Wild Turkey

Featured image With Thanksgiving just around the corner, one’s thoughts naturally turn to turkeys. And, no, I don’t mean Obamacare: I mean real turkeys, especially wild ones. Wild turkeys were just about extinct not many years ago–like Canada geese, amazingly enough–and until quite recently, hardly anyone had ever seen a wild turkey. I first learned about a turkey resurgence when my older brother, at that time a near-professional hunter who lives in »

A Bear’s Argument For Evolution

Featured image How is this video of a bear an argument for evolution? Because it shows bears are getting smarter. For many thousands of years, bears didn’t have to deal with dumpsters. And, as far as I know, bears never invented the wheel; yet this bear understands the concept perfectly. Let’s put it this way: this bear is smart enough that, if he were a human and registered to vote, he wouldn’t »

Photo of the Day

Featured image We were watching a movie in our library a little while ago when one of my daughters had the feeling of being watched. She turned around and looked out the window. There, gazing back at her from a few feet away, was a deer. The deer had retreated a bit by the time my youngest daughter got out her phone and took this picture: We have a cowbird, too, that »

California Dreaming, Chapter 3

Featured image For this installment I take time out from observing California’s socialist-utopian dysfunctionality to observe a few of those “exploitable asymmetries” mentioned previously that make it possible for California to get away with so much of its nonsense.  The other day a pod of whales frolicked on the water just offshore from me, and I managed to catch a great blues act, Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, at one of »

Theater of the Absurd Seasons

Featured image Here in Minnesota, we have enjoyed an unusually mild winter, and now it seems to be rushing pell-mell into summer. The thermometer has edged over 70 degrees several times this week, and today I think it got up to 75 or so. This is truly extraordinary for mid-March in Minnesota; March ties with February as Minnesota’s snowiest month, on the average. A few days ago, the Minneapolis Star Tribune posted »

Pigeon vs. Peregrine Falcon

Featured image My office is on the 25th floor of an office building in downtown Minneapolis. On any day when I look out my windows, I see peregrine falcons cruising, looking for prey–pigeons, mostly. It is not unusual to see a falcon dive-bomb a pigeon, bring his carcass to a ledge on my building, and eat him. Concrete canyons like the ones my office overlooks have turned out to be excellent habitats »

A Modern Jonah, Almost

Featured image If you have ever wondered about the mechanics of how Jonah could have been swallowed by a whale–or even if you haven’t–check out this video, shot near Santa Cruz, in which a surfer and two kayakers are very nearly swallowed by a humpback whale (there are two whales in the video). It’s the kind of thing that could ruin your whole day, if the whale had been just a few »