New York City

Dante’s inferno

Featured image We are inundated with race hustling baloney from the top on down, from President Obama and Attorney General Holder to New York’s Comrade de Blasio (as Sean Hannity calls him) and MSNBC’s Power Dem Al Sharpton. Before the murders of the NYPD officers, when the protesters were riding high, de Blasio had soliloquized over the painful warnings he had given his mixed-race son Dante about the perils of a black »

The PETA Democrats

Featured image You can now mark down PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, though my own personal PETA chapter stands for “People Eating Tasty Animals”) as part of the Democratic Party establishment whose demands must now be met. Back on January 1 of this year I noted that New York’s incoming Sandinista Mayor Bill DeBlasio was promising to shut down New York’s horse-drawn carriages—not because of horse dung or other »

Dems keep it creepy

Featured image Yesterday a reader forwarded us a copy of a letter sent by Democrats to his daughter in Brooklyn. The letter is unbelievably creepy. Below is a screenshot of the letter with the recipient’s name and address redacted. It is impossible to imagine the furor that would accompany this story if it were Republicans rather than Democrats taking a page out of the 1984 playbook (as the cutline on the letter »

Mayor de Blah-sio, or Oblasio?

Featured image H.L. Mencken’s line that “democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard” comes to mind when looking at New York and Washington right now.  Americans seem to need to be reminded every now and then just what high octane liberalism is like, but better if this laboratory of liberalism is confined to New York City, Illinois, Detroit, etc. »

Inequality — a necessary ingredient of New York’s greatness

Featured image At his inauguration, New York’s new mayor Bill DeBlasio denounced the city’s economic inequality. He seemed to argue that to remain truly great, New York must remedy income inequality. I submit, however, that New York is great in part because of income inequality. The wealth at the top end of the economic spectrum clearly has played a major role in the city’s greatness. For one thing, the very rich have »

Happy New Year: Can I Have the Old One Back?

Featured image 2014 is just a few hours old, but we’ve already got the apparent winner for the Nanny of the Year, and it’s New York’s brand new mayor Bill de Blasio.  According to the NY Daily News, de Blasio wants to do Bloomberg one better in the authoritarianism department by shutting down all of the city’s remaining horse-drawn carriages: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio vowed to act quickly to abolish horse-drawn carriages »

School will soon be out in New York City

Featured image My conservative cousin from New York is basically an optimist, as befits a true Reaganite. But right now he’s far from optimistic about the New York City mayoral race or about the city’s future. The analysis appears below. For more on the radicalism of the man New York almost certainly will elect mayor, see Stanley Kurtz. The chances of Joe Lhota the GOP candidate for New York City Mayor winning »