Fox News can handle this “Truth”

Featured image The folks at Fox News invited me to appear for a brief interview about the Rathergate film Truth, opening tomorrow at a theater near you. They sent me to the heart of KMSP TV’s working newsroom in suburban Minneapolis for the interview. The reporters and producers in the newsroom couldn’t escape my side of the conversation if they wanted to. That was a new one on me. FNC’s Julie Banderas »

The Kasich kritique

Featured image In the adjacent post I note that John Kasich is bidding to become the media’s favorite candidate. This is not a case of unrequited love; the ardor is reciprocated. At MRCTV, Brittany Hughes highlights Katich’s take on the CNBC proceedings (video below): “Kasich: ‘I was very appreciative’ of CNBC moderators.” Now that is funny. Let’s just say it makes him something of an outlier in more ways than one. »

After last night

Featured image After sleeping on last night’s Republican presidential candidates’ debate event, I offer a few notes and queries in the spirit of candid inquiry. Jeb Bush’s decision to go after Marco Rubio was stupid in so many ways that I wonder what he was thinking. This is what I was thinking: your campaign is so over. And I doubt I was alone. For the record, let it be noted that Bush »

Questions for the RNC

Featured image Watching the Republican candidates debate on CNBC, I see a glorified disgrace. The leading Republican candidates are an impressive crew. We are charged with the responsibility of choosing who among them can best represent us in the coming presidential election. Yet the RNC has set up a program of debates that has served up a prominent forum for smash face attacks on our leading candidates by moderators who sound like »

Media Alert

Featured image I will guest host the Laura Ingraham radio show tomorrow. The show airs live from 9 to 12 a.m., Eastern. You can go here to find a station in your area. If you miss the show live, you can get highlights via podcast on iTunes, and it also airs later in the day on various stations. It should be an exciting show. We will be talking about tonight’s presidential debate, »

Biden hangs Dowd out to dry

Featured image 60 Minutes led off the show last night with a segment devoted to Vice President Biden and “Dr. Jill Biden” (video below, transcript here). The interview was conducted by CBS News White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell. O’Donnell kept the interview within the parameters of human interest related to Biden’s announcement last week that he would not challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden came across as a real »

“Are we living on the same planet?”

Featured image A BBC correspondent asked Prime Minister Netanyahu what he would say if urged to resumed negotiations with the Palestinian Authority president who’s in the eleventh year of his four-year term. (Congratulations are in order.) Netanyahu wondered if the BBC correspondent follows the news. He pointedly asked her: “Are we living on the same planet?” The video is about two-and-a-half minutes long and well worth your time. Via Tom Gross/Mideast Dispatch »

“Truth” and other lies (5)

Featured image Dorothy Rabinowitz is a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board who also contributes excellent reviews of television programs and series to the Journal’s coverage of the arts. This past Friday, I wondered what was up when Journal film reviewer Joe Morganstern omitted any mention of the Rathergate film Truth, which had just opened in New York. Perhaps Morganstern had given way to Ms. Rabinsowitz, for now comes Ms. »

Understanding the bloodlust

Featured image Muslim Arabs seem to be acting out a maniacal bloodlust against Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. In the adjacent post, Paul refers to the incitement underlying the current wave of terrorist attacks centered on Jerusalem. Following the news in the United States, through comments by Obama administration officials or correspondents such as FNC’s Conor Powell, one would have no idea what is happening. Andy McCarthy did the job »

“Truth” and other lies (4)

Featured image In his article on the New York Times love-in with the perpetrators of Rathergate and the stars of the Rathergate film Truth, Times reporter John Koblin quotes director/writer James Vanderbilt: Mr. Vanderbilt said that he did not want to impose a specific point of view in the movie but instead wanted to simply raise questions. “As a filmmaker I’m not interested in re-prosecuting something, so much as this was a »

Enthusiasm curbed

Featured image Last night’s Saturday Night Live opened with an attempted parody of the Democratic presidential candidates’ debate on CNN. The art of political satire has deteriorated on the left and the writers/producers don’t have their hearts in mocking liberals anyway. Their enthusiasm is curbed. Without much to work with, Larry David momentarily captures a little of the mania of Bernie Sanders. Kate McKinnon brings some bite to her portrayal of Hillary »

“Truth,” according to the Times (5)

Featured image John Koblin reports in the New York Times on the Times‘s own love-in last week featuring Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Dan Rather, and Mary Mapes discussing the Rathergate film Truth. Rich Lowry likened the festivities to “a dispatch from another planet.” Koblin’s report captures none of the weirdness. It’s just another day’s work. Perhaps most notably, Koblin observes strict limits reflecting his apparent lack of knowledge regarding Rathergate itself. To »

“Truth,” according to the Times (4)

Featured image The Rathergate film Truth opens today in New York and Los Angeles. It’s coming soon to a theater near you. It opens across the country on October 30. As we might have anticipated, New York Times critic Stephen Holden gives the film a rave review in “‘Truth’ treads a perilous political tightrope.” The rather glaring fraud at the center of the events becomes “a suspenseful detective story in which the »

Brooks of the Times

Featured image David Brooks is the prominent New York Times columnist who made a name for himself as a conservative writer at the Weekly Standard and in his early books of comic sociology. At the Times, however, Brooks has gone native. He has become a one-man source of global warming. And I don’t mean climate change. Sometimes he can’t see what is in front of his face, as in his take on »

“Truth,” according to Mary Mapes

Featured image The Rathergate film Truth opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday. The film, as I’ve mentioned a time or two before, is based on Mary Mapes’s Rathergate memoir Truth and Duty. Mapes stands behind the false and fraudulent story that disgraced CBS News. She stands behind the fabricated documents on which the story was based. And now she has Cate Blanchett taking a star turn on her behalf »

“Truth” and other lies (3)

Featured image I’ve lost my sense of humor about the Rathergate movie Truth. Watching the TimesTalks love-in with Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Dan Rather, and Mary Mapes aggravated my condition. I may need to take another lesson in Beatles harmony with Galeazzo Frudua to get right with the world. Another lesson or three. NR editor Rich Lowry is helping me get some perspective this morning. Rich devotes his syndicated column to “the »

Should we believe fired Benghazi committee staffer’s claims?

Featured image It’s a good week for the mainstream media when it has a story with which to beat up on congressional Republicans, and a great week when it has two. This is a great week. The first story is, of course, the House Republicans’ quest to attempt to find a new Speaker. For an indeterminate period, this may be the gift that keeps on giving. The second story must also warm »