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Spread the Wealth Around

Featured image As John noted, the left has given us the first-person shooter game Tea Party Zombies Must Die. Power Line reader Philip Guthrie offers a game of a different stripe: Spread the Wealth Around: The Unauthorized Obama Board Game. Phil’s site describes the game as follows: Spread the Wealth Around exists to train you bitter clingers to practice the art of class warfare, dodge death panels, cheat on your taxes and »

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Featured image I had never purchased an iPhone app before the Obama clock arrived on the scene. Having first read about it at No Left Turns and Hugh Hewitt, I immediately sought it out and shelled out $0.99 for it. The app provides regular updates of Obama’s approval rating, the national debt, the unemployment level, the average price of regular gasoline per gallon, and the movement in the housing price index. And »

The ABC’s of Reg CC

Featured image Christopher Caldwell comes to praise former Obama administration czarina Elizabeth Warren in his Weekly Standard article “Elizabeth Warren, closet conservative.” Warren is the Harvard Law School professor who dreamed up the abominable Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that went into operation last month. Yesterday I quoted Professor Todd Zywicki’s devastating explication of the statistical shenanigans that hoodwinked Caldwell. I noticed that Caldwell also made this statement in his article, finding another »