The War on the Koch Brothers

Trayvon Rallies Feature the Usual Suspects

Featured image My sense is that the “Justice for Trayvon” rallies that were held in various cities today didn’t amount to much. One basic question is, did they even have much to do with Trayvon Martin? The answer to that question is suggested by this flyer that was handed out at the rally in New York: This is exactly the same stupidity we have seen over and over from the left. Boycott »

The Dems Can’t Defend Obamacare, So They Smear the Koch Brothers Instead

Featured image Yesterday another email from the Democratic Party landed in my inbox. The subject was Obamacare. Or rather, the subject, as always, was fundraising. But Obamacare was the pretext; the first of them, anyway. From: Democrats 2014 »

What Does Tom Cotton Have In Common With the Koch Brothers?

Featured image Not a joint checking account, alas. No, Tom has the honor of being the subject of an extraordinarily dishonest Democratic Party attack ad. The television ad, paid for by Patriot Majority USA (i.e., rich Democrats) and the Senate Majority PAC, is playing in Arkansas. It attacks Tom on Medicare: Tom Cotton, just elected and already seeking the national limelight. Behind the glitz, Tom Cotton forgot about us. Supporting a plan »

Koch-Heads Beclown Themselves Again

Featured image File this under the ditty “Tie a Yellow [Journalism] Ribbon Round the Old Koch Tree” (hat tip to our erstwhile headline writer RS), as we take in our pals at ReasonTV allowing the protesters against a possible Koch purchase of the LA Times make utter fools of themselves: »

Obama’s Abuse of the IRS–This Isn’t the First Time

Featured image Today’s big news story was the IRS’s admission that it had targeted conservative organizations–specifically, Tea Party groups–for audits. Not to be overlooked is the further admission that the IRS improperly demanded donor lists from some of these organizations, presumably so that conservative donors, too, could be harassed. This is a shocking news story–one that would be a major scandal in a Republican administration–but it is not the first time the »

Democrats Try To Cash In On Texas Fatalities

Featured image The explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas that claimed 14 lives is still unexplained; investigators have not yet figured out the cause. But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from trying to make political hay out of the tragedy. First we have this disgusting cartoon in the Sacramento Bee, which is predicated on the idea that the explosion was caused by lax regulation on the part of the State »

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Buy ‘Em

Featured image It is being reported that Koch Industries is considering bidding for the eight regional Tribune newspapers. The Tribune Company, having recently emerged from bankruptcy, is putting the papers up for sale. The Tribune papers include the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, the Orlando Sentinel and the Hartford Courant, and represent a substantial media presence. The New York Times, which has more than a passing interest in »

Who You Gonna Call? KochBusters!

Featured image You would think the far left would get tired of yammering on and on about the Koch brothers, but no: there must be a steady paycheck lurking there somewhere, because leftists show no sign of abandoning their most tiresome obsession. Hence this program on Thursday evening from 7 to 9 at All Souls Unitarian Church–the Unitarian Church was a religious institution at one time, wasn’t it?–at 1157 Lexington Ave. (at »

Politico Smears, Can’t Back It Up

Featured image When Politico was founded in 2007, it purported to be a high-quality, non-partisan source of news about politics. But, while it does have a limited degree of diversity among its reporters, Politico has proved to be, for the most part, just another Democratic Party cheerleader, no better than the New York Times or the Washington Post. A case in point is the “reporting”–rumor-mongering, really–that Politico’s Ken Vogel has done on »

What’s News, and What Isn’t

Featured image The liberal media manifest their bias not primarily by writing things that aren’t true–although that sometimes happens–but rather, by selecting what they do and do not report as news. Major scandals and events of great importance are simply ignored if they do not reflect well on the Democratic Party, while minor stories receive endless attention if they advance the liberal agenda. You could illustrate this every day; here are a »

Funniest Koch Brothers Paranoia Ever

Featured image Michael Mann is the climate scientist who invented the now-notorious “hockey stick” graph, which purported to show unprecedented warming in the 20th century. The hockey stick has come and gone, but Mann lives on as one of the principal figures in the world of climate alarmism. Currently, climate realists have gone to court to try to obtain email communications that Mann, who teaches at Penn State, authored as a public »

Chris Matthews, Around the Bend

Featured image Like others at MSNBC, Chris Matthews’s commitment to leftism has so overwhelmed his logical faculties that he frequently comes across as demented. Check out the video clip below: Matthews invited two guests to talk about Michigan’s right to work law; one is a representative of the UAW, the other is Scott Hagerstrom, the Michigan director of Americans For Prosperity. Both guests no doubt thought they were there to discuss the »

MSNBC: Joke Network, Cont’d

Featured image Over the years, we have chronicled MSNBC’s lack of journalistic standards. The worst offender, Keith Olbermann, is now gone, not because of his crazed leftism or frequently embarrassing errors, but because he was an insubordinate employee. Of those who remain at MSNBC, Chris Matthews is among the worst. In another era, his reckless disregard for truth and unprofessional conduct would have brought his career as a journalist to a speedy »

Employers and Employees: Contemporary Liberalism and Class Warfare, Part 2

Featured image I wrote yesterday about liberal attacks on employers who communicate with their employees about politics and about how particular policies would impact their businesses. I noted that in this respect, the Citizens United decision has been interpreted as leveling the playing field between companies and unions, which have been telling their members–both willing and unwilling members–how to vote for many years. I argued that most workers identify their own economic »

Employers and Employees: Contemporary Liberalism and Class Warfare

Featured image Last June, Mitt Romney conducted a conference call with a group of small business owners, in the course of which he urged his listeners to talk to their employees about how political decisions can affect their companies: I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections. And »

The Sane and the Crazy

Featured image The Koch brothers have become the Rorschach test of American politics. They must marvel at the bizarre images that their names conjure up in the minds of the unhinged. Like Howard Dean, appearing yesterday on MSNBC’s Ed Show: This is what Dean said: He’s being financed by the Koch brothers, who just write fat checks from their booty they take in from all over the place. So he’s going to »

The Democrats’ Koch Obsession Hits A New Low

Featured image I have been marveling at the level of hysteria, loathing and fear manifested in the Democratic Party’s fundraising emails, of which I get several every day. (I can only imagine how many actual Democrats receive.) To say that their tone is both low-class and panic-stricken would be an understatement. This one, received today from Adam Broder, Research Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is a classic: John – The »