmy Kimmel is the host of one of the late-night talk shows. I’m not sure which one, as I never watch any of them. As I understand it, they do nothing but bash President Trump and are viewed only by cultists. Kimmel announced that his special guest tonight, as a counterpoint to the president’s State of the Union speech, would be a former porn performer stage-named Stormy Daniels. Ha Ha, »

Will State of the Union Focus On “Russia Fever”?

Featured image Democratic Party news outlets, worried about the economic progress being made under the Trump administration, are arguing that he needs to talk about Bob Mueller’s endless Russia investigation in his State of the Union speech tonight. In yesterday’s press briefing, a member of the White House press corps asked Sarah Sanders whether the president will address the Democrats’ fake Russia story tonight. First, an earlier question: Q: Sarah, what would »

USA Today: The Epitome of ‘Fake News’

Featured image The “fake news” slogan may be overused and stretched sometimes, but good catch by Glenn Reynolds to note that USA Today ran a “news” story that “President Trump May Be Giving a Speech to an Empty Room in Davos.” It was based on nothing more than a few unnamed “sources” saying that there had been a call for a boycott by some no-name figures from Africa, and that “a number »

Conclusive Proof that Michael Wolff Is a Liar

Featured image Michael Wolff’s book about the Trump White House was released to great fanfare, but quickly proved to be full of errors and outright lies. I doubt that anyone takes it seriously anymore, but in any event, this should be the last nail in its coffin: On Bill Maher’s HBO program, Wolff — author of a best-selling, fact-challenged book on the first Trump year — recently claimed he’d omitted an “incendiary” »

More Fake News From the New York Times

Featured image At this moment, CNN is orgasmic over the New York Times’s claim that President Trump “tried to fire Robert Mueller.” This is the headline in the online edition of the Times: That headline is simply false. Trump didn’t order Mueller’s firing; if he had, Mueller would be fired. A truthful headline would say that Trump considered firing Mueller; or wanted to fire Mueller; or wished he could fire Mueller. All »

Today’s Classroom Lesson: Who Reads the Papers?

Featured image In today’s installment from Yes, Prime Minister, Jim Hacker explains the constituency for each major British newspaper: It is not too hard to translate this into a contemporary American equivalent: “The Washington Post is read by people who think they run the country; The New York Times is read by people who think they ought to run the country; the Wall Street Journal is read by people who own the »

More skewed immigration reporting from the New York Times

Featured image The following isn’t exactly fake news, but it’s certainly misleading. The New York Times (per Maggie Haberman, Katie Rogers, and Michael Shear) reports: President Trump said on Wednesday that he is open to a path to citizenship after 10 to 12 years for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, days after rejecting a bipartisan plan with that as its centerpiece. Mr. Trump once »

This Column Didn’t Age Well

Featured image I suppose we shouldn’t gloat too much on the Democratic capitulation on the government shut down. . . Oh heck, yes we should! And here’s a great example of something to gloat over: Davis Faris’s column in The Week, published on Saturday: In the government shutdown standoff, Democrats have all the leverage The president’s party, which is already staring down an epic and richly deserved repudiation in November, can ill »

Dan Rather and Cenk Uygur, a perfect match [UPDATED]

Featured image This story is delicious. Dan Rather is making comeback on the Young Turks Network. The 86 year-old will have a 30 minute show that focuses on matters he believes are receiving insufficient attention. He will also attempt to analyze “the hot topics of the day.” Rather’s new job is the result of a meeting with Cenk Uygur, the leader of the Young Turks. “Something clicked” between the two, Rather says. »

Clueless at CNN

Featured image Maeve Reston, a national politics reporter at CNN, complained today that “when you talk to people about Russia — and that’s all we talk about at CNN basically — they say they don’t care.” Reston attributed the nation’s indifference to the fact that the matter of alleged collusion between President Trump and Russia “doesn’t have any effect on their lives.” That’s one theory. Here’s mine. CNN and other anti-Trump news »

The Press Corps Is Crazy, Trump Isn’t

Featured image I began the Laura Ingraham radio show this morning by playing, and commenting on, clips from yesterday’s press briefing by Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the Navy doctor who gave President Trump his physical exam. Dr. Jackson noted that he had given the president a cognitive test, at Trump’s insistence, even though Jackson saw no need for it. The president scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the cognition test. »

CNN: Socialism Is Cool!

Featured image CNN might have surpassed MSNBC as the dumbest media outlet on the planet. This is how CNN commemorated Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday: – He's an environmental hero – He was a socialist before it was cool – He never let a political disagreement turn nasty Many Americans have turned MLK into a safe holiday mascot, but some say King still speaks in ways that go beyond civil rights »

The Media vs. the Facts On Tax Reform

Featured image The Democratic Party media tried desperately to discredit the Republican tax reform bill, assuring readers and viewers that it wouldn’t do them any good. This makes it especially fun to watch the good news continue to roll out. And just wait until the overwhelming majority of working Americans get a raise next month! The Washington Free Beacon created this delightful 2:31 video, in which Democratic Party broadcasters and “experts” claim »

Associated Press: People Don’t Trust the Media, But We Can’t Figure Out Why

Featured image The Associated Press headlines: “Trust and truth under Trump: Americans are in a quandary.” Well, the AP is, anyway: [A] year into Donald Trump’s fact-bending, media-bashing presidency, Americans are increasingly confused about who can be trusted to tell them reliably what their government and their commander in chief are doing. Many would say that we are a year into the liberal press’s fact-bending, Trump-bashing orgy. But that doesn’t seem to »