The persistence of Hillary

Featured image Hillary Clinton appeared with Tim Kaine for an interview by Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes yesterday. CBS News has posted the video and transcript here. Let us say that Pelley comported himself with Madam Hillary in an extremely deferential manner. This isn’t exactly surprising. CBS News presents an aggravated case of media bias. It is run by the brother of Obama’s national security liar and Pelley himself is a rabid »

Fox News, But Hedgehog Principles

Featured image The most important occurrence of the week just past may not be the formal nomination of Donald Trump, but the sacking of Roger Ailes from Fox News. The Legend of Ailes need not be recounted here. Everyone knows the story. His central insight was that there was a large audience for a news source that offered an alternative to the lockstep liberal TV network news bureaus. And that audience turned »

Media Alert

Featured image I will soon be on Australian television, talking about the Republican national convention, on Andrew Bolt’s Bolt Report. I am not sure exactly when the show will air in Australia, but we are filming at around 7:15 tonight, central time. Watch for it Down Under, and in the meantime, please check out Andrew’s blog at the Herald Sun. »

The Obama factor: Last round

Featured image I didn’t mean to make this review of recent Obama statements a series. Events have been in the saddle and they have ridden me. I will of course continue to chronicle Obama’s “deep” thoughts. We will be living with their consequences for a long, long time to come, if we’re lucky, but I’m retiring this series with with this final note. Although Barack Obama is not a stupid man, he »

Tweet of the Year

Featured image Maybe the decade, I don’t know. From the eternally clueless MSNBC, it has to be seen to be believed: Tune in to @MSNBC for continued live coverage of the deadly truck crash in Nice, France: — MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 15, 2016 Not as deadly as the plane crash on 9/11, however. »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be filling in for Joe Soucheray tomorrow, guest hosting his Garage Logic radio show on KSTP, AM 1500, in the Twin Cities and all over Minnesota. The show is on from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central time; you can listen at the link. Garage Logic, a daily tribute to common sense, is one of the great local radio shows. I will be taking Joe’s place tomorrow, but the »

It’s Hard to Get Good Help In the News Business

Featured image The seemingly inexorable decline of the journalism business has been a news story for well over a decade now. Yet the decline continues. Media Post has the latest numbers: There is no end in sight for the long secular decline in the newspaper and magazine publishing businesses, judging by the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, which track total revenues for these media as part of its quarterly estimates »

A Risen in the sun, cont’d

Featured image James Risen is a New York Times reporter who has done great damage to the national security of the United States, some through leaks he has published in the Times and some through leaks the Times has passed. The case of fired CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling involves one such leak on which the Times passed but that Risen included in his book State of War. Sterling was prosecuted and convicted »

The persistence of mendacity

Featured image Hillary Clinton took a few questions from Bret Baier in an interview that played on FOX News Special Report last night. The interview runs eight minutes (video below). Baier only got in a few questions about the Clinton email scandal. From word one falsehood and evasion have reflected the order of the day. Last night was no exception. Even though the interview ran true to form, it is nevertheless almost »

Ms. Psaki corrects

Featured image The now famous exchange on video between FOX News reporter James Rosen with then State Department spokesman Jen Psaki was sent down the memory hole by someone at the State Department. The exchange homed in on the administration’s deceit regarding negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Whoever dun it with the video at the State Department archives was likely acting at the behest of someone else in the Obama »

The tiger, beyond a reasonable doubt

Featured image The New York Times pioneered the form of the story portraying the suffering of favored groups (i.e., groups they favor). Comedian Mort Sahl has been credited with the satirical headline that captures the form with his version of the New York Times’s take on the apocalypse: “World ends, women & minorities hardest hit.” In “Terrorist wannabes guilty, Somalis hardest hit,” I linked to stories published by the Star Tribune and »

Terrorist wannabes guilty, Somalis hardest hit

Featured image We are all painfully familiar with the journalistic genre portraying the suffering of favored groups. That would be groups favored by the journalists. The satirical headline that captures the genre gives us the New York Times’s take on the apocalypse: “World ends, women & minorities hardest hit.” Credit is due to someone for the shaft of light cast by that parody headline. NewsBusters credits comedian Mort Sahl, still going strong »

Hannity surges on Trump’s coattails

Featured image I haven’t watched a minute of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program since he went in the tank for Donald Trump. I rarely watched him before that. I haven’t been missed. According to Steve Guest of the Daily Caller, Hannity has enjoyed a ratings surge. Guest says that Hannity in now number two at Fox News, ahead of Megyn Kelly, whom Trump has trashed. From the numbers Guest cites, it’s not »

Washington Post unhappy that Trump criticized the press

Featured image The headline in the paper edition of today’s Washington Post reads: “Charity scrutiny riles up Trump” (the story is here) This is not the most biased headline ever to appear in the Post, but it clearly is designed to cast Trump in a bad light. As such, it corroborates Trump’s claim that the media is out to “make me look very bad.” The Post follows up with a lead editorial »

Media Alert (Australia Edition)

Featured image Andrew Bolt is a terrific columnist for Melbourne’s Herald Sun; his columns also appear in the Daily Telegraph and other papers. Andrew also hosts a television show, The Bolt Report on Sky News. Tomorrow evening I am going to appear on The Bolt Report, attempting to explain our election to Australians. (I know, wish me luck.) I am not sure exactly when the segment will air; tomorrow evening will be »

Full of Schiff

Featured image On FOX News Sunday this morning Chris Wallace pulverized Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff as he sought to regurgitate and reiterate one of the mandatory Clinton talking points on her private email server. Wallace knew that Schiff would play the Colin Powell card from the bottom of the deck and was not amused. In the clip below Wallace draws the line and makes it clear that Schiff is full of it. »

Daily News to Hillary: Drop out

Featured image The reality of Hillary Clinton’s serious and repeated lies about Clinton’s use of a private server has even penetrated the precincts of MSNBC. Viewing the segment below, Shaun King opines in the New York Daily News: “Hillary Clinton should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign.” King writes: “From the very beginning of the segment, it was clear that the report issued by inspector general of the State »