The war on Julie Boonstra

Featured image We’ve written about cancer survivor/Obamacare victim Julie Boonstra several times. Today Henry Payne adds to the story and draws the appropriate lessons in “The war on Julie Boonstra.” Payne notes how Boonstra, “a schoolteacher, has come under assault from Democrats and their media allies decrying her as a liar and an ignoramus for failing to embrace her new, Obamacare-approved plan.” Lesson one: As with outspoken female Obamacare cancer victims in »

Helicopter parenting and the selling of Obamacare

Featured image Team Obama has famously resorted to an “angry mom” ad in the hope of inducing young adults to sign up for Obamacare. In the image that accompanies this post on the main page, a mother stands with her arms folded, looking none-too-amused. The caption reads, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just wait here until you get #GetCovered.” Is this ad likely to be effective? It depends on the nature of »

Mystery of the disappearing mandate

Featured image The Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Obamacare editorialist broke a big story earlier this week in “Obamacare’s secret mandate exemption.” Taking a close look at some technical bulletins including this one, the editorial reports that the Obamacare mandate is pulling a magical disappearing act: Now all you need to do is fill out a form attesting that your plan was cancelled and that you “believe that the plan options available »

How Expensive Is Obamacare? Wait ‘Til Next Year

Featured image Across America, millions of people have been forced out of health insurance which they chose and with which they were satisfied, and have been forced onto the government-sponsored Obamacare exchanges. That process is barely beginning; the second and third waves of lost insurance will occur when administratively-imposed delays in the application of Obamacare to small group and employer-sponsored policies finally expire. But already, many have spoken out about the higher »

Ban Bossy? Good Idea!

Featured image You have probably heard that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has launched a campaign to ban the word “bossy,” which she thinks is discriminatory toward girls. Or something like that. It turns out that Ms. Sandberg is a Hillary Clinton supporter and donor, which has prompted speculation that her “ban bossy” campaign is battlespace preparation for the 2016 campaign. Because “bossy” is one of the words beginning with a B that »

Secrets of Obamacare

Featured image Nancy Pelosi famously advised us that we had to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it, away from the din of political controversy. You yokels were just making too damn much of a fuss. The continuing revelations of Obamacare — its destructive effects, its gargantuan costs, its broken promises — create a din of their own. If you’re paying close attention, it’s hard to keep up with the »

Shallow waters at the intersection of Obamacare and the culture

Featured image Everyone, I think, understands why President Obama is enlisting pop personalities in his effort to get younger Americans to sign up for Obamacare. I doubt that the president relishes being mocked, however mildly, by a bratty comedian. But desperate times call for desperate measures and, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, Obama must go to war using the culture we have. But relying on an idiot culture means mingling with idiots, which »

Why Sink sank

Featured image As Paul suspected, Obamacare seems to have had something to do with the sinking of Democrat Alex Sink in the special election for representation of Florida’s 13th congressional district yesterday. Byron York doesn’t have much more than a suspicion either, but he takes a look back at the candidates’ debate last month and reports: [O]ne thing was clear from that debate, and it was that Sink didn’t have much to »

It Isn’t Funny, So Is It Dead?

Featured image President Obama has filmed a video with a comedian named Zack Galifiankis to promote Obamacare. At least, I take it that he is a comedian; you can’t prove it by the video. It is six and a half minutes long, with the first three or four minutes consisting mostly of exchanges of low-grade insults between Obama and Galifiankis, followed by a plug for Obamacare. The video is on something called »

In search of an honest liberal

Featured image George Will began his career in journalism as the Washington editor of National Review, a perch from which he served as a relentless expositor and critic of the lies of Watergate perpetrated by the Nixon administration. In his history of National Review, former NR senior editor Jeffrey Hart recalls: National Review responded to the developing scandal with condemnation for the violation of constitutional norms mixed with a great deal of »

A word from Stephen Blackwood

Featured image Catherine Blackwood is counted as a success in the statistics touted by the Obama administration as it continues to peddle Obamacare. She has procured new Obamacare-compliant health insurance. Struggling with carcinoid cancer since 2005, Mrs. Blackwood treats her health insurance as a matter of life and death. But Mrs. Blackwood is in truth a walking illustration of the destruction wrought by Obamacare. Her son Stephen Blackwood recently recounted in a »

Obamacare Exchanges Are Scarcely Impacting the Uninsured

Featured image Most observers have tried to judge Obamacare’s progress on how many people have signed up on the federal and state exchanges. The administration, likewise, has tried to define “success” in terms of how many people have registered–a moving target, of course, as exchanges have proved unworkable and numbers have been lower than expected. But this entire approach is deeply flawed. Having a lot of people sign up for insurance on »

Bait-and-switch liberalism

Featured image Bill Voegeli seems to have an insider’s understanding of the dynamic forces driving American liberalism, as in his essential book Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State. He understands it with a scholar’s detachment and a friend’s solicitude. It’s a rare combination. I can’t recommend the book highly enough. Bill comes late to the case of Obamacare in his current NR cover story “Bait-and-switch liberalism,” but it is a valuable contribution »

As Obama Delays Obamacare Again, Julie Boonstra Strikes Back

Featured image As Scott noted a little while ago, the Obama administration has again pushed back the deadline for individual and small group policies to comply with Obamacare’s requirements. They are doing this, obviously, because they are trying to put off the political fallout when millions of Americans lose the coverage they had, and find that coverage under Obamacare will be more expensive and/or more limited. Which gives a special resonance to »

Banana republic stuff

Featured image I started this series of posts on the regulations promulgated under Obamacare as “Adventures in administrative law.” I recently resumed and rechristened it “Banana republic stuff,” courtesy of Charles Krauthammer. Last month’s installment of banana republic stuff came courtesy of the Treasury/IRS statement announcing regulations that delayed the Obamacare requirement for some employers — those with between 50 and 99 full time workers — and modified it for larger employers. »

Hiltzik’s Greatest Hitz

Featured image Michael Hiltzik is the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times, but he seems to have undertaken the position of research assistant to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Hiltzik essentially purports to provide the documentation proving up Reid’s assertion that reports of the human damage done so far by the implementation of Obamacare are all lies. The cancellation of millions of citizens’ preferred health insurance policies we’ve been hearing »

Are One-Third of All Americans Liars?

Featured image Harry Reid has famously asserted that every single claim that Obamacare has done harm is false. (He later walked that back a bit, saying that “almost all” such claims are lies.) By doing so, Reid has put himself and his party at odds with an enormous number of Americans–one third of the population, if Rasmussen Reports is correct: Just 14% of all voters now say they personally have been helped »