Price Controls

Trump battered, but is he bruised?

Featured image Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, their campaigns in danger of extinction within a month, came out swinging at Donald Trump tonight. Many of their lines of attack have not been used in previous debates, as far as I can recall. Here is a list of tonight’s attacks, new and old, that I compiled: Trump has hired illegal workers and was fined $1 million for doing so. Trump ran a “fake »

Pop Quiz: Does the U.S. have fast internet because of regulation, or in spite of regulation?

Featured image One of the crazy things that you have to believe when you are a liberal is that you can correctly predict which technologies are in need of regulation by the federal government. You will frequently get this wrong in a somewhat inoffensive fashion–see seatbelts, which are potentially idiotic; and airbags, which came along a few years later and are brilliant–causing little more than annoyance and higher prices for companies and »