Obama Administration Scandals

Ms. Rice doesn’t regret

Featured image In Cole Porter’s song “Miss Otis Regrets,” the singer passes on the heroine’s regrets that she’s unable to lunch today. Why? She was strung up by a mob for killing “the man who had led her so far astray.” It’s a reasonable excuse presented with demure understatement in Ella Fitzgerald’s classic rendition of the song. This past Sunday on Meet the Press Rice passed on the opportunity to express regrets »

The Collected Cleta: The IRS scandals

Featured image To understand the Obama administration properly, one has to understand the multifarious wrongdoing committed by the IRS at the behest of President Obama and the Democratic Party. The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel puts it this way in her weekly column today: “Few presidents understand the power of speech better than Barack Obama, and even fewer the power of denying it to others. That’s the context for understanding the White »

The IRS scandals: At the king’s behest

Featured image Brad Smith and his colleagues at the Center for Competitive Politics have compiled an invaluable, heavily footnoted document setting forth the efforts by the regulatory agencies to police political speech at the behest Barack Obama and the Democratic Party: “The IRS harassment scandal: A timeline of ‘reform.’” In a Wall Street Journal column that cuts to the chase — you won’t read anything more important this week — Smith takes »

Cleta Chronicles: IRS scandals, part 4

Featured image Paul Mirengoff has explained what the IRS is up to in its proposed rulemaking under section 501(c)(4) in the post “The IRS’s latest attempt to silence conservatives.” The proposed regulation means to institutionalize the criminal misconduct of the IRS that has sent many clients to Washington superlawyer Cleta Mitchell, the star of this series. The IRS and the Obama administration are deep into the cover-up phase of the IRS’s criminal »

Cleta Chronicles: IRS scandals, part 3

Featured image Washington superlawyer Cleta Mitchell represents several clients victimized by the criminal misconduct of the IRS under the Obama administration. When it comes to the IRS scandals, she knows what she is talking about and she does not pull her punches. She states her views in straightforward style without fear or favor. In her remarks at the Heritage Foundation program on the IRS assault on the First Amendment this past Friday »

What Was the FCC Newsroom “Survey” Really About?

Featured image That is the question that Byron York poses at the Examiner. His explanation: [T]he FCC’s action may have, in fact, been something different: an attempt — still grossly unconstitutional in its method — to lay a foundation for a new government push to increase minority ownership of the nation’s media outlets. Byron bases that conclusion on the fact that the driving force behind the FCC’s now-withdrawn newsroom initiative was Mignon »

The IRS assault on the First Amendment: A short course

Featured image The Heritage Foundation has just posted the video (below) of the great program on the IRS assault on the First Amendment that Paul and I attended on Friday over the lunch hour. Moderated by Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky, the panel included Washington superlawyer Cleta Mitchell, former FEC chairman Brad Smith, NRO media editor Eliana Johnson and the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel. Heritage’s somewhat understated description of the program is »

The IRS’s latest attempt to silence conservatives

Featured image Last week, Scott and I attended the Heritage Foundation’s program on the Obama administration IRS’s assault on the First Amendment. Scott’s daughter, rising superstar Eliana Johnson, was one of the speakers. The others were Cleta Mitchell (whom Scott interviewed following the program), Bradley Smith, and Kim Strassel. Hans von Spakovsky was the moderator. The program looked both backwards, to the IRS targeting scandal, and forwards, to the IRS’s proposed regulation »

Cleta Chronicles: IRS scandals, part 2

Featured image Cleta Mitchell is the Washington superlawyer who represents numerous clients victimized by the multifarious criminal misbehavior of the IRS. Cleta sat down with me to field a few questions following her outstanding presentation at the Heritage Foundation program on the IRS scandals this past Friday. In the three-minute video below, I ask her to describe the origin of the scandals. Can she trace the source? Cleta traces the scandals to »

Cleta Chronicles: IRS scandals, part 1

Featured image Cleta Mitchell may be the most dangerous woman in America. She is the prominent Washington attorney who represents several clients victimized by the criminal misconduct of the IRS over the past four years. She speaks with authority when she asserts, as she did recently in her testimony before a congressional subcommittee, that the Obama administration is responsible for “lies upon lies” covering up the multifarious, politically inspired wrongdoing of the »

The “reckoning” arrives for Obama’s conservative political opponents

Featured image Earlier today, John noted that “everywhere we look, our friends on the right are under attack.” In nearly all cases, the Obama administration is doing the attacking, be it through ridiculous criminal prosecution or harassment via the IRS, the FBI, the EPA, and even OSHA. We shouldn’t be surprised. Obama has been attacking his political opponents through trumped up charges of unlawful activity since he first ran for president. Hillary »

FCC Backs Off on Scheme to Regulate the Press

Featured image For the last several days, I have been accumulating information about the extraordinary plan, launched by the Democratic majority of the Federal Communications Commission, apparently without input or even knowledge on the part of the Commission’s Republicans, to survey radio and television stations, as well as newspapers (over which the FCC has no jurisdiction) with respect to their editorial news judgments. Many observers saw the FCC’s project as the prelude »

Four Senators Push Back Against D’Souza Prosecution

Featured image Everywhere we look, our friends on the right are under attack. Dinesh D’Souza is being charged with multiple felonies for an alleged chickenfeed campaign finance violation. Mark Steyn and National Review are being sued. Organizers of conservative grass roots groups like Catherine Engelbrecht are being harassed by federal agencies including IRS, OSHA, FBI and EPA. Various conservatives of our acquaintance, who will remain nameless to protect the innocent, are being »

Poll shows broad disapproval of Obama’s resort to executive diktat [With Comment by John]

Featured image I wrote here about the possibility of impeaching President Obama. The predicate for impeachment would be a continued course of overriding and rewriting the laws passed by Congress and enacted with the president’s signature (in most instances, Obama’s). Such a course, I argued, would justify impeachment. Moreover, in this scenario impeachment proceedings would not, on balance, hurt the country. But what about the politics of impeachment? Surely, I contended, Republicans »

Did Eric Holder Commit Perjury in the Rahinah Ibrahim Case?

Featured image Rahinah Ibrahim is a Malaysian citizen who was studying for a PhD in architecture at Stanford when, in January 2005, she went to the San Francisco airport to board a flight to Hawaii to deliver a paper at a conference. She was not allowed to board; instead she was detained, handcuffed and eventually allowed to depart, first to Hawaii and then to her native Malaysia. She has never been permitted »

Mazur’s miasma

Featured image In his New York Times story on the latest Obamacare delay, Robert Pear quotes Treasury official Mark Iwry asserting Treasury’s “authority to grant transition relief” under a section of the Internal Revenue Code that directs the Treasury secretary to “prescribe all needful rules and regulations for the enforcement” of tax obligations. The quoted section of the Code seems to me to belie what the Obama administration has done. What was »

Yes! We Have More Bananas

Featured image President Obama’s latest rewriting of the Affordable Care Act may prove to be the last straw. From all quarters, scorn is being heaped on him for his banana republic behavior. Visiting Monticello, Obama told French President Francois Hollande that “[a]s President, I can do anything I want.” Obama calls it a joke; as Glenn Reynolds likes to point out, Obama “joked” about using the IRS to audit his political enemies »