From the mixed-up files of Mr. Abdirizak M. Warsame

Featured image This past October, in the course of researching the article that became “The threat from ‘Minnesota men,'” I learned of an unnamed former airport employee and terrorist suspect who had been working “on the tarmac” in Minneapolis in 2014. I was advised by a source at one remove from the information that the suspect had luckily been discovered by a member of Minnesota’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (disclaimer: I still »

“Islamophobia” in one state (2)

Featured image Today’s Star Tribune publishes a letter to the editor criticizing my column on the uses of “Islamophobia” in Minnesota. My column was published on Monday as “Islam and Minnesota: Can we have some straight talk for a change?” Today we have this insanely stupid letter that serves as a marker for others that will seek to restore silence and enforce the taboos governing the subject in Minnesota: ISLAM IN MINNESOTA »

“Islamophobia” in one state

Featured image Minnesota’s Somali community presents a stark challenge to Americans concerned about terrorism. The community is Muslim, large, and protected by an extreme form of ideological conformity that runs from the governor down and permeates the media. In this month’s story on the indicted ISIS wannabe and local ringleader, reporters Dan Browning and Mary Lynn Smith add this editorial observation: Minnesota is believed to have produced more would-be foreign fighters than »

Islam and Minnesota: Can we hear some straight talk for a change?

Featured image Don’t miss Scott’s article in tomorrow’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, titled (by the Strib) “Islam and Minnesota: Can we hear some straight talk for a change?” It’s a great piece: On what seems like a daily basis, Minnesotans are lectured against the evils of “Islamophobia.” In October, Gov. Mark Dayton weirdly instructed “white, B-plus, Minnesota-born citizens” to suppress their qualms about immigrant resettlement in Minnesota, according to the St. Cloud Times. »

“Minnesota men,” airport edition

Featured image This past April six “Minnesota men” were charged with seeking to support ISIS by joining up with the group in Syria. The charges represented the culmination of a 10-month FBI investigation conducted out of the FBI’s Minneapolis office. The office of the United States Attorney for Minnesota initiated the case by the filing of a criminal complaint and supporting FBI affidavit that are available online here. The Department of Justice »

Rewriting History In Minnesota

Featured image The Dakota uprising of 1862 is one of the major events in Minnesota’s history. It began with a series of spree killings by young Dakotas and grew into a slaughter that extended up and down the Minnesota River. Hundreds of white men, women and children were massacred by the Dakota, who descended on their homes without warning and slaughtered the whites without mercy. Minnesotans organized a militia to resist the »

Of a creepy council member, Cano (2)

Featured image Alondra Cano is the Minneapolis City Council member who publicized and bullied constituents with the temerity to disapprove of her participation in the Black Lives Matter actions against the Mall of America and the MSP airport terminals earlier this week. In addition to “doxing” her constituents, she implied that she was just “exposing racism” (of course). Cano’s actions show her to be unfit for office. She is a prime candidate »

Of a creepy council member, Cano

Featured image “Arma virumque cano,” writes Vergil in the opening of the Aeneid (“Arms and the man I sing”). In a footnote to the Black Lives Matter disgrace yesterday, Minneapolis now gives us a creep and a council member, Cano — Alondra Cano. “Daughter of the Third World Feminist movement…Im/migrant,” as she describes herself, alluding to her childhood in Mexico (though she was born in Minnesota). She’s recently back from Barcelona on »

A sad day revisited

Featured image The mainstream media outlets in the Twin Cities are pale imitations of their big sisters on the coasts, so they aren’t much interested in exploring the novel outrages committed by Black Lives Matter protesters yesterday. Commenting on the coverage on the CBS-owned and operated WCCO-TV yesterday, one reader comments: “Couldn’t believe my eyes tonight while watching the WCCO 6:00 p.m. coverage of the BLM invasion of the Mall of America »

A sad day in Minneapolis [With Comment By John]

Featured image As expected, hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters disrupted retailers and customers at the Mall of America in suburban Minneapolis. Several of the Mall’s largest stores were locked down. The Mall had law enforcement lined up to deal with the protesters. It appears that at least a few of the protesters arrested. Warned off by the Mall and the coordinated efforts of law enforcement, the protesters moved on to disrupt »

Madam Hillary versus “Minnesota men”

Featured image Hillary Clinton came to the campus of the University of Minnesota to give “what was billed as a major address on counterterrorism and preventing the radicalization of U.S. citizens into global jihad,” according to Patrick Condon’s enthusiastic Star Tribune article (speech summary here, text here, 45-minute video below). Clinton’s big plan as presented in her address yesterday includes the gun control catechism popularized by President Obama plus golden oldies dating »

Another “Minnesota man” charged

Featured image I wrote about the “Minnesota men” desperately seeking ISIS in the Weekly Standard article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” On Power Line I noted that a tenth “Minnesota man” was added to the group charged with conspiracy to support ISIS in Syria earlier this week. The tenth man was our Eagan neighbor Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame. The U.S. Attorney’s press release is posted here. Like his co-conspirators, Warsame is a first »

Civil war on the left, part 26

Featured image Public school teachers and their unions are a critical component of the Democrats’ coalition in Minnesota, especially in the Democrats’ urban strongholds. One-party rule is the order of the day in Minneapolis and St. Paul. That would be the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. The St. Paul public high schools have encountered serious turbulence following the district’s removal of “continual willful disobedience” from the list of suspendable violations three years ago — »

Another “Minnesota man” charged

Featured image Anyone into pattern recognition knows what the latest story featuring a “Minnesota man” will have to say. Another “Minnesota man” was charged yesterday with conspiring to support ISIS. His name is Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame. He is 20 years old. He lives in Eagan, a suburb of St. Paul situated between the suburb where John lives and the suburb where I live. Way too close for comfort. The story is an »

The Minnesota connection

Featured image I researched and wrote the article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men'” before the San Bernardino massacre, but the things I learned along the way may have some bearing on it. “Minnesota men” have been in contact with ISIS and sought to enlist in the cause. In April the FBI arrested six of them who were on their way to join the jihad. We’re a little ambivalent about the FBI’s success »

Mr. Luger regrets

Featured image The December 7 issue of the Weekly Standard carries my article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” It’s now posted on the Standard’s revamped site. I noted it on Thanksgiving in the post “Desperately seeking ISIS.” Please check out the article if you have any interest in the issues raised by the flow of refugees who raise special issues for law enforcement. Given the local issues raised by Minnesota’s swelling Somali »

The Ellison elision, cont’d

Featured image Minnesota Fifth District Rep. is an old-time race hustler straight out of the Nation of Islam. He was a self-identified member of the Nation of Islam as recently as his first run for office in 1998. I wrote about his extensive and thoroughly discreditable race hustling background in the Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman.” I posted copies of some key sources in “Keith Ellison for dummies.” Ellison shuns »