Fake news from the Washington Post

Featured image In the Washington Post’s lead story today, another screed about how Trump allegedly is selling out to the Russians, Philip Rucker writes: After Putin denied in his meeting with Trump any such election interference, the U.S. president tried to turn the page altogether on the issue of Russian hacking. As special counsel Robert S. Mueller III investigates Russian interference and possible collusion with Trump campaign officials, Trump has repeatedly labeled »

Not blasé about de Blasio (3)

Featured image The New York Post remains unrelenting in its campaign to call its lunatic left-wing mayor to account. First the Post alerts us to the news inside with this irate cover. Then the Post reports: Mayor de Blasio flew all the way to Hamburg, Germany, to praise that city’s police in a speech — while cops back home continued to mourn, without him, the assassination of one of their own in »

Clearing up Acosta’s confusion

Featured image On Thursday evening CNN’s Jim Sciutto tried to clear up the confusion of his colleague Jim Acosta about the number of intelligence agencies that collaborated on the assessment of Russian meddling in the election. The assessment derived from the report released on January 6 that is posted online here. The report expressly states that the analytic assessment was “drafted and coordinated among The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The Federal Bureau »

Today in collusion

Featured image It’s been all quiet on the mainstream media’s “collusion” front since Shane Harris’s laughable Wall Street Journal’s articles last Friday and Saturday. Andrew McCarthy took up Harris’s contribution in “‘Collusion’ as farce: The hunt for Hillary’s hackers.” You have to wonder if anyone on the news side of the Journal is capable of embarrassment. Today, however, the New York Times mounts another offensive on the “collusion” front. Jo Becker, Matt »

Not blasé about de Blasio (2)

Featured image New York Post columnist Bob McManus follows up on the Post’s bon voyage to Mayor de Blasio on his trip to join the protest of the G20 summit in Hamburg. The Post headlines McManus’s column “Comrade de Blasio doesn’t care about New York.” I had forgotten the word “philippic.” McManus’s column dredged it up from the back of my mind. The column is a philippic. Here is the opening: Kaiser »

17 intelligence agencies — Acosta confused

Featured image Last week the New York Times corrected the frequently repeated assertion that 17 intelligence agencies collaborated on the assessment of Russian meddling in the election. We noted the correction in “17 intelligence agencies–not.” The AP separately disseminated a “clarification” of four Trump/Russia stories. We noted the AP’s “clarification” in “17 intelligence agencies–not, AP edition.” Here is the text: In stories published April 6, June 2, June 26 and June 29, »

Not blasé about de Blasio

Featured image The New York Post is not too thrilled by the timing or the mission of Mayor de Blasio’s sudden departure to join the mob in Hamburg. The Post headline reads “De Blasio races to Germany to protest G20 summit.” The Post has five reporters on the story. They bring the heat: Mayor de Blasio on Thursday skipped an NYPD swearing-in ceremony made somber by this week’s assassination of a cop »

CNN’s ratings plummet

Featured image Chuck Ross reports that CNN fell this week to #13 in the cable TV rankings. He cites weekly numbers posted on Thursday by TV Newser. Fox News and MSNBC came in first and second, respectively, in the cable rankings that measured average audience sizes for the period between June 26 and July 2. Fox News drew an audience of around 1.82 million while MSNBC drew an audience of 1.34 million. »

A Blush of Embarrassment at the NY Times

Featured image Charles Murray likes to describe the wedding announcements section of the New York Times as the “Mergers and Acquisitions” page, since it almost uniformly features a Stanford MBA junior investment banker on Wall Street marrying a Harvard law grad working as an associate at Big Firm on Madison Ave, while rehabbing three Brooklyn brownstones for themselves in between teaching refugees to read while riding a unicycle. The wedding was staged »

CNN Has Been Faking the News For a While

Featured image We have software that tracks traffic to our site in real time, so we can see how much traffic is going to each post and where it is coming from. Some of us–if you guessed Scott and me, you could be right–follow the data obsessively throughout the day. I was surprised, earlier today, to see that people were visiting a post I did in 2009 titled Rush Is Out. A »

Media Alert

Featured image I will guest host Joe Soucheray’s Garage Logic radio show tomorrow and Friday. Readers in the Twin Cities area are almost certainly familiar with the show; it airs from 1 to 3 Central on AM 1500. For those in other areas who don’t know about the show, Garage Logic is an often-humorous celebration of common sense, in opposition to the Mystery that is propagated by euphorians. The show is well »

Did CNN “out” the wrong a**hole?

Featured image That’s what might be inferred from this BuzzFeed story. According to BuzzFeed’s analysis, the CNN–WWE GIF that President Donald Trump tweeted last week was not the same as the one created by HanA**holeSolo. However, the GIF used by Mr. H.A. Solo is quite similar to the one tweeted by the president. Given the similarity, and Mr. Solo’s abject apology, he’s not the wrong guy by much. What happened, according to »

Is CNN > Trump?

Featured image CNN—the Comintern News Network?—is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to Scott’s discussions below of CNN’s thuggery, there is a poll out right now that is being touted as showing CNN is “more trusted” than Trump, so there. Poll: CNN is more trusted than President Trump President Trump has amped up his battle with CNN, but it appears the news network is holding its own. A recent poll »

I am HanA**holeSolo

Featured image The crowd on Twitter at #CNNBlackmail and Viva_La_Covfefe is not taking well to instruction by our betters at CNN/KFile. Steve may need to devote a special edition of his Week In Pictures to CNN all by itself. The response is in the spirit of 1776, with CNN taking the place of King George III, or in the spirit of the rebellious slaves who proclaim “I am Spartacus” to protect the »

CNN blows lid off Trump tweet

Featured image CNN dispatched the head of its “leading investigation team for the social, mobil generation”– Andrew Kaczynski of the so-called KFile unit — to blow the lid off the source of the GIF showing President Trump taking down CNN. President Trump tweeted it out on July 2 (below). #FraudNewsCNN #FNN — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2017 If you’ve been following the news, you know that Trump’s tweet represents »

Media Alert

Featured image I will guest host Laura Ingraham’s radio show tomorrow from 9 to 12 a.m. Eastern. Guests will include Byron York and Betsy McCaughey, with more to come. It will be a fun show, and I hope you can tune in! You can go here to find a radio station in your area or to listen online. If you miss the show live, you can get highlights via podcast on iTunes, »

Unpack this

Featured image Star Tribune reporter Stephen Montemayor decries the lack of “help” in prison for the malady that resulted in the incarceration of Zacharia Abdurahman, one of the nine “Minnesota men” convicted of conspiring to join ISIS in Syria. Zacharia pleaded guilty, but he is a hard case. He declined to cooperate in the prosecution of his friends proceeded who went to trial. Judge Michael Davis sentenced Abdurahman to ten years in »