Nothing To Do With Islam

Featured image I’m always puzzled when government officials say that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. If that is the case, why are guards at Guantanamo Bay required to wear gloves when they handle the Koran? Why did we give Osama bin Laden an Islamic burial at sea? Somehow, when you investigate terrorism, Islam keeps popping up. The nothing-to-do-with-Islam San Bernardino murderers attended the Dar-al-Uloom mosque in Riverside. The mosque’s spokesman, »

Samuel Jackson, one rant away from a MSNBC anchor gig

Featured image Ian Tuttle at NRO calls attention to the deep thoughts of actor Samuel Jackson. Here’s Jackson’s take on terrorism: We’ve been kind of shielded from what the rest of the world’s been dealing with. I remember the first time I left the country — in 1980 I went to London — I knew a little bit about the Irish and the English and what was happening, and then something blew »

“Islamophobia” in one state

Featured image Minnesota’s Somali community presents a stark challenge to Americans concerned about terrorism. The community is Muslim, large, and protected by an extreme form of ideological conformity that runs from the governor down and permeates the media. In this month’s story on the indicted ISIS wannabe and local ringleader, reporters Dan Browning and Mary Lynn Smith add this editorial observation: Minnesota is believed to have produced more would-be foreign fighters than »

Islam and Minnesota: Can we hear some straight talk for a change?

Featured image Don’t miss Scott’s article in tomorrow’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, titled (by the Strib) “Islam and Minnesota: Can we hear some straight talk for a change?” It’s a great piece: On what seems like a daily basis, Minnesotans are lectured against the evils of “Islamophobia.” In October, Gov. Mark Dayton weirdly instructed “white, B-plus, Minnesota-born citizens” to suppress their qualms about immigrant resettlement in Minnesota, according to the St. Cloud Times. »

“Minnesota men,” airport edition

Featured image This past April six “Minnesota men” were charged with seeking to support ISIS by joining up with the group in Syria. The charges represented the culmination of a 10-month FBI investigation conducted out of the FBI’s Minneapolis office. The office of the United States Attorney for Minnesota initiated the case by the filing of a criminal complaint and supporting FBI affidavit that are available online here. The Department of Justice »

Do Muslims help call the shots on U.S. anti-terrorism policy?

Featured image On Sunday, I posted a letter from former DHS employee Phillip Haney to members of Congress. Haney’s letter alleged that, under pressure from the Department of State, his superiors closed down his work on terrorist outfits with which the San Bernardino murderers were affiliated. In addition, DHS deleted the records of Haney’s work on these groups from the shared DHS database. This, Haney says, precluded the government from realizing the »

Annals of inanity

Featured image President Obama’s all-purpose explanation for the unpopularity of various of his policies never varies. He isn’t talking enough to make you understand and you aren’t smart enough to understand without his talking. Right? Well, we can all agree we’re stupid. That’s how he can account for his election and reelection to the presidency. Obama drew on his all-purpose explanation most recently in his year-end interview with Democrat State Radio with »

A DHS whistleblower’s shocking letter to Congress

Featured image In an open letter to members of Congress, retired DHS employee Philip Haney says that, under pressure from the Department of State, his superiors closed down his work on terrorist outfits with which the San Bernardino murderers — Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malif — were affiliated. According to Haney, if this work had not been shut down, the Sen Bernardino killings might have been prevented. Here, via Ginni Thomas at »

Madam Hillary versus “Minnesota men”

Featured image Hillary Clinton came to the campus of the University of Minnesota to give “what was billed as a major address on counterterrorism and preventing the radicalization of U.S. citizens into global jihad,” according to Patrick Condon’s enthusiastic Star Tribune article (speech summary here, text here, 45-minute video below). Clinton’s big plan as presented in her address yesterday includes the gun control catechism popularized by President Obama plus golden oldies dating »

Trump’s nuclear howler

Featured image Tonight, Donald Trump delivered the biggest howler of the presidential campaign (at least on the GOP side). But don’t worry, the topic was a trivial one — nuclear weapons. Hugh Hewitt asked Trump which part of our aging triad would be his priority as president. Trump answered, the nuclear side. But the triad, as Marco Rubio explained, is entirely nuclear. It consists of ships that can deliver nukes, planes that »

Leading From Behind

Featured image In anticipation of Hillary Clinton’s counter-terrorism speech, which is being delivered this afternoon in Minneapolis, America Rising has released this excellent short video on presidential leadership. Titled “Leading From Behind,” it contrasts the current leadership in Washington (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) with such past presidents as Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. The ad is being targeted, among others, to liberal-leaning Minnesota students: »

Obama’s Crazy Visa Policy Makes Trump Look Like a Prophet

Featured image Today on Good Morning America, John Cohen, a former acting under-secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and now a national security consultant for ABC News, dropped a bombshell: over the objections of security-minded DHS personnel, the Obama administration secretly barred DHS from looking at postings on social media by visa applicants like Tashfeen Malik: Fearing a civil liberties backlash and “bad public relations” for the Obama administration, Homeland Security »

Close the stupidity loophole!

Featured image You might say that President Obama has staked his political career on the stupidity of the American people — on those who believed his “no blue America, no red America” shtick, his messianic pretensions, or his lies peddling Obamacare, to take just a few examples. A lot of smart people fell for his act despite the overwhelming evidence of his highly ideologized leftist views. Stupidity isn’t the only explanation, but »

Another Day, Another Terrorist Plot

Featured image This time it is in Geneva, Switzerland, where authorities have arrested two men of “Syrian provenance” and charged them with the manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives or toxic gases. The men are suspected to be associated in some way with ISIS, and may also be linked to last month’s Paris attacks. Police said they found traces of explosives in a car used by the two men. The arrests reportedly »

Another “Minnesota man” charged

Featured image I wrote about the “Minnesota men” desperately seeking ISIS in the Weekly Standard article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” On Power Line I noted that a tenth “Minnesota man” was added to the group charged with conspiracy to support ISIS in Syria earlier this week. The tenth man was our Eagan neighbor Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame. The U.S. Attorney’s press release is posted here. Like his co-conspirators, Warsame is a first »

Another “Minnesota man” charged

Featured image Anyone into pattern recognition knows what the latest story featuring a “Minnesota man” will have to say. Another “Minnesota man” was charged yesterday with conspiring to support ISIS. His name is Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame. He is 20 years old. He lives in Eagan, a suburb of St. Paul situated between the suburb where John lives and the suburb where I live. Way too close for comfort. The story is an »

Manchurian Jihadist?

Featured image More information is coming out about Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernardino terrorists, mostly through the testimony this morning of FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The basic takeaway from Comey’s testimony is that Farook and Malik “were radicalized for quite a long time before their attack.” In fact, Enrique Marquez, the friend of Syed Farook who bought the rifles that were used in the »