North Korea

Breaking: Something Up in Norkland?

Featured image Is there some kind of power struggle or coup going on in North Korea?  The Daily Mail is reporting today that Pyongyang is on “lockdown,” that Little Kim (as I call him) hasn’t been seen in public for almost a month, and that perhaps his sister (I’ll call her “Little Kim” too, because chauvinism) is actually running the country, or may have been running it for some time.  “Gateway Pundit” »

Obama hits a wall in Berlin

Featured image Reading Obama’s speeches is a little like reading New York Times editorials. They don’t withstand close scrutiny, but that’s the least of it. They should be accompanied by a warning that they may be hazardous to your health. They kill brain cells. George Will suffers through Obama’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin so that we don’t have to. Will takes up the arms control thread in Obama’s speech. »

At Last, A Successor to Jesse Jackson

Featured image Back in the 1980s, when The New Republic described Jesse Jackson as “the great ambulance chaser of American politics,” it was Jackson who would insert himself in every foreign crisis he could.  He sprung a downed airman from Syrian captivity in 1984, and then got on the phone with various Lebanese terrorists trying to mediate the 1985 TWA flight 847 hijacking and hostage crisis.  (He was unsuccessful that time.) At »

The Week in Pictures, Special Nork Edition

Featured image There’s so many good memes about the nattering nabobs of North Korea that it calls for a special photo spread.  I’ll have the best of the rest of the week in a later post. »

Dancing with Kim Jong Un

Featured image I want to second Steve’s thoughts about Kim Jong Un and North Korea. The recent words and moves by North Korea strike me as saber rattling for a purpose (or, more likely, purposes). One purpose, as Steve says, is to obtain new concessions from the U.S. Another purpose may well be to shore up the dictator’s standing with the military. It has been reported that Kim Jong Un has turned »