Presidential debate

Essentially a draw, but whom does it help?

Featured image Many of us expected to see a vastly improved Barack Obama in tonight’s debate, and that he would find his groove at around the mid-point between his laid back first performance and Joe Biden’s over-the-top performance art. As it turned out, Obama met, and probably exceeded, these expectations. He debated quite well, attacking Romney effectively, defending his record as well as he could, and presenting himself to the audience as »

What Happened Tonight

Featured image I’ve been following the presidential debate tonight with 1,800 Power Line fans on Power Line Live, and tweeting here and there as well. So: what happened? I predicted on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show that Mitt Romney would do well. He did. I predicted that Barack Obama would do better than last time–he would almost have to. He did. I expressed concern that there would be argumentative curve balls from the »

Join Us At PL Live for Tonight’s Debate (Plus Media Alert)

Featured image Tonight is the big night: Barack Obama will try to get up off the canvas and punch himself back into the lead in the presidential race. He promises to be more “aggressive” than last time, while not going so far as to make a fool of himself like Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the format is a town hall. How will the allegedly undecided voters and Candy Crowley skew the questions to »

Entering Home Stretch, Presidential Race Hasn’t Changed

Featured image Mitt Romney took the initiative and the lead with his thrashing of Barack Obama in their first debate, and little or nothing has changed since then. Today’s Rasmussen survey finds Romney leading Obama 49%-47%. So the race continues to be remarkably free of volatility. As we anticipated, the vice-presidential debate sparked a lot of controversy, but has had little or no impact on the race. One factor that probably buoys »

Biden vs. Biden

Featured image Justin Folk, winner of the Power Line Prize (and the less prestigious Doritos Super Bowl ad competition), made this very funny video, in which Joe Biden’s grimaces, chuckles and raised eyebrows find a more appropriate object–himself: »

Biden Is Laughing, Are You?

Featured image The RNC is following up on Joe Biden’s Tourette’s-like performance tonight, as he smirked and laughed in a weird, dissociated fashion throughout the Vice-presidential debate. Let’s hope that this is how many millions of people saw tonight’s debate, despite Paul Ryan’s failure to capitalize: This kind of feverish spinning wouldn’t be necessary if Ryan had done a better job, but let’s hope that it at least keeps the playing field »

Watch Tonight’s V-P Debate at Power Line Live

Featured image The minutes are counting down. Here is the post I did this morning: It’s being promoted as a cage match: In this corner, weighing in with an IQ of 86, the Fighting Blue Hen, the Scrapper from Scranton, Smokin’ Joe Biden! And in the other corner, weighing in with an IQ of 165, the pride of Southeastern Wisconsin, Paul “Never Met a Number I Couldn’t Crunch” Ryan! So what better »

Watch Tonight’s V-P Debate at Power Line Live

Featured image It’s being promoted as a cage match: In this corner, weighing in with an IQ of 86, the Fighting Blue Hen, the Scrapper from Scranton, Smokin’ Joe Biden! And in the other corner, weighing in with an IQ of 165, the pride of Southeastern Wisconsin, Paul “Never Met a Number I Couldn’t Crunch” Ryan! So what better way to watch the event than with a bag of popcorn, a beer, »

The debate and “gravitational pull”

Featured image My general theory of presidential debates is that, whatever happens in the immediate aftermath of a debate, gravity will tend to pull the candidates back to where they started out. Thus, if President Obama went into last week’s debate up by 4 points, say, but after the debate finds himself 2 points behind Mitt Romney, then my general theory would predict that, over time, Obama will recapture most of that »

Mitt Romney Vs. Paul Krugman: Who’s Lying?

Featured image Stung by their man’s miserable performance in Wednesday’s debate, the Democrats have tried to change the subject by claiming that Mitt Romney “lied” repeatedly during the debate. But they have had a tough time coming up with any actual lies. The chronically truth-challenged Paul Krugman somewhat ironically stepped up to the plate in a New York Times column on Thursday that was titled “Romney’s Sick Joke.” You can always count »

Romney Pulls Ahead In Pew Poll

Featured image The Pew Research Center Poll provides additional evidence that last week’s presidential debate has shaken up the race. Before the debate, Pew had Obama leading Romney by 51%-45% among likely voters. After the debate, Pew found an extraordinary swing, with Romney now leading Obama 49%-43% among likely voters. Pew also finds interest and enthusiasm surging among GOP voters. This swing it too good to be true, I think, but it »

Romney’s improved standing

Featured image As John noted earlier today, Mitt Romney is ahead of President Obama by two points in the latest Rasmussen survey, not all of which was conducted after the debate. The reason for Romney’s surge is straightforward, but a memo by highly-respected Republican pollster David Winston helps us appreciate the impact of the debate. Winston notes: The opening 2012 Presidential debate was watched by a remarkable 67.2 million viewers according to »

Romney unfiltered

Featured image Writing about this week’s presidential debate, Andrew McCarthy titles his weekly NRO column “Obama unfiltered.” Yet from the debate Andy takes Romney unfiltered. “With no slavish Obamedia filter between the candidates and the viewers,” Andy writes, “the Obama campaign’s ludicrous distortion of Romney collided, one on one and for all to see, with the reality of Romney.” Andy gives us Romney unfiltered in this paragraph: Whatever you may think of »

If He’s Lost the New Yorker…

Featured image …then it is hard to imagine who still believes the myth of Barack Obama. Next week’s New Yorker cover: So I guess it’s unanimous. Clint Eastwood was right. But here is what I don’t understand: why isn’t everyone embarrassed to be a liberal? Or, put another way, a Democrat? How is it that some people can witness the latest liberal fiasco–Romney sneaked a crib sheet into the debate! That’s the »

Those terrible debate acoustics

Featured image Driving around today and listening to the radio, I heard several liberals complain about Jim Lehrer, the moderator of last night’s debate. The specific grievances against Lehrer were a bit fuzzy. Some seemed unhappy that he occasionally reminded President Obama of the time limits, and pointed out when Obama ignored the limits after being reminded of them. One would think that this is a core function of a debate moderator. »

What’s left to admire Obama for now?

Featured image What must swing voters, who supported Barack Obama four years ago based on his soaring rhetoric and promises of a better future, be thinking after last night? Not only have these voters witnessed almost four years of bad economic performance, but now they learn that, under pressure, Obama can’t even deliver quality rhetoric. »

The Debate in Animated Form

Featured image Gotta love those Taiwanese news folks for rendering the Romney-Obama debate in animated form. (You don’t need to know Chinese to understand what’s going on, though you can click in the upper right hand corner to get a YouTube version in English).  I especially liked taking the chain saw to Big Bird while the Sesame Street cast looks on in horror.  (By the way, looks to me like Big Bird »