Is the Times a law unto itself?

Featured image In writing here about New York Times reporter James Risen yesterday, I linked to a January 2006 column that I wrote for the Weekly Standard on Risen’s first big story blowing a critical national security program during the Bush administration. The Standard headlined the column “Exposure and it is still accessible online, but errors crept into the formatting when the Standard redesigned its site. I am taking the liberty of »

Clouded with a chance of meatballs

Featured image New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan solicits a response to criticisms of the Times’s coverage (or lack thereof) of the IRS scandals from David Joachim, who is the Times’s man on the case. Sullivan links to Joachim’s stories and provides his response in “Is the Times ignoring a scandal at the IRS?” Joachim holds that “we’ve paid copious attention to this story, and we will continue to do so. »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be on Wisconsin Public Radio tomorrow morning from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m., talking about the New Republic’s drive-by smear of Governor Scott Walker. If you don’t live in Wisconsin, you can listen at the link. It should be interesting, as we will take calls from the fever swamp of Madison. »

Dana Milbank or your lyin’ eyes?

Featured image In his most recent Washington Post column, Dana Milbank purported to report on a program hosted by the Benghazi Accountability Coalition at the Heritage Foundation. As you might guess from the subject of the panel if not the venue, Milbank came to bury the panel, not to praise it. The subject all by itself seemed to put Milbank in a bad frame of mind; he described it as “the umpteenth »

Media Alert, For Early Risers

Featured image I will be on Bill Bennett’s radio show at 5:30 Central, 6:30 Eastern, tomorrow morning, talking about the IRS’s illegal transmission of 1.1 million pages of taxpayer information to the FBI, in hopes of stimulating criminal prosecutions of conservatives. I have some new information on this scandal which I will talk about in the morning, and post here later in the day. I expect we will talk about the IRS’s »

Out of the murk

Featured image In his important CNN story on the Bergdahl deal, Jake Tapper writes: “At least six soldiers were killed in subsequent searches for him, according to soldiers involved in the operations to find him. The Pentagon was not able to provide details on specific operations in which any soldiers killed during that time were involved.” Tapper subsequently reported the names of the six Americans killed in the effort over the following »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be on Bill Bennett’s radio show tomorrow morning at 7:30 Eastern, 6:30 Central, talking about the Democrats’ attempt to repeal the First Amendment. Mark Davis will be filling in for Bill. It should be a fun interview; if you don’t know where to get Bill’s show where you live, you can listen online here. »

Sharpton versus the teleprompter, volume 2

Featured image The Free Beacon’s David Rutz promised us a sequel to “Sharpton versus the teleprompter,” depicting the vile Al Sharpton’s work at MSNBC. In the video below, Rutz delivers. You probably missed all this at the time. Rutz posts volume 2 with these notes: Al Sharpton’s ferocious battle with the English language and his own teleprompter wages on, with no end in sight. People (Mark Rubio? Galeo? Gina De Jess Whose?), »

The Times Does Geography

Featured image In the U.K., two of President Obama’s former campaign gurus have lined up on opposite sides. David Axelrod has tried to help right Labour’s sinking ship, while Jim Messina has scandalized American liberals by working as a consultant for David Cameron and the Conservatives. Don’t worry, Messina says: the British Tories are nothing like our nasty Republicans. The New York Times has the story. Along the way, it provides a »

A mistake was made

Featured image As to the identity of the leaker of Valerie Plame’s identity in days of yore, word appears not to have penetrated the Los Angeles Times. Reader Curt Massie writes: You won’t believe this (or maybe you will). The LA Times claims that Scooter Libby “leaked” the name of Valerie Plame. As we all know the leak came from Richard Armitage. I wonder how a mistake like that got by all »

Dueling narratives about Obama

Featured image Most conservatives regard President Obama as, above all else, a radical who seeks fundamentally to transform the United States on all fronts. But the mainstream media has never viewed him this way. What conservatives see as radically transformative, the mainstream media tends to consider the next logical step. For example, the mainstream media generally views Obamacare as a middle ground between doing nothing (or little) to provide coverage to the »

Meanwhile in Kabul

Featured image Today comes word that the White House blew the cover of the CIA station chief in Kabul by identifying him in a list submitted to Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson and other reporters covering Obama’s trip to Kabul. Wilson copied the list in the pool report that he disseminated to 6,000 recipients (“including foreign media, not taking part in the trip”) before noting the reference to the »

Koua Fong Lee: The farce continues

Featured image Koua Fong Lee immigrated to the United States from a refugee camp in Thailand in 2004. Three years later Lee killed three Minnesotans when he rammed his 1996 Toyota Camry into the rear of another car at the Snelling Avenue exit of Interstate Highway 94 in St. Paul. Lee’s car careened into the other car somewhere between 70 and 90 miles per hour and Lee was, not unreasonably, convicted of »

Jill Abramson and the road to misery

Featured image In Coconuts, the Marx Brothers’ first movie, the bellhops at Groucho’s Florida hotel demand their wages. Groucho asks them whether they want to be “wage slaves.” When they answer in the negative, Groucho replies: “No, of course not. But what makes wage slaves? Wages!” Wages make slaves out of many of us, and it’s reasonable for low earners to obsess over them. But high earners are a different story. For »

A 1980 campaign you may have missed

Featured image Pitching in to promote the Democrats’ leading theme of this campaign season, the New York Times features Nicholas Confeessore’s page-one story in today’s paper: “Quixotic ’80 campaign gave birth to the Kochs’ powerful network.” Confessore’s story comes out of a deep dive into the Libertarian Party archive at the University of Virginia. Like the Washington Post’s ludicrous Koch/Keystone pratfall, Confessore’s story is derived from the shadow world of well funded »

Why the New York Times Is In Trouble

Featured image The New York Times appointed a task force headed by “Pinch” Sulzberger’s son to analyze the paper’s market position and recommend strategies relating particularly to its digital products. The resulting report was leaked and has gotten a lot of press attention. You can read it here. Most observers have focused on the report’s relatively negative assessment of the Times’s market position; no doubt it is galling to the Times to »

The Koch brothers: What can’t they do?

Featured image At the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire Michael Crittenden has compiled “Things Harry Reid has blamed on the Koch brothers.” Crittenden even ventures an explanation: In an attempt to make them the centerpiece of Democrats’ efforts to retain the Senate in November’s midterms, Mr. Reid has regularly used the two billionaires as his go-to bogeymen, referring to Republicans’ “addiction to Koch” (yes, the surname is pronounced Coke) and regularly attacking »