The War on the Koch Brothers

Fact-Checking the New Yorker

Featured image What is it about the Koch brothers that causes liberal news outlets to lose their minds? Scott has been following the New York Times’s vendetta against the Kochs, which the paper’s Public Editor has helpfully explained: hey, man, we’re a liberal newspaper and we write for a liberal audience. But the Times is hardly alone. The New Yorker has similarly gone around the bend with regard to the Kochs, led »

Obsessive Koch disorder: Art Brisbane responds

Featured image We posted the letter from Koch Industries spokesman Melissa Cohlmia to New York Times public editor (ombudsman) Art Brisbane regarding the Times’s ludicrous treatment of the Koch brothers in “Obsessive Koch disorder.” Brisbane has now responded with what I take to be almost endearing candor. Key quote: This brings forward another ingredient in this situation: The Times’s audience. That audience consists of New Yorkers, by and large a liberal population, »

Obsessive Koch disorder at the Times

Featured image The State Politics site takes note of a letter from Koch Companies representative Melissa Cohlmia to New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane on the paper’s obsession with Koch Industries and the Koch brothers: For those who pay attention, it is astonishing to witness the non-stop, over-the-top efforts of liberal mainstream media like the New York Times to discredit Wichita-based Koch Industries and its principals Charles G. Koch and David »

The AFL-CIO’s “Voting Rights” Fantasy Land

Featured image We have been following the Left’s coordinated effort to mount a “voting rights” campaign that will energize the Democratic base while intimidating states that are trying to maintain ballot box integrity. The campaign started with a march in New York City that was co-sponsored by a rogues’ gallery of left-wing organizations and addressed by several Democratic politicians, but was attended by only one or two thousand people, mostly at the »

Voting Rights? It All Depends

Featured image Yesterday a motley coalition of left-wing groups operating under the name Stand For Freedom marched in New York City, ostensibly to support voting rights. A large number of groups were represented, almost more organizations than people: the NAACP, the ACLU, SEIU, CAIR, the Communist Party, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, the Hispanic Federation, the United Federation of Teachers, the Action Network, NOW, several Democratic politicians, and many more. Despite »

This Week’s Applied Hayek: Nation Magazine Edition

Featured image The Nation magazine thinks it has hit a two-fer in a recent issue, calling attention to the supposed hypocrisy of Charles Koch (cue villainous musical fanfare here) and Friedrich Hayek, for taking advantage of Social Security benefits.  Hayek was reluctant to accept an invitation to make an extended visit to the U.S. in the mid-1970s in part because of health reasons, and he worried about his health care coverage if »

Bloomberg Whiffs, Part 3

Featured image In Bloomberg Whiffs, Parts one and two, I documented various errors in two of the main themes of Bloomberg Markets’ politically-motivated hit piece on Koch Industries. The subjects of those posts were Bloomberg’s false claims that Koch Industries illegally did business in Iran, and terminated an employee who was responsible for compliance because she discovered that employees of a French subsidiary had made improper payments in support of sales. This »

Bloomberg Whiffs, Part 2

Featured image I wrote here and here about Bloomberg Markets’ hit piece on Koch Industries. Yesterday’s post focused on Bloomberg’s false claim that a European Koch subsidiary illegally sold products in Iran. This post will deal with the second major theme of Bloomberg’s article, an incident in 2008 in which Koch learned that a French subsidiary had made improper payments to officials and others in support of sales. Bloomberg begins its piece »

Bloomberg Whiffs, Part 1

Featured image Last Friday, I wrote about a Bloomberg Markets story on Koch Industries which at that time was still in preparation. According to multiple reports, the story was expected to focus on claims that a European Koch subsidiary had business transactions in Iran, while another European subsidiary made improper payments to government officials and others overseas. I pointed out that it is legal for foreign subsidiaries of American companies to do »

Bloomberg: Legitimate News Story, or Liberal Smear?

Featured image For more than a week, it has been rumored that Bloomberg Markets is preparing a hit piece on Koch Industries. Mark Tapscott of The Examiner wrote on September 19 that “[a] couple of Bloomberg reporters have been digging dirt on the Kansas brothers who own one of the world’s largest private corporations.” According to Tapscott, Bloomberg is looking into an incident several years ago in which employees at a Koch »

Tracking the Center For American Progress, Updated

Featured image In Power Line vs. ThinkProgress, a Scorecard, we noted that a reader has gone to the trouble of summarizing some of the lies and misrepresentations that the left-wing web site ThinkProgress has propagated, particularly in connection with its smears of Charles and David Koch. That summary, with links to to the TP posts and refutations of them by us and others, is called the CAP Error and Dishonesty Tracker. I »

Power Line vs. ThinkProgress: A Scorecard

Featured image Last spring, it became apparent that the Left had decided to create a distraction by demonizing Charles and David Koch and their company, Koch Industries. A series of crazed attacks on the Koch brothers appeared, most of them originating at ThinkProgress, an Obama administration mouthpiece headed by John Podesta, co-chairman of Obama’s transition team. Several of these attacks by ThinkProgress–TP for short–were picked up by the New York Times, the »

The Koch Conspiracy Theory: Consider the Source

Featured image Maybe you thought it was Jane Mayer of the New Yorker who came up with the idea of recasting conservatism in general, and the Tea Party movement in particular, as the creature of two rich brothers, Charles and David Koch. Or maybe you thought this bizarre meme was traceable to ThinkProgress, the wacky left-wing web site with the apt acronym TP. But no: at Big Journalism, Joel Pollak traces the »

Self-Parody at Think Progress

Featured image I wrote here about a Bloomberg News article that criticized the American Legislative Exchange Council (“ALEC”) for having the temerity to bring together state legislators and experts from the private sector to develop legislative solutions to the problems of the day. The horror! As silly as Bloomberg’s attack was, it was quickly outdone by the youngsters at Think Progress, a billionaire-funded far-left web site with close ties to the Obama »

Who’s Afraid of Private Industry?

Featured image Many liberals think that the primary purpose of government is to protect them from private industry. I have never understood that. History suggests that it is governments that should be viewed warily, not private enterprise. When has the electric company ever hauled people out of their beds, lined them up against a wall and shot them? When has an automobile manufacturer ever asserted the right to appropriate big chunks of »

Desperate Democrats

Featured image How desperate are they? This desperate: the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee solicited a contribution from the Koch brothers. Yes, those Koch brothers, whom the Democrats have mercilessly smeared for the last year, and used as fundraising foils. It takes chutzpah, to say the least, to come to the Kochs for money after the way the Democrats have trashed their reputations and done their best to make life miserable for them, »

Liberals: Wrong Again. Do They Care?

Featured image It is a phenomenon we see over and over again: a liberal will make a wild accusation or engage in defamatory speculation about a political opponent. The accusation will then be taken up by left-wingers across the internet and, if it looks promising, it will be repeated in far-left newspapers like the New York Times. Liberals everywhere will eat it up and elaborate on it. Then, in due course, it »