Media Bias

Is the Senate Minority All-Powerful?

Featured image With regard to the funding of the Department of Homeland Security and President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty orders, we have entered Alice In Wonderland territory. The Republican House has passed an appropriations bill that funds DHS, minus the implementation of Obama’s illegal orders. Senate Republicans have introduced the House bill three times, but each time it has been filibustered by the Democrat minority. If the Democrats continue to filibuster, there is »

Update on the New York Times/Ron Fournier Epic Fail [Updated]

Featured image I wrote here about one of the great howlers in recent journalistic history: Gail Collins, a columnist for the New York Times, wrote a hit piece on Scott Walker, the centerpiece of which was the claim that Walker was to blame for teacher layoffs in Wisconsin in 2010. Oops. Walker didn’t take office until 2011. Ron Fournier, who still hasn’t apologized for lying about George Bush, piled on with this »

Hilarious New York Times/Ron Fournier Scott Walker Fail

Featured image The Left has been busily attacking Scott Walker lately. Gail Collins of the New York Times got into the act with a column that blasted Walker’s education policies. Collins wrote about a woman whom Walker has used as an example in speeches, who was laid off in 2010: “In 2010, there was a young woman named Megan Sampson who was honored as the outstanding teacher of the year in my »

Can A Liberal Commit a Hate Crime?

Featured image In North Carolina, a middle-aged man named Craig Hicks murdered three young Muslim students who lived in his apartment complex. Hicks was known as an angry man who had frequent confrontations with his neighbors. Local police initially said that the murders appeared to have arisen out of a dispute about parking spaces at the complex. But inevitably, given that the victims were Muslims, the question was raised: was this a »

Imagine there’s no media bias

Featured image I think it is impossible to imagine what our political landscape would look like in a world where the mainstream media were fair and impartial. Unlike the utopia conjured by John Lennon, it’s “not easy if you try.” It would take someone of Ray Bradbury’s capacious imagination to formulate this particular alternative universe. In his important 2011 book Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, Professor Tim »

The Washington Post’s dishonest attack on opponents of the Medicaid expansion

Featured image The Washington Post’s editorial board accuses the Commonwealth of Virginia (specifically its Republican legislators) of once again engaging in “massive resistance.” The editors write: Sixty years after Virginia waged a campaign of “massive resistance” against integrating its public schools, the state is once again insisting on a policy that targets its least advantaged citizens. Even as one Republican-led state after another moves to tap available federal funds for extending health »

What Has Dan Rather Got Against Brian Williams?

Featured image Dan Rather has come to the defense of Brian Williams, calling Williams “an honest man.”  Dan ought to know!  Is he trying to destroy Williams?*  (Maybe he thinks he can get the anchor chair himself.)  Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee when I spotted this Breitbart item: Disgraced former TV news anchor Dan Rather has come to the aid of embattled NBC anchor Brian Williams, saying that Williams is an »

Do Brian Williams’s Lies Matter? [Updated]

Featured image If you haven’t already heard about it–which seems unlikely–tonight’s big news story is the downfall of NBC’s Brian Williams. I am not sure I have ever seen Twitter more riled up over anything. The story, briefly, is this: for twelve years, Williams has told a story about flying into Iraq in a helicopter, on the eve of the Iraq war, that was hit and forced down by an RPG. I »

Jeb Bush, Pot-Smoking Bully!

Featured image The Boston Globe has a long article on Jeb Bush’s high school years at Andover. The Globe piece has been picked up by many other news outlets; the Hill’s headline is typical: “Jeb Bush was a pot-smoking bully, say former classmates.” The Globe article is actually rather interesting. It is as much about Andover as Bush. Bush’s high school years were from 1967 to 1971, and most of what the »

Fox News Derangement Syndrome, or, The Left Out-Fox-es Itself

Featured image If there’s any conservative media the Left hates worse that Rush Limbaugh and AM talk radio, it’s Fox News. The Left is obsessed with Fox News, and just as the Left floated the idea of reviving the “fairness doctrine” to shut down Rush Limbaugh (the “hush Rush rule,” as it was called), the Left would love to find a way for the government to shut down or regulate Fox News »

A Pack, Not a Lone Wolf

Featured image This post is a companion to the one immediately below. One of the ways liberal politicians and commentators have used to minimize terrorist attacks is to attribute them all to “lone wolves.” Being a lone wolf is a step below the junior varsity, apparently. In the case of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, countless media outlets rushed to give it the “lone wolf” label, even though there were at least two »

Cowardice Masquerades As Principle at the New York Times

Featured image The New York Times, unlike many other newspapers, refuses to publish any of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. The cartoons obviously have news value, as they were the occasion for the murder of twelve people in Paris, and readers may want to know what the murderers thought they were avenging. But the overriding concern, executive editor Dean Baquet tells us, is that the Times must not offend: »

In which Michelle Ye Hee Lee responds

Featured image Washington Post Fact Check reporter Michelle Ye Hee Lee has responded via Twitter (@myhlee) to “In which we award Michelle Ye Hee Lee is awarded one Rather.” She followed up with another tweet stating that she has consistently applied the Pinocchio ratings to claims she checks (I didn’t raise any issue of consistency). She also invited me to follow up with any questions by email. I thought readers might be »

In which Glenn Kessler responds

Featured image Michelle Ye Hee Lee works as a reporter for the Washington Post’s Fact Check column under the editorial supervision of Glenn Kessler. I tweeted Kessler a link to my post “In which we award Michelle Ye Hee Lee one Rather” with the question beloved by former students of Latin poetry and satire if not cliché: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? For those unfamiliar with Juvenal’s Satires or classic clichés, in English »

Bill Moyers’ greatest misses

Featured image Bill Moyers has retired from television (for the third time). His last show aired yesterday, though it will be repeated. Frankly, I didn’t know Moyers was still on television. As the Washington Post reports, “Moyers’ visibility has fallen in recent years, in part because Moyers & Company airs at different times on public station, sometimes in the wee hours, which complicates national promotion.” There aren’t hours “wee” enough to which »

In which we award Michelle Ye Hee Lee one Rather

Featured image Washington Post Fact Check reporter Michelle Ye Hee Lee found Rudy Giuliani guilty of telling a whopper when he stated recently: “We’ve had four months of propaganda, starting with the president, that everybody should hate the police.” On Face the Nation this past Sunday, Major Garrett asked Giuliani if he wanted to retract his statement in light of the Washington’s Post’s verdict. Giuliani rejected the verdict (video below). In response »

A Footnote to the Scalise Story and Liberal Double Standards

Featured image As John notes below, the Steve Scalise “scandal” is collapsing faster than a Rolling Stone campus rape feature or the Chicago Cubs in a September pennant race, noting also the lack of symmetrical outrage over people like Obama sitting through Rev. Wright’s sermons, etc. The all-time low for unaccountable Democrats has to be the parade of Democratic politicians who made nice with People’s Temple suicide cultist Jim Jones (though maybe »