Hillary does counterterrorism

Featured image On Wednesday Hillary Clinton gave her previously scheduled speech on counterterrorism at Stanford University. The Brussels attacks had taken place the day before. She both commented on the attacks and criticized Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the course of her remarks, the C-SPAN video of which is posted below and here. Her speech was treated seriously as a major statement of policy by the news outlets, but it was »

“Europe Might be Dying”

Featured image Last night it was all over the news that a planned rally against fear today in Brussels had to be canceled because of . . . fear. Not enough security available to allow it to go forward. This really is a literal case of the terrorists winning. Another leading French intellectual, Bernard Henri-Levy, gave an interview to the BBC on Thursday that is very bracing in its conclusion that “Europe »

Judge Davis says no

Featured image In “Judging the ‘Minnesota men,'” I wrote about Judge Michael Davis’s experimental sentencing program in the Minnesota ISIS wannabe cases. Based on Andy McCarthy’s comments on the program (quoted in the article), I’m skeptical of it. Yet I like and respect Judge Davis. He has capably handled the Somali terrorism cases for several years now. I think it’s fair to say that he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. (The thumbnail photograph »

Visit Brussels, You’ll Have a Blast

Featured image If you want to take in the depths of European denial, check out this two minute video the Belgian tourist promoters put together a few months back saying, “Problem? There’s no problem here. It’s all the media’s fault. . . Don’t listen to CNN.” »

The Obama doctrine applied

Featured image In the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks in Brussels yesterday, President Obama gave a previously scheduled speech in Havana “To the People of Cuba.” The speech contrasts rather starkly with the speech suggested by Professor Carlos Eire in “The speech never given,” to the detriment of Obama’s speech. Obama’s speech wasn’t all bad. Though full of nauseating palaver, it had a good paragraph or two. To the mostly nauseating »

The ugly reality of contemporary Brussels

Featured image The fact that today’s terrorist attacks in Brussels occurred just days after the capture of Salah Abdeslam has fueled speculation that this was revenge. Alternatively, some suggest that the perpetrators wanted to show they still are on the front foot. However, Abdeslam reportedly told his captors that a set of attacks was in the works. That the attacks followed the capture so closely may be due to fear by the »

Explosions rock Brussels

Featured image The news out of Europe this morning provides another harbinger of coming attractions in the United States. As the AP headline has it: “Explosions rock Brussels airport, subway; at least 13 dead.” The reported death toll has now reached 23. The death and destruction are horrifying. Readers can probably deduce the scenario from the headline: “The explosions, which the Brussels prosecutor’s office called terror attacks, came just days after the »

The Terrorist Battlefield Is Wide

Featured image Here in the U.S, serious issues of national security have mostly been forgotten in the tragicomedy of our presidential election–which, God help us, still has nearly eight months to go. In Israel, however, life and death is a constant preoccupation. Since the current round of terrorist attacks began in October, around 30 Israelis have been murdered. Tuvia Weissman, a 21-year-old IDF soldier, was one of them. Last month, he was »

Judging the “Minnesota men” (with media alert)

Featured image The current issue of the Weekly Standard carries my article “Judging the ‘Minnesota men.'” It’s a companion to my earlier article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” In the new article, I take a close look at the case of Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, who pleaded guilty to one charge of supporting ISIS in federal court in Minneapolis last month. Judge Michael Davis has now created an experimental “de-radicalization” program under which »

Building resilient cash

Featured image Minnesota’s extremely large (and largely Muslim) Somali community presents challenges in a number of respects. It is a high-volume consumer of welfare and social services. It raises the threat of terrorism and support for terrorism. Support for law enforcement to root out the terrorist threat is conspicuous by its absence. Efforts to root out the terrorist threat from within the community, ditto. Somali Minnesotans charged with terrorism related offenses are »

From the mixed-up files of Mr. Abdirizak M. Warsame

Featured image I took a look at the Somali Minnesotans charged with seeking to join ISIS in the December 7 Weekly Standard article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” Four of the ten have pleaded guilty to terrorism charges before Judge Michael Davis, including Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame. Last week Judge Davis adopted an experimental sentencing program to apply to these four cases. In the new issue of the Weekly Standard I focus on »

Abdulkadir at large

Featured image I have been working over the past week on an article recounting the case of Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, the Somali Minnesotan who has now pleaded guilty to aiding ISIS and who will participate in the experimental pre-sentence program adopted by Judge Davis. I hope the article will be out this Friday. Yesterday I went to the federal courthouse in Minneapolis to check one of the Warsame case filings in the »

Experiment in terror

Featured image We have followed the saga of the “Minnesota men” indicted on terrorism charges as they sought to leave the United States to join ISIS. ON slightly closer examination, these “Minnesota men” turn out to be Somali Muslims seeking to join the jihad abroad. I wrote about them in the Weekly Standard article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men'” and in the Star Tribune column “Islam and Minnesota: Can we hear some »

The way the world should work

Featured image At a Senate subcommittee hearing yesterday Senator Mark Kirk questions Secretary Kerry yesterday regarding Ibrahim al Oosi, a terrorist released released by the Obama administration from the detention facility at Guantanamo who has since returned to work for al Qaeda. Kirk asked Kerry for his thoughts on Ibrahim al Qosi while a staffer held up a picture of al Qosi to jog Kerry’s memory (video below). Kirk expressed the fond »

A man, a plan, a joke

Featured image President Obama has a thing about our detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. It’s part of his barking left-wing mania. There seems to be nothing he won’t say or do to support its closure, including liberation of the worst of the worst to fortify the forces out to kill us. Current law prohibits Obama from transferring detainees to the United States and requires him to submit his plan to close the »

Bill Clinton, just mailing it in

Featured image Campaigning in South Carolina on behalf of his wife, Bill Clinton said today that that the married coupled that engaged in the deadly mass shooting San Bernardino, California, had never been to the Middle East. But as Nathan McDermott of BuzzFeed points out, one of the shooters was raised in the region and the other had made several trips there. Tashfeen Malik was born in Pakistan and lived in Saudi »

Counter this

Featured image When I was working on the Weekly Standard article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men,'” I tried to get an interview with United States Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger about the pilot Countering Violent Extremism Program of which he is the nominal head. I studied up on the program as directed by Luger’s spokesman. The spokesman ultimately sent me on my way with a few unkind words about my failings while »