Meet the Mustafa Family

Featured image Working for a Minneapolis-based bank holding company over a period of years, I learned that the Twin Cities are the hub of significant international crime, some of it believed to be related to the financing of terrorist organizations. See, for example, my 2007 post “Who Wazwaz that masked man?” Even so, this surprised me. Yesterday state and federal authorities disclosed the indictment of 20 members of a Twin Cities-based crime »

In Minneapolis, it’s just business as usual

Featured image Democrats Phyllis Kahn and Mohamud Noor are contending for the right to represent District 60B in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Kahn is the echt liberal who was first elected to represent the district in 1972; Noor is the challenger who reflects the district’s shifting demographics. The district includes the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis along with the University of Minnesota’s west bank campus, and a lot of Somalis now reside »

Cracks Appearing In Democratic Coalition

Featured image The population of Mogadishu is moving to Minneapolis, through the miracle of chain immigration. I don’t know whether there is any limiting principle to this or whether all of Mogadishu will one day reside along the Mississippi, but in any event, the Somali influx is already impacting Minnesota politics. Despite being “natural conservatives”–imagine what they must think of abortion and gay marriage!–the Somalis have so far been reliable Democratic voters. »

Koua Fong Lee: The farce continues

Featured image Koua Fong Lee immigrated to the United States from a refugee camp in Thailand in 2004. Three years later Lee killed three Minnesotans when he rammed his 1996 Toyota Camry into the rear of another car at the Snelling Avenue exit of Interstate Highway 94 in St. Paul. Lee’s car careened into the other car somewhere between 70 and 90 miles per hour and Lee was, not unreasonably, convicted of »

From Sin City to Sim City

Featured image Stanley Kurtz drew the outlines of Obama’s second-term plans to redesign the urban areas of the United States in Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs To Pay For the Cities. Our friend Katherine Kersten took note of the Minnesota angle and has conducted her own investigation. Kurtz wrote about Kathy’s work in the NRO column “Meet TOD: The way Obama wants you to live.” As Paul Mirengoff »

Spending spree: A test

Featured image The latest message from Minnesota Senator “Al Franken” to supporters of his campaign for reelection — among whom he numbers “Hind” and which we have just received — begins: “When you think of the words ‘spending spree,’…” What do you think of when you think of the words “spending spree”? I think of Barack Obama and his cadre of hardline party supporters such as Franken. But no, that is not »

Are you indigenous?

Featured image It’s been a while since the leftover left took ownership of every nook and cranny of the city of Minneapolis. The city has therefore signed on to multifarious left-wing causes expressing hatred of the United States over the past many years. In the Cold War, for example, municipal authorities wanted to make it clear that they were on the other side. In 1988, just in time to catch the dissolution »

Mayor Hodges submits

Featured image In the “closing argument” she made on her own behalf in her (Minneapolis) mayoral campaign this past October, Betsy Hodges checked all the right (left) boxes. To borrow Samuel Johnson’s formulation regarding Metaphysical poetry, she violently yoked a couple of heterogeneous ideas together at the heart of her mind-numbing speech: “I have worn hijab, and it changed me. I have run and danced my way through the gay pride parade.” »

Code Red for Team Franken

Featured image In Minnesota, Al Franken is up for reelection to the United States Senate. Minnesota’s Republican Party is a mess and the announced GOP candidates haven’t made much of an impression. Indeed, you have to be something of an obsessive to know that Franken will be on the ballot this November. I was reminded of Franken’s reelection campaign by an article last week in the Washington Post. According to the Post’s »

Law and order governance, Democrat style

Featured image Minnesota is the beat of John and Scott, but I can’t resist noting this story by Andrew Johnson at NRO. It seems that Governor Mark Dayton has advised parents of children with disabilities to buy marijuana in the street, given that medical marijuana has not been legalized in Minnesota. Jessica Hauser, whose son suffers from a form of epilepsy, reports that Dayton gave her this advice during a private meeting. »

A lethal explosion in Minneapolis

Featured image On New Year’s day a powerful explosion and fire occurred at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, in a predominantly Somali neighborhood of the city. The building was gutted by the fire (photo below). Two bodies were found in the rubble, and fourteen people were hospitalized, one of whom died later. Within 72 hours, the building had been pulled down into a heap of rubble. The FBI has declared that »

Let’s call the whole thing off

Featured image Minnesota Democrats attended their local precinct caucuses last night. At the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis a fight broke out among Democrats in search of peace and love. Backers of newly elected school board member Mohammud Noor apparently sought to unseat 21-term incumbent state Rep. Phyllis Kahn. Noor also serves as the interim executive director of the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, “helping to connect new immigrants with social »

For Esme, with love and squalor

Featured image I can’t help it. I like local Twin Cities television (WCCO) reporter Esme Murphy. Yesterday morning she had Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison on her local Sunday show for a brief segment on his memoir/manifesto My Country, ‘Tis of Thee. (Please forgive me for reminding you that I wrote about the book in the Weekly Standard article “The Ellison elision.”) Murphy’s interview of Ellison yesterday about the book verged »

Sensitivity alert

Featured image John has previously noted the problem of robberies at the University of Minnesota on its main campus in Minneapolis. The campus is near downtown in an urban setting. Following standard practice, the university issues crime alerts that identify the race of the perpetrator when the authorities have a basis to do so based on victim identification or otherwise. Some groups on campus are not happy with the crime alerts. The »

The Ellison elision: A sidebar

Featured image In the spirit of brotherhood I am taking a time out to say two good things about Keith Ellison’s new book, My Country, ‘Tis of Thee. In case you’re keeping score, that’s two more than Publisher’s Weekly has to say about the book. I hope I get credit in heaven. First, Martin Luther King, Jr., has replaced Louis Farrakhan in the pantheon of Ellison’s heroes. That represents a somewhat surprising »

The Ellison elision

Featured image As a close observer of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison, I bought and read his new memoir cum manifesto — My Country, ‘Tis of Thee: My Faith, My Family, Our Future — looking for enlightenment on two subjects in particular. First, I hoped Ellison would explain what branch of Islam comports with the platform of the Democratic Party on the social issues including abortion, gay rights and all the »

Quotations from Co-Chairman Keith

Featured image Keith Ellison represents Minnesota’s Fifth District in Congress. He proudly identifies himself first and foremost as the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. With a little help from Karen Hunter (as he notes in the Acknowledgements), he has now written the memoir cum manifesto My Country, ‘Tis of Thee: My Faith, My Family, Our Future. The book gives us Ellison’s deep thoughts on a variety of political subjects. Here is »