The War on the Koch Brothers

The Palme d’Or Goes To…

Featured image Greenwald in the Cities! The Democrats are illegally commandeering the taxpayer-funded Capitol Visitor Center to screen the “premiere” of a partisan film by far-left video maker Robert Greenwald, beginning in around an hour. The video is titled “Koch Brothers Exposed,” and has already been exposed as a fraud. In honor of this disgraceful event, we are recognizing the best video ever made by or about Robert Greenwald. It is a »

Democrats Persist in Illegal Use of Capitol Visitor Center

Featured image I wrote here about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre plan to team up with Robert Greenwald, a far-left video maker in screening Greenwald’s “Koch Brothers Exposed.” The film, which we have written about several times, contains little or nothing but misinformation. The screening is scheduled for tomorrow evening at the Visitor Center of the Capitol building. The affair is in grotesquely bad taste. Greenwald is a low-rent purveyor of »

Analyze this

Featured image Yesterday’s New York Times featured Nicholas Confessore’s long page-one story on David (mostly) and Charles Koch. I wrote about it in “A campaign you may have missed.” Today’s Times brings Confessore’s relatively brief story on Tom Steyer, a sort of (hypocritical and narrowly self-interested) liberal counterpart to the public-spirited involvement of the Koch brothers. Steyer has committed to raising $100 million promoting “climate” issues on behalf of Democratic Senate campaigns »

A 1980 campaign you may have missed

Featured image Pitching in to promote the Democrats’ leading theme of this campaign season, the New York Times features Nicholas Confeessore’s page-one story in today’s paper: “Quixotic ’80 campaign gave birth to the Kochs’ powerful network.” Confessore’s story comes out of a deep dive into the Libertarian Party archive at the University of Virginia. Like the Washington Post’s ludicrous Koch/Keystone pratfall, Confessore’s story is derived from the shadow world of well funded »

The Democratic Party Makes War On Free Speech

Featured image Scott wrote earlier this morning about Harry Reid’s support for a constitutional amendment that would give Congress the power to regulate spending on political campaigns, down to the last dollar. The amendment was proposed by Tom Udall last year; you can read the full text here. This is the key language: Congress shall have power to regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect to Federal »

Harry’s dirty war

Featured image Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has extended his campaign against Charles and David Koch to amendment of the Constitution. Reid supports amendment of the Constitution to allow Congress to regulate the Kochs campaign contributions. The amendment is phrased in impersonal terms — Byron York quotes the text in this column — but Reid has the Kochs on his mind: The Kochs’ bid for a hostile takeover of American democracy is »

Reid and Pelosi Go to the Movies [Updated: Is Capitol Screening Illegal?]

Featured image On Tuesday, the Democrats will screen a “documentary” film that attacks Charles and David Koch in the Visitor Center of the United States Capitol. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi plan to attend. Politico reports: The two congressional Democratic leaders will appear at a screening in the Capitol of “Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition” — a documentary that Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) participated in. Both Reid and Minority Leader Pelosi »

Reid on the couch

Featured image Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sat down for an interview with BuzzFeed reporters John Stanton and Kate Nocera. It sounds like Reid might have been in a recumbent position during the interview. Reid has a few “issues” to work out. As you could easily guess, the Koch brothers were on Reid’s “mind,” such as it is. Here is the opening of the Stanton/Nocera report: Frustrated by the “sewer” of modern »

Ugly stuff down there on the Senate floor

Featured image The Washington Post’s absurd Koch/Keystone reports by Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin appear to have been a setup for congressional Democrats, a sort of Tinker to Evers to Chance double play. Now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has inserted himself into the action, as can be seen in a video that forms part of Jon Stewart’s comic take on Reid (below). Unfortunately, everything Reid has to say is deserving of »

The Koch brothers: What can’t they do?

Featured image At the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire Michael Crittenden has compiled “Things Harry Reid has blamed on the Koch brothers.” Crittenden even ventures an explanation: In an attempt to make them the centerpiece of Democrats’ efforts to retain the Senate in November’s midterms, Mr. Reid has regularly used the two billionaires as his go-to bogeymen, referring to Republicans’ “addiction to Koch” (yes, the surname is pronounced Coke) and regularly attacking »

The Obsession of MSNBC

Featured image The left thinks conservatives and Fox News in particular are obsessed with Benghazi.  But guess who really has an obsession?  The good folks at Digitas Weekly Rundown (Hat tip: Ace of Spades) break it down nicely in just 56 seconds: »

Reid rage

Featured image Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s latest diatribe against the Koch brothers on the floor of the Senate might be evidence of certifiable insanity if anyone took it seriously. But the attitude of the mainstream media, to the extent one can be detected, is ho-hum. The fact that no one takes Reid’s diatribe seriously should be news all by itself, shouldn’t it? Politico has a brief account that expresses a cynical »

Harry Reid Sinks Deeper Into the Abyss

Featured image Harry Reid’s obsession with the Koch brothers has made him a figure of fun, but frankly, it has gotten past the point where anyone is laughing. After Reid’s foray onto the Senate floor today, his family, friends and colleagues should be concerned about his mental health. This clip is only 30 seconds long, but it speaks volumes about Reid’s state of mind: “Pollution” isn’t causing global warming, the Koch brothers »

Steyer Takes Handoff From Washington Post: More Evidence of Collaboration? [Updated]

Featured image To recap what by now is a familiar story: the Washington Post ran an article suggesting that Koch Industries would be the principal beneficiary of the Keystone Pipeline by virtue of its minor leasehold interest in Canadian tar sands–a complete fiction. I took the article apart here and here, pointing out, among many other things, that Keystone would actually be damaging to Koch’s economic interests. In the latter post, I »

Tom Steyer’s Song of Himself

Featured image Tom Steyer disclaims any similarity to the Koch brothers, and we can agree with his claim to this extent: Steyer is a repulsive left-wing liar and hypocrite while the Koch brothers are paragons of virtue. That’s not what Steyer means though. Unfortunately, the Washington Post — a prime culprit in the Koch defamation business — serves as one of the interlocutors in the interview with Steyer reported by Politico: Liberal »

Whitehouse and Waxman Still Demagoguing Keystone

Featured image If you are a regular reader, you know the story: six months ago, a fringe left-wing group put out a silly report that tried to tie Koch Industries to the Keystone Pipeline. I debunked that report, pointing out that Keystone would actually be adverse to Koch’s economic interests and that Koch has taken no position on whether it should be built. No one heard anything more about that report until »

There’s something about Harry

Featured image The Washington Free Beacon has compiled the video below of Harry Reid chanting “Koch brothers” 134 times on the Senate floor. It has a formulaic quality, like the phrases Homer held in reserve to fill out dactylic hexameter lines in the Iliad and the Odyssey. What “wine-dark sea” was to Homer, “Koch brothers” is to Harry Reid. Reid, however, isn’t in search of a formulaic phrase to fill out a »