Polls Confirm What You Thought About the Politics of Terrorism and Guns

Featured image When President Obama delivered a speech on the San Bernardino attack from the Oval Office without having anything notable to say, many wondered why he bothered. The most common answer was that the Democrats’ polling on Obama’s response to the terrorist attack–equivocation on workplace violence, followed by a pivot to gun control–was terrible. This Rasmussen survey, released yesterday, tends to confirm that interpretation. A plurality of likely voters, 43%, rated »

The Minnesota connection

Featured image I researched and wrote the article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men'” before the San Bernardino massacre, but the things I learned along the way may have some bearing on it. “Minnesota men” have been in contact with ISIS and sought to enlist in the cause. In April the FBI arrested six of them who were on their way to join the jihad. We’re a little ambivalent about the FBI’s success »

Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim entry

Featured image As Scott noted this morning, Donald Trump has called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” Is this a good idea? Is it constitutional? As to the second question, I’m not sure. However, I think I agree with Eric Posner, who argues that an immigration ban on Muslims probably is constitutional but blocking American »

Tom Cotton makes the case against closing Gitmo

Featured image In a speech today at the Heritage Foundation, Senator Tom Cotton presented a powerful argument against closing the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility. He began by pointing out the advantages of keeping the 107 remaining terrorists — the worst of the worst — at Gitmo, as opposed to sending them to prisons in the U.S. or releasing them to foreign countries. Gitmo, Tom noted, is completely secure. Moreover, its use »

Just a “Lone Wolf” Attack?

Featured image The San Bernardino attackers have been portrayed as self-radicalized and therefore an isolated case, but news out late yesterday ought to be raising alarm bells in our intelligence apparatus: Gunman Syed Farook received a $28,500 deposit to his bank account nearly two weeks before he and his wife unleashed a deadly terrorist attack that killed 14 people in San Bernardino, according to a Fox News report. Farook withdrew $10,000 and »

What Ralph Peters said

Featured image Stuart Varney wanted to know what Ralph Peters was saying to his television as President Obama spoke from the Oval Office last night. Varney let Peters have his say before he interceded to object to Peters’s unVarneyished response, so to speak, and Peters apologizes for his language (I think it’s PG-13 at worst), but in his anger Peters speaks for me and many others. David Rutz posts the video at »

Annals of inanity

Featured image President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office last night to reflect on the massacre of Americans by Muslim terrorists in San Bernardino (transcript here, 13-minute video below). Slate’s friendly summary of the speech makes Obama sound barking mad: “Increasing gun control, rejecting Islamophobia are keys to combating terrorism.” The no-fly list has suddenly emerged as the linchpin of our struggle. Obama wants to use it to expand gun »

What Obama Said, and What He Should Have Said

Featured image Tonight, President Obama gave a brief address from the Oval Office on the San Bernardino terrorist attack. I am pretty sure he went on television because the Democratic Party’s polling showed that his initial equivocations about workplace violence and gun control were deeply unpopular with American voters. So what did he say? If you didn’t watch it, you can read the transcript here. The salient point, I think, is that »

President Obama: a wartime president who doesn’t seem to realize it

Featured image President Obama spoke to the nation tonight about the killings in San Bernardino and the matter of ISIS (or ISIL, as he says). The transcript of his address is here. John is working on a post about Obama’s speech and I may have some additional thoughts. But now, lets’s hear from Sen. Tom Cotton. He had this to say: President Obama is a wartime president who doesn’t seem to realize »

France Swings Sharply to the Right

Featured image In the aftermath of the Paris attack last month, I predicted that right-leaning parties like Marine Le Pen’s National Front would gain significantly in French opinion polls, and that Le Pen might well become the favorite to be France’s next president. I’m not a fan of Le Pen or her National Front party, but when the rest of France’s political establishment, including the so-called conservatives, is so consistently weak-minded, it »

Meanwhile, In Other Vetting News

Featured image News is crossing the wire in the last hour about an incident in Europe aboard a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Belgrade, in which a man was subdued after attempting to enter the cockpit and shouting that “that he wished to join Allah along with all the passengers.” A Serbian handball team on the flight subdued the man, whose ethnicity was not reported by Lufthansa, though Serbian media is reporting »

How the Left Sees Islamic Terrorism

Featured image This is a glimpse into a parallel universe, i.e., MSNBC. The MSNBC host, the appalling Melissa Harris-Perry, explains that Islamic terrorists are nowhere near as bad as the police, “right wing” terrorists–all murderers who are not Muslims are presumed “right wing”–and so on. Her guest adds that it is extraordinary how few Islamic terrorists there are. The clip is under two minutes long, and well worth your time: People often »

Waiting for the barbarians

Featured image The December 2015 issue of the New Criterion carries the magazine’s annual special section on art. The last of the essays in the special section is James Panero’s “The vengeance of the Vandals.” It’s an essay that smartly draws interesting historical connections, explains the barbaric vandalism of the Islamists, and makes sound policy recommendations. I can’t recall another essay quite like it. Here is James’s conclusion: It would be untrue »

Square peg in the Oval Office

Featured image Responding to the terrorist massacre in San Bernardino this past Wednesday, President Obama will speak from the Oval Office tonight at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern). The White House indicates that Obama will address how the terror threat has “evolved, and how we will defeat it[.]” “He will reiterate his firm conviction that ISIL will be destroyed and that the United States must draw upon our values – our unwavering commitment to »

Good news: ISIS is losing territory and revenue

Featured image We have been critical of President Obama’s campaign against ISIS, and we will continue to be. The air campaign against the terrorist state should have been far more vigorous from the outset and we should have more boots on the ground. In fairness, though, there are indications that ISIS is finally being pegged back. ISIS has lost a significant amount of territory. In Iraq, according to the Washington Post, up »

ISIS and al Qaeda — same sport, same level, different strategies

Featured image President Obama famously characterized ISIS as al Qaeda’s jayvee. This bit of idiocy will long be remembered, to the detriment of Obama’s legacy. But how should we compare ISIS and al Qaeda? A year ago, if I recall correctly, conventional wisdom had it that ISIS was preoccupied with securing and expanding its regional caliphate (sort of like Stalin’s “socialism in one country”), whereas al Qaeda was more internationally focused (Trotsky »

MSNBC on the case

Featured image John takes note of NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders’s live look around the San Bernardino killers’ apartment today on MSNBC after the FBI was done with it. The Examiner’s Ashe Schow provides an excellent account of Sanders’s tour of the terrorists’ picked-over digs here (video below, about five minutes). I dunno, a career in parapsychology may await Sanders. Doctor Peter Venkman has nothing on him. The inanity of Sanders’s comments »