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Poll has Clinton and Christie in a dead heat

Featured image For what it’s worth, and that may not be much, Chris Christie is in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton in a poll by CNN/ORC International. The poll puts Christie at 48 percent and Clinton at 46 percent. Christie wins nearly six in ten votes among independents, and wins a majority of suburbanites and older voters. Clinton wins decisively among women. Unfortunately, Christie is the only Republican among those »

Ted Cruz trounces Rand Paul and Marco Rubio among “Value Voters”

Featured image Ted Cruz has won a straw poll at the Value Voters Summit. Cruz picked up an impressive 42 percent of the vote. His fiery rhetoric regarding the shutdown showdown, a topic avoided by other legislators who spoke to the group, must have helped. Rick Santorum and Dr. Benjamin Carson were next in the poll with 13 percent. Rand Paul finished fourth with 6 percent and Marco Rubio was fifth with »

Rand Paul auditions for role as voice of reason

Featured image Rand Paul said today that he would support a short-term funding measure “to keep the government open while we negotiate.” The negotiations Paul has in mind would take place in “conference committee.” Paul would put a time limit of a week or two on these negotiations. What are we to make of the Senate’s most prominent libertarian breaking ranks with Republican hardliners in the name of reopening the federal government? »

The Foreign Relations Committee’s Second Vote

Featured image Today the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7 to authorize a limited use of military force in Syria. Those voting for the resolution included Chris Coons, Robert Menendez, Barbara Boxer, Benjamin Cardin, Jeanne Shaheen, Dick Durbin and Tim Kaine, all Democrats, joined by Republicans Bob Corker, John McCain and Jeff Flake. The resolution was amended, at McCain’s insistence, in a manner that puts the U.S. on the side of the »

Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, compare and contrast

Featured image Marco Rubio and Rand Paul both questioned John Kerry and his sidekicks during yesterday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria. Rubio was very skeptical about the president’s idea of attacking the Assad regime; Paul was adamantly opposed to it. They were coming from different places. Rubio said he favors taking out the Assad regime, though he acknowledged the risks of doing so. Paul wants a “hands off of Syria.” »

The Christie-Paul fight, and other fights to come

Featured image Chris Christie and Rand Paul are in the midst of a food fight. Not literally, but very much figuratively. Their debate has devolved from one about warrantless federal surveillance programs to the question of which state, New Jersey or Kentucky, receives more “pork.” You can read some of the lowlights here. For the record, I’m with Christie on the original issue — warrantless federal surveillance programs — and agnostic on »

Quantum Conservatism?

Featured image So the big story on the right today is that Gov. Chris Christie has leveled a blast at libertarians, in particular his potential 2016 primary rival Sen. Rand Paul: “This strain of libertarianism that’s going through both parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought. … You can name any number of people and he’s [Rand Paul] one of them,” Christie said at a panel »

How far from Ron to Rand?

Featured image I found Ron Paul’s foreign policy views during the 2012 campaign for the GOP nomination to be deeply troubling when they weren’t simply embarrassing. I’m sure if I’d been paying attention to his congressional career I could extend the statement beyond the 2012 campaign. During the campaign one memorable lowlight came when Paul attributed 9/11 to the foreign policy of the United States. As I understood him, Paul sought for »

Rand Paul — a clown and maybe worse

Featured image Rand Paul is a clown. He demonstrated as much with his grandstanding filibuster to protect us from being attacked by drones while sitting in our local café. Paul recently tweeted: “Democratic authoritarianism is replaced with military junta. American neocons say send them more of your money.” This is ridiculous. First, is it really “neoconservative” to advocate sending money to a military junta that has just overthrown a democratically elected government? »

Rand Paul embarrasses himself again

Featured image Immigration reform isn’t the only issue as to which Rand Paul is embarrassing himself these days. The Senator’s “Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013” represents a stunning combination of ignorance and hysteria. Andy McCarthy demonstrates Paul’s ignorance. He writes: [T]he bill is unacquainted with the Fourth Amendment — either the one given to us by the Framers or even the one enlarged over time by Supreme Court jurisprudence. . . »

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee outshine Rand Paul on immigration

Featured image Only 15 Republican Senators voted against the motion to allow debate to proceed on the Schumer-Rubio immigration reform bill. The 15 “no” votes were cast by: John Barasso, Wyoming John Boozman, Arkansas Mike Crapo, Idaho Ted Cruz, Texas Mike Enzi, Wyoming Chuck Grassley, Iowa Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma Mark Kirk, Illinois Mike Lee, Utah James Risch, Idaho Tim Scott, South Carolina Jeff Sessions, Alabama Richard Shelby, Alabama David Vitter, Lousiana A »

Rand Paul, fusionist

Featured image Eliana Johnson reports on Rand Paul’s visit to Iowa, which soon will be followed by visits to New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. As Eliana’s report makes clear, outreach to social conservatives was a main purpose of Paul’s trip to Iowa. The front page of today’s Washington Post also contains a story, albeit less insightful, about Paul’s outreach efforts. Paul exaggerates, but is on to something, when he says “politics »

Immigration reform and the 2016 Republican primary season

Featured image The Republican establishment — or at least the large chunk of it that favors amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens — must be delighted that the two Republicans said to be the leading candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination both favor amensty and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. I’m referring, of course, to Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. The establishment’s delight is understandable. But a »

Rand Paul finds his punching bag, but only for the short term

Featured image What are Rand Paul’s biggest assets as he attempts to convert the GOP into an isolationist party? He has several, and one of them is John McCain. McCain surely is among the names Paul “didn’t need to mention” when he declared before CPAC that “the GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered.” Paul also didn’t perceive a need to name the GOP policies he believes are stale. Instead, he »

Has Rand Paul peaked too soon?

Featured image In all likelihood, Rand Paul cannot be nominated for president by the Republican Party unless he distances himself to a considerable degree from the views of his father. The younger Paul seems to understand this. For example, he has recently showed far more sympathy for Israel (which he visited) than Ron Paul ever displayed. But Rand Paul’s filibuster against (non-existent) drone attacks on American citizens minding their own business in »

Rand Paul and the limits of Facebook Generation “conservatism”

Featured image Anyone who doubts that Rand Paul is a force to be reckoned with in the Republican Party should watch his CPAC speech and then think again. But anyone who believes that Paul can lead the Republican Party to victory should engage in similar reflection. Since the days of Reagan, the Party has stood, famously, on the three-legged stool of free-market conservatism, strong national defense conservatism, and social conservatism. Lately, to »

Does John McCain have standing to complain about “political stunts”?

Featured image Quick, what was the last speech by a Republican that energized the base as much as Rand Paul’s filibuster? Some may cite Paul Ryan’s dynamic acceptance speech at the 2012 Republican Convention. But the better answer, I think, is Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech in 2008. Palin’s speech was brought to us by John McCain, the same guy who now attacks Rand Paul for engaging in a stunt. In fairness to »