Daily News to Hillary: Drop out

Featured image The reality of Hillary Clinton’s serious and repeated lies about Clinton’s use of a private server has even penetrated the precincts of MSNBC. Viewing the segment below, Shaun King opines in the New York Daily News: “Hillary Clinton should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign.” King writes: “From the very beginning of the segment, it was clear that the report issued by inspector general of the State »

The deep meaning of Ben Rhodes

Featured image Obama national security adviser and voluble liar Ben Rhodes declined the invitation to appear before the House Oversight Committee to testify on “White House narratives on the Iran deal” last week, but Michael Doran accepted. The hearing was occasioned by David Samuels’s illuminating New York Times profile of Rhodes. You may recall that White House flack Josh Earnest asserted that committee member Ken Buck and others were lying about the »

Media alert

Featured image I will appear today on Todd Herman’s radio show on AM 770 KTTH in Seattle. I’m scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time. We will be discussing President Obama’s fair housing power grab, otherwise known as Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). I’m looking forward to it and hope that some of you will be able to listen. »

How to read the Washington Post

Featured image Last week the Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky reported on the meeting of Cheryl Mills and her attorney with one or more FBI agents and Justice Department lawyers. The interview appears to have taken place in connection with the FBI’s li’l old “security review” of Hillary Clinton and her private email server. Mills and her attorney took a hike when the FBI agent asked a question beyond the scope of the »

Times to Goldberg: Stuff it

Featured image Ben Rhodes induced an apoplectic fit by the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg courtesy of David Samuels’s New York Times Magazine profile of Rhodes. Goldberg enlisted the assistance of his friend Rhodes to deny that he had been handpicked to retail the Obama administration’s line on the deal with Iran. Say it ain’t so, Ben! As one can observe in a careful reading of Goldberg’s response to the profile, Rhodes didn’t quite »

Mr. Rhodes regrets

Featured image In David Samuels’s valuable New York Times Magazine profile of Obama administration national security adviser Ben Rhodes, Rhodes presents with a mind that is said to have “melded” with that of President Obama. I think that Rhodes proves this to be untrue in one relevant respect. Rhodes and Obama have rightly sized up their media interlocutors as young ignoramuses and/or valued tools disseminating the administration’s line. Samuels shows Rhodes crowing »

Did you hear the one about Obamacare?

Featured image David Rutz draws attention to alleged journalist Charlie Rose and three of Barack Obama’s former speechwriters having a good laugh Monday night joking about the president’s infamous, oft-repeated false promise that under Obamacare, “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” (video below). It must have been a helluva whopper for the leftist PolitiFact to name it the 2013 “Lie of the Year.” As »

The Goldberg variations

Featured image Obama national security adviser Ben Rhodes proudly put his contempt for Obama’s media enablers on display in David Samuels’s New York Times Magazine profile “The aspiring novelist who became Obama’s foreign policy guru.” Rhodes repaid the servility of Obama’s media enablers with rank ingratitude. Rhodes confides to Samuels: “They literally know nothing.” It’s a remarkable performance. Lee Smith takes a look at the response to Samuel’s profile “The Ben Rhodes »

Pimping For Paradise at the New York Times

Featured image This morning, a classic New York Times correction: Because of an editing error, an article on Monday about a theological battle being fought by Muslim imams and scholars in the West against the Islamic State misstated the Snapchat handle used by Suhaib Webb, one of the Muslim leaders speaking out. It is imamsuhaibwebb, not Pimpin4Paradise786. That’s quite an “editing error.” One suspects there is a story behind it. Maybe Scott »

With Rhodes as my witness

Featured image The New York Times Magazine profile of Ben Rhodes by David Samuels has prompted a counterattack. In the profile Rhodes proclaimed his success in promoting a false line on behalf of the Obama administration’s deal/alliance with Iran. Rhodes showed himself to be the ultimate ingrate. He expressed contempt for the reporters and others who disseminated his lies. To those who served as fools for Obama, Rhodes offered this tribute: “The »

Disinformation, Washington Post style

Featured image Washington Post Plum Line contributor Paul Waldman asserts that “Hillary Clinton is going to be exonerated on the email controversy.” He explains: “[I]n order to have broken the law, it isn’t enough for Clinton to have had classified information in a place where it was possible for it to be hacked. She would have had to intentionally given classified information to someone without authorization to have it[.]” Waldman shows no »

Guccifer speaks, NBC edition (4)

Featured image Chris White takes note of the excerpt of the NBC News interview with Romanian hacker Guccifer that was broadcast last night. Guccifer claims to have hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server. He says it was easy. White observes: “Somewhat skeptical of Guccifer’s claims, NBC News asked multiple cybersecurity experts to analyze Guccifer’s claims of how he accessed Clinton’s server, and all reportedly concluded that it was possible.” He then quotes »

Guccifer speaks, NBC edition (2)

Featured image First NBC News managed to wangle an interview with Guccifer in a Romanian cell. In the course of the interview NBC extracted the “bombshell” (as NBC calls it) that Guccifer hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Had NBC reported it, its “bombshell” would have been a scoop. Having extracted the “bombshell,” NBC sat on it. It chose to leave it to FOX News to report the story of his hacking »

Guccifer speaks, NBC edition

Featured image Yesterday Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne reported on their interviews with the Romanian hacker Guccifer in the course of his detention in Virginia. NBC News provides another angle on Guccifer’s claim that he successfully hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server: The Romanian hacker who first exposed Hillary Clinton’s private email address is making a bombshell new claim — that he also gained access to the former Secretary of State’s “completely »

The Times Does Sports

Featured image Decades ago, when we were college roommates, Paul told me that the New York Times was a vastly overrated newspaper. He considered the Washington Post, his home town paper, to be far superior, in part because the Times sports section was pathetic. Both Paul and I would probably offer different commentary on both papers today, but he was right about the Times sports section, and it hasn’t gotten much better, »

The Wilmore proviso

Featured image I thought that President Obama’s material at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last night was mostly unfunny. What to say, though, about the Comedy Channel’s Larry Wilmore, who followed Obama? Wilmore is allegedly a comedian, though he was painfully unfunny for 22 minutes that felt more like 22 hours. Watching Wilmore, I wondered, did anyone working on that material really find it funny? Did anyone really think others would find »

Counter this

Featured image Yesterday the Star Tribune devoted a long editorial to the threat of terrorism emanating from Minnesota’s Somali Muslim community, only not in those words. Running under the headline “Countering extremism in Minnesota: A beautiful goal, barely begun,” the editorial adopts the Obama approved indirection and approach. The editorial pursues the line that I criticized in the Star Tribune column “Islam and Minnesota: It’s time for some straight talk for a »